Creature Creature PARADISE TOUR Final

live report - 08.07.2011 20:01

Creature Creature concluded their tour with a fiery live at Shibuya O-East.

On June 12th, a diverse crowd gathered at Shibuya O-East for Creature Creature’s PARADISE TOUR final. Originally, the concert was supposed to take place on March 11th, but due to the situation following the Tohoku earthquake/tsunami earlier that day, the concert was rescheduled for June.

Fans of all ages, including a considerably high number of male fans, waited patiently for the start of the show under dim lights. The stage was simply adorned, with a giant crimson curtain covering the wall. All the rest was black, mirroring the crowd which showed an obvious preference for black attire.

The band came in on time and put their hearts into the exquisite performance – which is scheduled to be released on DVD on September 10th – leaving a lasting impression on all those present.

An ovation resounded as the five men made their entrance. The lights burned purple, and wasting no time the band began; With the crowd still cheering, Dream Caller headed up the show. MORRIE’s outstanding stage presence could be felt from the beginning and he made sure to give his own personal touch to every song, moving his arms solemnly to the rhythm.

Spiral lights fell on the back wall for Amor Fati. The band members in the front moved around to the excitement of the fans with Hiro and Shinobu owning their solos and head banging earnestly, lost in the beat. MORRIE’s performance was very intense and as the vocalist stretched his arms to the side, the crowd immediately started pumping theirs to the powerful drums.

The head banging continued fiercely for Maboroshi and Black Hole. The interesting light show helped set the mood, the musicians on stage doing the rest. As the song built up drums, bass and guitar were set free with the men behind them - and the audience - swinging their heads passionately to the beat.

Hitoki’s contribution for Hoshitsuki (Star-Possessed) was highly appreciated with the energetic bassist swirling to the music without ever neglecting his performance. MORRIE seemed indeed possessed for this song, striking dramatic poses and letting a demoniacal growl escape his lips as it reached an end.

The crowd moved to the beat for Zone, hands up high in the air to welcome the guitarists and bassist who reached forward for their solos. The fierce guitars sped away, slowing down for Vacuum, a song which started slowly under strong white lights. The song built up and the heat became palpable, loud approving yells filling the room as MORRIE revealed his chest, shirt wide open as he moved to the heavy drums. The song reached its climax and the vocalist threw the microphone stand in the air, leaving the stage soon after.

The bass, guitars and drums took over for the next songs. Only the drummer and bassist were on stage as Cluster started. The duet was amazing with the crowd seeming to hold their breaths so as not to disturb the performance, the drummer’s hands flying as he pounded the drums. The two psychedelic guitars joined the duo for Improvisation in a performance that set the stage on fire – literally – as a veil of smoke covered the floor for the heated instrumental part.

With MORRIE back, Secret Garden and Tenshu-Ranman gave the band an opportunity to move and swirl around the stage to the beat, the vocalist posing dramatically to emphasize each word he sang. Despite the performance being musically perfect, the lack of direct interaction with the audience made it a bit monotonous as the show reached the middle with no surprises.

MORRIE’s presence on stage was particularly strong for Psyche and Gone By Rain with good teamwork between the vocalist and the other men on stage.

Red lights shone to welcome Red, adding fire to the atmosphere as MORRIE, in contrast, stood coldly with a stoic expression, his mic flying as he threw it from one hand to the other effortlessly.

Thunderous drums were greeted by rolling fists and thrashing heads for Swan. With some interesting light work that engulfed the stage in red and purple tones, Lights followed. MORRIE teased the fans, encouraging the crowd to yell louder and so they did, the heated crowd swinging to the tune.

The night was reaching its end when a lonely white light shot towards the ceiling from behind the vocalist. Smoke floated down the stage covering the front rows for Spring Machine. A mirror ball twirled slowly, hundreds of tiny dots dancing to the slow tune. It was as if they were standing in a cloud, MORRIE’s yells piercing through the sky and sending the guitar off on a heartfelt cry.

The five musicians bowed, leaving the stage to earsplitting cries before the demand for an encore started. The fans waited patiently for the band to come back to purple lights. As if in anticipation for what was yet to come, MORRIE took his shirt off, a short see-through jacket covering his arms and upper back. To the female fans' delight the heat from the deep bass caused the vocalist to get rid of the jacket too.

Cosmos Blackness was followed by Paradise. The crowd was giving all they had with the zealous fans following the choreography and swinging to the beat. It was impressive to see the diverse crowd move as one, all age and gender differences forgotten for those hours – all were simply night Creatures.

The second encore demand was equally warm with the band soon getting back on stage. MORRIE delighted the fans by throwing roses and addressing the crowd in a casual MC. The vocalist talked about the earthquake and how the live had to be postponed due to it, thanking all for their support and patience. “Today won’t happen again,” he said in reference to the next song - Vanishing.

Another ballad followed – Kokuu Ningyou Es – accompanied by passionate guitars and smooth bass lines. The guitarists twirled while the fans followed the beat with gentle hand movements, the vocalist passionately putting his heart in every word.

As MORRIE announced the last song of the night, a protesting “Ehhh????” took over the venue. What better way to end a special night like this than with 1000 Dark Nights. The guitars battled each other impressively as both men took the center of the stage while the fans greeted them, all hands in the air. The band took the time to interact with the crowd who passionately lent their voices to the chorus in a warm moment. Introducing the members one by one, MORRIE thanked the fans one last time, a massive ovation thundering across the room as Creature Creature left the stage.

The crowd continued cheering and calling out their favorite members' names, gasping in surprise as the screen on the wall came to life to announce the band’s next live performances in Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo and Sendai. Excited cheers filled the room as the fans shared impressions about the performance and the upcoming DVD and tour.

Fans can look forward to both Creature Creature's next performance and their upcoming DVD.

Set List:

01. Dream Caller
02. Amor Fati
03. Maboroshi
04. Black Hole
05. Hoshitsuki - Star-Possessed
06. Zone
07. Shinkuu - Vacuum
08. Cluster
09. Improvisation
10. Hien - Secret Garden
11. Tenshu-Ranman
12. Psyche
13. Gone By Rain
14. Red
15. Swan
16. Lights
17. Haru no kikai - Spring Machine

Encore 1
18. Cosmos Blackness
19. Paradise

Encore 2
20. Vanishing
21. Kokuu ningyou Es
22. Sen no yamiyo ni - 1000 Dark Nights
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Creature Creature 06/12

Creature Creature
Tokyo - Japan
Shibuya O-EAST
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