Interview with Ryo Fujimura in Athens

interview - 03.12.2009 08:00

Before his acoustic live on February 13th, Ryo took some time to discuss his latest single, AciD FlavoR, and more.

On Friday, February 13, Ryo Fujimura visited Athens, Greece, for a unique acoustic live. Aside from preparing for the show and spending time with his fans, he sat down with JaME for a short, but interesting, interview. Ryo answered entirely in English, and this was hardly the only surprise. With an endearing laid back personality, in contrast to his refined clothing, he talked about his solo work, AciD FlavoR and he even gave us a message for Valentine's Day.

Welcome to Athens. We are looking forward to your live performance!

Ryo: (laughs) Thank you.

So, this solo tour has already taken you to France, Belgium and now Greece. Is this the final stop?

Ryo: No, no, there is another one after this.

But you already performed in a number of locations during this solo tour. Could you share your general impressions up to now?

Ryo: Well, you see, when I first came to Europe in October and November it was with my band but this time I am alone, it is a solo tour. So of course it is very different. Last time it was an entire band, now I am the only member of the band, the band is a one member-band. (laughs) So this time it is harder! This time I have to do it all by myself, play and talk with people and all the rest. It is a bit harder but during the first show in Belgium the people were very kind. It was the same at the other shows too. I think I am enjoying it this way.

A solo tour means more freedom too, right?

Ryo: Yes. I feel more free, indeed.

And I guess that you have some time for yourself, to visit the countries for sightseeing?

Ryo: Any time for sightseeing? No, not at all! I only have time to perform.

Your second single, is titled Concrete 0.2. What do you want your fans to feel while listening to it?

Ryo: There is a big difference between Concrete 0.1 and Concrete 0.2 because the first single is instrumental. The second features not only my music but my vocals as well, so it was really difficult for me. (laughs) With my band I sing as a second vocalist, so usually I only sing during the choruses, and now I have to sing all the melodies. It was a bit difficult working on it. Now there are lyrics and I want the people to read them, to listen and to understand.

I see. Concrete 0.2 is an album with Japanese lyrics but it is released in Europe. Why did you take this decision, perhaps the sound felt more European?

Ryo: Well, I want to introduce my music to a different audience and I found this in Europe. At first, Dio - you know my friends, the visual kei band Dio?

Oh Dio, right.

Ryo: So, they are very famous in Europe? They told me about the audience here, so I tried to play in Europe. The European fans are heavier and more intense than the Japanese fans and freaks (note: nickname for his fans). (laughs) So in the end we visited Japan Expo in France with AciD FlavoR. There is a different feeling to be found here.

So, tomorrow is Valentine's Day. (everyone bursts into laughter)

Ryo: Hey, what is this? No, wait, I want to answer! (laughs some more) So, this year I will be spending it in Greece and, I want to ask for everyone. (thinks) Um, ok? (laughs)

Perhaps send Valentine wishes to all Freaks?

Ryo: Yes (nods).

Nowadays you are focussed on your solo career, but what about your band AciD FlavoR?

Ryo: We are planning to release an album in Japan in August, perhaps. (pause) I think in August.

So AciD FlavoR is still playing an important role in your life.

Ryo: Yes, of course they do.

Some of your songs are rather aggressive, with an electronic sound, and yet here you are, holding an acoustic live. Why did you choose to present them in this kind of way?

Ryo: I think the acoustic live works better for the melody of the single and the communication with people is more direct. I will just enjoy the atmosphere and I want people to enjoy the show in the same way.

How about giving us a little hint about your future plans?

Ryo: I will try releasing a new album this summer or autumn. This tour will be a big influence, I think. Some songs are lighter, with an acoustic flavor, some are harder and this is partly due to the influence from the tour.

And finally: Please give a message to the readers of JaME.

Ryo: I am very happy to be in Europe for this tour, and thank you for the support. There will be an album coming soon and I want to come back for another tour. This time I have only been to France, Belgium and Greece but my goal for next time is to visit many more places!

JaME would like to thank Ryo Fujimura, Ramen Events, Le Ciel and Eclipse for making this interview possible.
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