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live report - 01.31.2010 19:01

On December 2, 2009, visual band THE KIDDIE celebrated their three consecutive monthly releases at their one-man live at Akasaka BLITZ.

In 2009, THE KIDDIE released CDs in three consecutive months, first soar, then BLACK SIDE, and finally Poplar, which went on sale the day of the live, December 2nd.

The venue had a passage from the stage into the crowd. As the SE played, the fans turned on their pen lights, filling the room with glowing star shaped lights. The band members then appeared, wearing their outfits from the newly released Poplar. After starting with Arise! and Blow up, vocalist YUSA called out, "Let's make the best memories tonight!" Launching into in one sense, the members then introduced themselves: drummer YUDAI, bassist SORAO, guitarists JUN and YUSEI, and finally vocalist YUSA, who greeted the crowd saying, "Welcome to KIDDIE WONDERLAND! Let's have a great time!"

During elite STAR+, YUSA called for applause, and the fans answered, shining their star-shaped pen lights while cheering. YUSA and YUSEI then followed the path from the stage into the crowd, where they were surrounded. As YUSA sang it seemed like he was giving a personal concert for each of the fans. In imitation meanwhile, the guitar talents of YUSEI and JUN were giving a demonstration in two excellent solos. The catchy melody and precise playing captivated the fans who danced endlessly to this poppy song that even featured a vocoder altering YUSA's voice. In the following Tsubasa Graffiti, YUSA spun his towel in the air to which the fans responded by whirling their own towels. The vocalist then gave another MC: "We are THE KIDDIE! Today we finished our three consecutive monthly releases! Let's go all out!"

They continued with soar, a catchy number with a refreshing melody that made a positive impression and then Mugen light that showed a more electro side to THE KIDDIE. YUSA showed off his furi, the choreographed hand movements that the audience try their very best to imitate, and the other members followed suit as they travelled the passageway into the audience, one by one. The fans, right on cue, copied the hand gestures while holding their pen lights, dancing in sync with the members.

Slowing the music down, with a change in pace from Mugen Light came a sorrowful, parting song written from the perspective of a woman, Sayonara Setsuna resonated strongly with the female audience. JUN's acoustic guitar work that complemented SORAO's bass solo was particularly heart-wrenching. Then it was time for another MC from YUSA, who announced THE KIDDIE SUMMIT vol. 2 for January 23, 2010, and their first one-man live for fanclub members only, on February 13.

The music resumed with NEW WORLD, during which YUSEI and JUN took the pathway into the crowd and stirred up the audience. The live was into it's final stages and the aggressive numbers came coming thick and fast satisfying the endless energy of the fans. be Mine, BLACK SIDE and S.M.D showed a darker side to the band with deathgrowls and thumping drumbeats. Neither the members nor the fans looked tired when it was time for the final song, So high. "Can you all go higher?" YUSA shouted. It was a great note to end on, with the most popular of THE KIDDIE songs. The fans stretched their arms out wide to the audience and their choreography was perfectly timed, demonstrating quite clearly the popularity of the song.

During the encore, YUSA announced the next one-man tour, starting in March, which would take THE KIDDIE to Sendai, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Osaka before coming back to Tokyo. He continued, saying that the key word for Poplar is "courage,". He said the song was written with the hope their their fans would continue to follow them. The audience erupted into applause and the band began to play Poplar. During NOAH, YUSA held his mike out to the fans to sing with him, and the band members closed the distance between them and the crowd, again taking the pathway into the audience. YUSA then announced the last song for the night, Beaming, and as it ended, the live was finished.

From catchy songs with a pop sound, to sorrowful ballads and aggressive rock numbers, THE KIDDIE played a broad range of songs, each conveying a feel unique to their character. While the group only started in 2009, they've participated in a number of events, their one-man live was a great success, and they've confirmed a one-man tour for 2010. There's no doubt that from here on this band will only grow.

Set list:

1. Arise!
2. Blow up
3. in one sense
4. elite STAR+
5. Plastic Art
6. imitation
8. soar
13. AO
15. be Mine
17. S.M.D
18. So high

4. beaming
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