Jin Akanishi Fan Conference

interview - 11.16.2011 19:01

On the day of his new single Test Drive's release, Jin Akanishi held a fan conference in Los Angeles to celebrate.

A line of fans wound its way around the top floor of the Beverly Center, a shopping mall close to the heart of Los Angeles. Though mostly women, the ages of those in line ranged from those in elementary school to middle-aged mothers. Some had arrived as early as 6am in hopes of being able to meet Jin Akanishi, who arrived later in the evening to celebrate the release of his first US single, Test Drive feat. Jason Derulo. Around 7pm, the DJ Jesse Lozano from local LA radio station KIIS FM came out to greet the fans. Screams echoed around the mall as two of the flat-screen TVs began to play the music video of Test Drive.

The video can be seen on Jin's YouTube and is also located below.

Flashy, dark and full of urban chic, the video showcased Jin on the prowl with hot girls for hotter cars. Many of the fans were already able to sing along as they swayed and danced around the small stage. Once the video ended, Jin finally made his appearance, waving and smiling. As the DJ announced that Test Drive had hit number one in the US on the daily music charts, Jin threw his arms up in a cute victory pose.

After thanking everyone who showed up, the event progressed to the fan Q&A portion. All of the questions below were asked by ten randomly chosen fans.

What do you miss most about Japan?
Jin: My friends… family… food. (smiles)

How was your experience filming the music video?
Jin: It was an 11 hour shoot, but I had a blast… there were lots of hot girls!

What’s your favorite thing to do in Los Angeles during your free time?
Jin: Compose music? That’s my passion, it’s what I do… and I sleep. (laughs)

What’s been your happiest moment since you came to the US?
Jin: Right now. This is so amazing, thank you very much.

When will you tour the United States?
Jin: I am working on my album right now, and when the album drops I’m going on tour in early 2012.

What’s your favorite restaurant in Los Angeles?
Jin: Do you guys know Gonpachi? That’s my favorite. And I like lots of Korean barbecue places.

If you couldn’t sing anymore, what would you do?
Jin: I’d keep making music. I’ll never stop working with music.

What is your favorite type of girl?
Jin: Hot… sexy… (smiles) A girl with common sense, and is unique.

What kind of influence do you want to have on kids in the States?
Jin: I want them to pursue their dreams. Never give up, and smile, because we were born to smile.

How do you relieve stress?
Jin: I eat a lot, rest well, sleep well… and sing Test Drive at karaoke. (laughs)

Once the Q&A session ended, 50 lucky fans were able to meet the man of the hour himself and receive an autographed poster.

With so many supporters already, Jin Akanishi truly has a chance to make it big in the United States. Hopefully, next year will come quickly and bring his new album and a new tour – stay tuned because you’ll definitely be seeing him around!

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