V-ROCK FESTIVAL: Sunday, October 25th - S Stage

live report - 07.01.2010 20:01

From Loveless to Versailles, the final day on the S Stage.

As Loveless, gothic lolita queen Nana Kitade was a charming opening act! Over the course of her four song set list, her lolita style presented a balance of sweetness against the darker fashions present that weekend. It was quite impressive as she showed off a variety of clothes with music that had her shouting crazily at times and then reverting to sweetness at others.

Set List:
SE- Poltergeist Orgel
1. Aiyoku FREE
2. Osanai Namida

And's mission began with BLACKOUT, a powerful track that hit the audience with its strong guitars and snarling vocals. One after another, the heavy tunes came, a musical assault on the fans.

The fans were delighted though, headbanging and throwing their bodies forwards energetically. A few were even making hearts with their hands and directing them toward the stage while they jumped to the music. Their short set kept the audience dancing all the way to the end, giving extra power to the members who seemed at home playing up to their enthusiastic crowd.
Set List:
2. Koi suru @ BOY
3. Sekieki
4. Sensen fukoku

Next up was Aoi, who appeared to a gothic SE wearing a long black coat and looking rather flamboyant. He began his performance on a mid-tempo note with VIRGIN, which was a gentle contrast to the preceding And.

After an MC, Aoi went a bit heavier with songs like Lost and MAKE YOUR HEAVEN, followed by the seductive song EDEN.  As ever, the fans danced along passionately, their arms waving to the beat. Ending as he had begun, Aoi chose another medium paced rock number, MASQUERADE, to close. His heartfelt vocals reached beyond his stage and impressed the crowd. Then, he thanked his audience and left.
Set List:
2. Lost

The gothic brooding of Aoi was very different from the colorful fun presented by Duel Jewel. Drawing a crowd that jam packed the whole V and S Stage area, Duel Jewel gave a bold show of their experience with an enjoyable set that got the crowd moving about. The members looked to be having as much fun as the fans, running about the stage and urging the crowd to draw closer. From the urgent speed metal of Reincarnation flow to Tales, the crowd kept up a frenzy of headbanging and fully enjoyed their heavy and colorful songs.
Set List:
1. Reincarnation flow
2. [Hanauta - oukaryouran]
3. partytime!!
4. Tales

As the curtains re-opened for the next band, DaizyStripper appeared to give a bright, colorful and enjoyable performance.

They began with WE WILL ROCK YOU (V-ROCK FESTIVAL Version), and vocalist Yu-giri shouted “Rock Fes!” during the “Rock You!” part. Proceeding to the heavier Black DROPPer and the famous Dandelion, the crowd went wild, moving their bodies violently. During a short pause, they announced a one-man live at Akasaka Blitz in December.  DaizyStripper's performance was one that had been perfectly tailored to the festival, full of bouncy, fun songs that everyone could enjoy together until the end.

Set List:
2. Black DROPPer
3. Dandelion
4. Shikisai VIVID
5. decade

When lynch. came to the stage, the atmosphere was positively electric. The hall was packed with eager and excited fans. The performance they delivered lived up to those expectations. With a set list mostly from the songs off the latest album SHADOWS, lynch. started their set with LAST NITE.

Hazuki's performance was typically intense and energetic as he varied between his hellish deathvoice screams and velvety vocals. The fans, caught up in the show, responded by raising their fists. From the heavy SHADOWZ, EVILLY and STARZ to the speedy drumbeat of MARROW, the crowd was driven by lynch.'s music. lynch. showed their power right until the end, never letting up once until the last number, Adore. It was as though the intense heat from their stage had reached the L-R stage!

Set List:
6. unknown lost a beauty
7. Adore

The slightly mellower but equally fun heidi. followed, bringing their catchy melodies to the S Stage. They began brightly with a fan favourite, Rem, before playing Hello from their recent album release and then Utakata. Hands, raised aloft, began clapping along and punching the air feverishly. heidi. vocalist Yoshihiko knew how to use the stage as he came out along the runway to greet his fans while guitarists Kosuke and Nao bounced about at the back.

After some more frantic furitsuke during the high-paced Tsuta tsuta, heidi. finished off with a favourite, Sentimental, which got certain members of the crowd leaping around the small area. The musicians on stage presented themselves with confidence, allowing their music to shine strongly and certainly gaining a few more fans.

Set List:
1. Rem
2. Utakata
3. Hello
4. Synchro
5. Tsuta tsuta
6. Sentimental

The final act of the weekend at the V and S Stage was Versailles, who was, as ever, a grand affair of gothic operatic metal. In solemn reverence for their recently deceased member Jasmine You, his bass was placed amidst roses next to YUKI's drumset.

A beautiful orchestrated SE and an introduction of the members in English led into the first of Versailles' set, the grandiose Aristocrat's Symphony. As KAMIJO sang with his deep, velvety vocals, the fans reacted to the powerful guitars of HIZAKI and TERU by waving their arms passionately. The set continued with Red Carpet Day, which became rather mesmerizing with chants of "Hey" and YUKI's drumbeat.

Taking time for an MC, KAMIJO addressed the audience with his thoughts of Jasmine. He mentioned how Jasmine was rejoicing in heaven before speaking touchingly about the meaning of visual kei to him. He said how he wanted people to think of visual kei as something special, and bringing people together who loved this music was a most special occasion. With these words, Versailles finished with their most famous piece, Revenant Choir. The verses became screams and streamers shot out over the audiences' heads for one final grand flourish. As it came to Jasmine's solo, KAMIJO held the bass aloft and the fans paid respect to it in their own way, through a myriad of raised arms. It was a dramatic, heartfelt and special performance, not only for Versailles but for all visual kei fans who witnessed it.

Set List:
1. Aristocrats Symphony
2. Red Carpet Day
5. Revenant Choir
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