the Underneath First One-man Tour 2009 'COME with US'

live report - 02.06.2010 12:00

the Underneath was a hit on the first day of their tour, at YOKOHAMA BAYSIS.

the Underneath is a band known for their melodious music and hot live performances, and they've won over both domestic and foreign fans. The band’s line-up comprises vocalist TAKA, guitarists MASATO and TAL, bassist RYO and drummer MASAKI. About half a year after their last one-man in March, they embarked on a one-man tour of five lives, brandishing their masterful second full album us.. This report pertains to the first day of their tour COME with US tour, which took place at YOKOHAMA BAYSIS.

The venue was crowded with fans dressed casually in order to enjoy the live to their heart’s content. A few minutes behind schedule, the members appeared on the stage in chic black suits accompanied by the SE. The show kicked off with TAKA’s words, “Are you ready?” and Ghost in the mirror, from the new album. The number started with a digital sound, and the combination of drum and bass was so attractive that the audience welcomed the members by pumping their fists. Continuing with Rain, the edgy guitar and bass phrases resounded like pounding rain, and the floor was filled with TAKA’s emotional singing. When TAKA extended his microphone toward the audience, the fans sang together.

Following was MARIE, during which the crowded reached their hands toward the stage with the main melody. Especially enjoyable was the guitar battle between MASATO and TAL in the intermezzo. The force accelerated, and they rushed into CHAIN, propelled by MASAKI’s racing drum, and the fans punched the air in excitement at the thrilling development. It changed radically as the tune ended gently with a clean tone. Under a dazzling light they continued with Taiyou, and each spectator enjoyed the magnificent sound. Next Chou no koe‐The scream of butterfly‐ started with the drum count by MASAKI. TAKA sang sensually in falsetto and enchanted the fans by using gestures redolent of a butterfly flapping. The succeeding FALL started with an a cappella segment by TAKA, and as the song progressed, MASATO and TAL offered an impressive twin guitar harmony.

After a short MC, they launched into BRAVE NEW WORLD. Enjoying the lively guitar and drum's rhythm resounding throughout the venue, the audience jumped up and down while punching the air. During the following Dolls, TAKA urged the audience to “Dance more”, and with the distorted bass sound played by RYO, it was a very impressive number. The following Insomnia was a heavy tune which alternated between TAKA's soft singing and a groaning string-centric chorus. In the following ASH-ashes to ashes,dust to dust-, the heavy riff was like a rumbling tank, and TAL went out to the center of the stage to play a technically sophisticated guitar solo. For the next five minutes, the crowd enjoyed a call and response with the members, and amidst the loud cheers the members introduced themselves.

After TAKA gave an MC, they continued with DEEP, which spread a relaxing and beautiful melody throughout the hall. This performance received a huge round of applause from the audience when it ended. Next came the first notes of Frontier, and when TAKA sang the bright melody, the audience enjoyed the music, waving their hands left and right. Afterwards TAKA gave a little chant, saying saying “COME with US!” a few times, and then they dove into FAT FATTY F**KIN’PIGS. TAL and RYO moved around a lot on the stage, stirring the fans into an intense frenzy. The fans were immediately excited when they heard the first notes of the following speedy tune, R.P.G.C-Red Phoenix G Crushers-, and they went crazy pumping their fists and jumping to the beat.

The live then showed a different side of the band. The positive and driving A day of a stranger started with TAKA's voice distorted by effectors, and the fans were clearly taken with the repeated gentle main melody. As its last notes reverberated through the hall, a pleasant and big scale ballad, Aria, started. The loud tune filled the venue and TAKA sang gently as if speaking intimately to the audience. Enveloped in the powerful ballad, the stunning show came to an end.

Answering the unrelenting "Underneath" call for an encore, the members changed their clothes and reappeared on the stage wearing their tour T-shirts. The first encore kicked off with GETTING CLOSER. Despite an interruption due to some trouble with the instruments, the fans were excited as MASATO and TAL moved around the stage, getting everyone riled up and jumping. Following was the softer ALONE TOGETHER, during which the crowded reached their hands toward the stage, entranced. After a short moment of silence, TAKA said, “Please awake,” at which point the intro phrase of GEKKOH began. During the driving main melody, TAKA turned his mike to the crowd and the audience sang together with their fists pumping.

The fans demanded a second encore, and the band obliged. Returning, they played BITE THE BULLET. TAKA, MASATO,TAL and RYO came out to the edge of the stage and urged the audience to jump, a request the fans were only to happy to answer. The intense and happy moment, made up of all the people in the venue that day, came to its peak during this tune.

Looking back on the whole live, the latest album us. and their older songs both obtained their extra power from the audience. And what incredible power there was. the Underneath will also be doing two acts in Osaka and Nagoya, plus the final two days in Tokyo (at SHIBUYA BOXX), for a total of four more lives. Though the group will be disbanding in the spring, we look forward to seeing how the individual members will progress in the future!

Set list:

1. Ghost in the mirror
2. Rain
5. Taiyou
6. Chou no koe‐The scream of butterfly‐
9. Dolls
10. Insomnia
11. ASH‐ashes to ashes ,dust to dust‐
12. DEEP
13. Frontier
15. R.P.G.C‐Red Phoenix G Crushers‐
16. A day of a stranger
17. Aria


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the Underneath 11/29

the Underneath
Yokohama - Japan
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