Jin Akanishi Yellow Gold Tour 3010 in LA

live report - 11.30.2010 15:00

Jin wants to rock right now, right now!

Following his successful debut in Los Angeles a few months ago, Jin Akanishi returned to Club Nokia ready to party once more. Two members of his dance crew warmed up the crowd before a video of his time in Los Angeles was shown on screen. The short video included a few scenes that had been shown at the You and Jin show remixed with shots from his last performance in Los Angeles.

Immediately afterwards, Joey Tee was called out to dance. He shuffled cutely onto the stage to a huge outpouring of adoration from the fans in the venue. Showing off some amazing moves, Joey Tee got the crowd riled up for Dominic, who came out on stage to sing his newest song. As Dominic finished his set, another video flashed on screen and showed scenes of how Jin’s Yellow Gold Tour 3010 had gone so far. Then it was time for the main event to start. Jin’s dancers took the stage in gold lame outfits, and Jin’s casual entrance had the crowd screaming in delight.

Taking his spot behind a silvery drum set, Jin started the concert with Christmas Morning. Lasers laced the fog-filled air, creating the impression of clouds racing across the sky to accompany the beautifully haunting song. With the crowd getting into the mood, Jin then turned up the heat with Bass Go Boom and Wonder, both popular songs that were well received by the audience. More and more people began to dance while I.N.P was performed, but the crowd settled down to give their full attention to Jin as he sang A Page.

After the last notes of the song, Jin vanished backstage. A camera followed him, and fans watched Jin on the TVs as he drank some water and then picked up his cell phone to text someone. Suddenly, the screens went blank as text appeared: Jin was texting the fans! He asked everyone to play a mind game with him and had the crowd doing math until the answer equaled one – as in “you are the one.” This led into a new song, Oowah. The fun, playful track finished with Jin doing a short MC with the audience. He thanked everyone for coming, asked if they were having a good time and pretended to leave when he felt the response wasn’t loud enough, eliciting more laughter and cheering.

Following the MC was another new song, Body Talk. A softer, slower ballad, it featured Jin crooning into the microphone, and the fans swayed along to the beat. His third new song, Fifth Season, had a strong bass beat carrying the layered vocals and mesmerizing melody. The audience applauded once the song was over, then burst into screams as the infamous LOVEJUICE began with Jin donning his trademark fedora.

The hot nightclub atmosphere continued as Jin ended the song by sitting down with the female dancers for a drink. At the front of the stage, the male members of his crew showed off their moves until they were rudely interrupted by the paparazzi. This led into Jin’s angry attack on the media with Paparats. However, the mood didn’t last as Hey Girl took over. Colorful and playful, the cheery dance track was accompanied by the dancers’ silly antics on stage. Shinpei made a special appearance and teased Jin by tugging at the singer’s clothes and touching his face while Jin sang through a wide grin.

After Hey Girl, Jin took a short break while his dancers were introduced on stage. Then began the dance portion of the show. Joey Tee’s “Trickin’ Dance” was wildly popular, and the audience screamed when Shumpei and Yara Tomoyuki joined in for the “Lock Dance.” Both Joey Tee and Tomoyuki performed together during the “World Dance,” with the former playing a demon and the latter acting as demon slayer.

As the dance portion wrapped up, it was time for Yellow Gold, the theme and anthem of the tour. The crowd threw their hands up and clapped to the beat, then began dancing as the mood lightened with My MP3. The sugary sweet, bouncy pop track led into Tipsy Love. The audience eagerly sang along in response to Jin and waved their hands in the air. All of the lights went up in the venue so that the audience and performers could see each other clearly, and the happy mood was elevated as Jin proudly introduced his dancers once more. Finally, Jin and the dancers linked hands and bowed. Jin was last to leave the stage, parting with words of thanks and expressing his hope to return to Los Angeles.

Although there was no encore, no one left feeling disappointed. His fans were able to see Jin Akanishi in a small and intimate venue, and they could look forward to seeing him again on MTV Iggy in just a few days. As the performer’s popularity grows in the United States, one has to wonder what his next goal will be: it may not be too soon to be considering a tour in Europe!

Set list:

01. Christmas Morning
02. Bass Go Boom
03. Wonder
04. I.N.P
05. A Page
06. Oowah
07. Body Talk
08. Fifth Season
10. Paparats
11. Hey Girl
12. Yellow Gold
13. My MP3
14. Tipsy Love
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Akanishi Jin 11/16

Akanishi Jin
Los Angeles, CA - United States of America
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Akanishi Jin Yellow Gold Tour 3010

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