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A double A-side worthy of praise.

Earlier in July, melodic rock group ONE OK ROCK released their ninth single, Re:make / NO SCARED. The double A-side single charted sixth place on the Oricon Singles Charts and has sold 29 000 copies so far.

The first A-side, Re:make, opens with three lines sung in English and then jumps straight into Japanese. Taka’s English skills have improved greatly — he’s bordering on sounding like a full-fledged American! From the first chord struck to the last, the chorus is rather breathtaking; in fact the entire song is pretty chilling.

Powerful as ever, the second A-side NO SCARED is another strong track. Used as the theme song for the "Black Rock Shooter" PSP game, the track emulates Re:make a little with loud, passionate vocals and heavy, melodic guitar riffs and an intense bass line. NO SCARED includes more screaming and is a tinge darker; it fits well with the image of "Black Rock Shooter".

The B-side, Rock, Scissors, Paper sounds like an A-side — very catchy with a rougher, edgier take on both A-side tracks. Throughout moments of Rock, Scissors, Paper, Taka sounds like he’s gasping or struggling for breath, seemingly on purpose. The song emphasizes the children’s game “rock, scissors and paper.” The chorus is partly sung in English and the remainder in Japanese.

What a single! Without a doubt ONE OK ROCK easily attracts fans with a strong, distinctive sound and Taka’s impressive English skills.

ONE OK ROCK's new album, Zankyo Reference, will be released on October 5th. Who’s excited? A 30-second teaser for C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h. can be seen here. C.h.a.o.s.m.y.t.h., Re:make and NO SCARED will be included on the new album.

Below are the official PVs for Re:make and NO SCARED via A-Sketch’s YouTube channel:

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