Interview with Dazzle Vision Before Sakura-Con 2010

interview - 03.17.2010 20:01

Screamo-pop band Dazzle Vision will perform in Seattle this April. JaME got the opportunity to ask this unique band a few questions.

Dazzle Vision is known as a 'screamo-pop' band: a mix between the two genres. Despite Maiko's sweet appearance, this lady has mastered a rather aggressive type of singing which is very unlikely for a woman. We got the opportunity to ask Maiko a number of questions before their American performance in order to get to know the band a little better.

Dazzle Vision formed in June 2003, but the current line-up was only established in 2008. How did you meet each other? What made you decide to start a band together?

Maiko: Takuro and I are related - he's my brother. Yu and Haru were friends with a common interest in music. It’s destiny that the four of us met, and I can only think that we were meant to work together.

You are known for your ‘death voice,’ a type of vocals that is usually only heard by men. How did you get the idea to start singing in this style? How have you learned to do so?

Maiko: It is a natural shout when I try to express my most intense emotions. People call it ‘death voice’ but I don’t really think about it in that way.

Such a singing style must be very hard on your vocal cords. Are you not worried that this will affect your voice in a negative way?

Maiko: I’m okay because I always try to take care of my voice.

Please tell us about your song writing process. How do you usually compose your songs? What are sources of inspiration?

Maiko: Sometimes it’s from a musical instrument, and sometimes it’s from humming. We use what comes to each of us in our daily lives.

Most of your overseas fans don't know Japanese, but they enjoy listening to your music. What type of message or messages do you try to express with your songs?

Maiko: Our concept is “Children create the world.” Adults, who are moving the world and society now, all started out as children. As we grow up, we tend to justify escaping or compromising by making excuses. In a pure way, we want to deliver the thoughts we had as children to create a wonderful world.

Your music has some really heavy elements, but also has a more pop-like side. When composing, do you keep this balance in mind, or does it just happen naturally?

Maiko: Our main focus is always what we want to deliver to the listeners. As a result of that, we naturally came up with “screamo pop.” It's a mix of the styles that work for us.

You have been around for about six years now. What are the biggest changes between Dazzle Vision of the present and six years ago?

Maiko: We've had so many experiences together, and that has really strengthened our teamwork most of all.

What do you consider the biggest accomplishment in the band’s career so far?

Maiko: To have our dream to debut in America come true!

In 2006, when the band had only been around for a year, you toured in Taiwan. How did you get this opportunity?

Maiko: Fans of Dazzle Vision in Taiwan invited us. We enjoyed every minute of it.

What is it like for you to play in a band with only men? What are some positive and negative sides to being the only girl in the band?

Maiko: I think of our group as a team as well as a family, so I don’t think about gender at all.

The band has a rather tough and masculine side, and a softer side that can be considered as a female one. This is not only expressed in your music, but also in your appearance, seeing as you wear very feminine dresses and outfits. What is the reason behind this big contrast?

Maiko: Hmm. The honest answer is that I choose the outfits based on how I feel, or what I want to express to the audience. I guess all of it just comes from my personality.

Your third album, Crystal Children, topped the chart on HMV’s pre-sale chart and came in second on the Tower Records' pre-sale chart. Had you expected this at all? How did you celebrate this?

Maiko: We were so happy! It was so great to know that our fans were looking forward to listening to our new music. We celebrated by having fun with the fans at the live shows.

The album Crystal Children and the single Metsu/All Refused were released simultaneously. Why did you choose this instead of adding the two songs from the single to the album?

Maiko: The single was released as a limited item for Disk Union, who has always been good to us. We didn't include Metsu/All Refused in the album because that pair of songs didn't match the concept of Crystal Children.

In April, you will perform at the American convention Sakura-con in Seattle. What kind of expectations do you have for this performance and the American audience?

Maiko: We want the fans to come right to the front and sing together with us. We want to see the faces of all the fans we can meet! Dazzle Vision and the audience will come together to make the most powerful live show we can imagine!

Other than the performance at Sakura-con and meeting your USA fans, is there anything else you are looking forward to while staying in the USA?

Maiko: We're going to be taking photos and videos of everything… and everyone!

Dazzle Vision is often considered a screamo band. Can you tell us a little about the screamo scene in Japan?

Maiko: I’ve never really experienced the screamo scene so I’m not sure, but Dazzle Vision wants to keep going with the theme of "screamo pop."

It has been quite some time since you released any new CDs. Have you composed any new songs recently, and can you tell us when we can expect a new release from you?

Maiko: In connection with our concert at Sakura-Con, we're releasing our first CD in America through, titled to the next!

Other than the US and Taiwan, do you have any ambitions to perform in other overseas countries?

Maiko: We’d like to tour all around Europe.

Please give a message to our readers.

Maiko: We will release our new CD to the next in America before it's released in Japan. We'll be happy if many people listen to it, and maybe we'll get a chance to perform in more parts of America or the world. Please support us as much as possible!

Thank you very much for the interview.

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