Creature Creature at BEAT SHUFFLE LIVE SIDE 2009~D・N・A~

live report - 02.16.2010 08:00

Creature Creature gave a dynamic performance at the NACK5 BEAT SHUFFLE event in Omiya Sonic City.

In the Japanese visual rock scene, MORRIE is a man whose trends are closely watched. Along with his solo career, he also leads heavy rock band Creature Creature. After a long silence, Creature Creature re-emerged with a showing of energetic activity in 2009. In June, there was a two day tour named Simone and the Wrath, and September saw the encore tour Simone and the Wrath, Continued for four days. In addition, during the last week of December the band played their first lives overseas in Shanghai, participated in Jack in the Box, and BEAT SHUFFLE LIVE SIDE D.N.A. ending the year with great success. The year of 2009 could be called a memorial year and we expect even larger leaps in the future for Creature Creature.

MORRIE was accompanied by a star line-up consisting of, Hiro (Libraian,La'cryma Christi) and Shinobu (ex-Guy’s Family) on guitar, Hitoki (ROBO+S, ex-Kuroyume) on bass, and Sakura (S.O.A.P.,ex-L’Arc~en~Ciel)on drums. Each member has trained hard and improved the unity of the band, evolving the world of Creature Creature. Finishing off the year 2009 was their performance at BEAT SHUFFLE LIVE SIDE 2009 D・N・A presented by NACK5. BEAT SHUFFLE is a popular radio program hosted by Mr. Asai, who introduces V-rock music to young listeners. In this event, Mr. Asai acted as host and five popular bands appeared on the stage: D’espairsRay, LM.C, Nightmare, PENICILLIN and Creature Creature, the fifth and final band.

Mr. Asai introduced the band as “the origin of the V-rock scene, the core of DNA in this event”. With that, the live started off. On the dim stage were four big pillars, redolent of an ancient temple, which shone slightly. An ominous SE resounded in the hall and the members appeared one by one. A bigger shout of a joy arose when MORRIE, wearing black, appeared at the end. As the audience cheered with enthusiasm, the stage was lit by red lights. Shinobu's guitar phrase for MABOROSHI was like a rocket taking off. As MORRIE gave a shout, the instruments started up a strong groove. Continuing with ZONE, MORRIE stepped aside, and soon after HIRO dashed to the edge of the stage where he played speedy guitar solo. Hitoki was also very active, moving his whole body to the rhythm.

For a while, the stage darkened and became silent. MORRIE joked around with the crowd, saying, “Good evening everyone, we are Creature Creature. In this hall, there are more people than I had expected. I think a lot of fans have gotten out of here, since Nightmare's act already finished.” Many fans laughed at his joke.

After the MC, the heavy Black Hole was performed. With rainbow color lights blinking, MORRIE sang sensually in a relaxed manner. As the tempo became faster, the high speed drums played by Sakura resounded like a thunder. In accordance with the accelerated music, Hiro, Shinobu, and Hitoki head banged as they played the heavy tune.

Next, COSMOSS BLACKNESS started with some nice guitar cutting from Hiro and Shinobu. Hitoki joined in, playing an impressive bass solo. When MORRIE indicated to his left, Shinobu played a clean arpeggio, and when he gestured to the right, Hiro enchanted the fans with a technical guitar solo. Each part really entertained the audience.

Drawing screams of joy from the crowd, Paradise started with a fluent guitar solo by Hiro, and as the airy music resounded through the venue, the members moved around on the stage aggressively. In the main melody, MORRIE went to the edge of the stage and sang directly to the fans. During the driving phrase based on Hitoki and Sakura's lines, the audience stretched their hands toward the stage.

Following RED, the members dashed to the front of the stage, and the fans answered by pumping their fists. The two guitarists swapped their positions and stirred the fans up, playing until the song ended. With the next heavy number, SWAN, the crowded head‐banged violently. MORRIE sang with his body swaying, and
Hiro played a high speed guitar solo with his leg on the speaker. Shinobu played his guitar heavily, and the fans were overwhelmed by the technical performance and MORRIE’s charismatic vocals.

The stage became dark and MORRIE announced the news that their full album would be released on May 26. The spectators gave enthusiastic shouts in response to the news. Following this, the last number, Haru no kikai, began. The jazzy guitar phrase by Hiro and arpeggio by Shinobu sounded in the venue. Hitoki and Sakura played statically, while MORRIE sang gently. As the performance continued, the stage gradually lightened, and the song increased in intensely. The fans were thrown into the whirlpool of the powerful sound and MORRIE enveloped the hall with his singing. Their act then ended and left reverberations throughout the venue.

Eager calls for encore arose, and all the bands who had participated in the event finally appeared. All the members of Creature Creature also threw out into the crowd a colored ball with their signatures on it.The audience was thrilled with the unexpected present from the stage. Finally Mr. Asai asked MORRIE to give a speech to finish off the event and the year of 2009. Obliging, MORRIE thanked the audience in the hall and promised more activity in the following year of 2010, and on that optimistic note, the event ended.

Though they only performed eight songs, Creature Creature showed off their music which has progressed and grown throughout the year, and the band's tight relationship was also very clear. Our expectations for the future and the new album are high after this show and we look forward to seeing Creature Creature continue to evolve with the new release.

Set list:

2. Zone
3. Black Hole
5. Paradise
6. Red
7. Swan
8. Spring Machine (Haru No Kikai)
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