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interview - 11.03.2008 07:00

JaME was present at the Expo to ask the participating artists about their experiences as models at the event.

On September 23rd, the fashion event Individual Fashion EXPO IV took place in Tokyo. Not only did various fashion models appear on the catwalk, but also several music artists. JaME was present backstage to talk with the five musicians about their thoughts beforehand and their experiences afterward.

KAMIJO (Versailles-Philharmonic Quintet-)

Before the show

How did you feel when you put on this fashion from ALICE and the PIRATES?

KAMIJO: I was reminded that I can wear pretty much anything.

You have lots of accessories, such as a hat and a cloak like this.

KAMIJO: Yeah, I can see that these were made just for me...hahaha. (laugh) I'm just joking. (bursts out laughing)

Huh? Are you pulling my leg? (laugh) How did you feel when you walked into the venue for rehearsal?

KAMIJO: I won't pull your leg from now on... (laugh), but I feel like I want to do a one-man live of Versailles-Philharmonic Quintet- here.

What do you want to show at this event?

KAMIJO: I want to show our freedom. I think Versailles-Philharmonic Quintet- has an image and a firm concept. What can I say... an image which builds a wall around us, in a way. However, we aren't like that and we will be able to show Versailles-Philharmonic Quintet- in any place.

Are you going to present yourself in a different way than usual, KAMIJO?

KAMIJO: No, I'm not so different than usual. I just won't sing, but express without singing.

After the show

How was the view from the stage?

KAMIJO: Of course, I saw the audience, but I thought about how I could express things without singing. For example, when I walked or turned back a little bit, I did various experiments. Honestly speaking, I think that I was able to do it.

You swung the cane and kneeled down, which seemed so nice. Did you think of such motions by yourself?

KAMIJO: Well, without thinking, yes.

So you could express yourself without singing?

KAMIJO: Well, I think that I will leave it up to the audience to decide that.

HIZAKI (Versailles-Philharmonic Quintet-)

Before the show

How do you feel about wearing the fashions of BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT?

HIZAKI: I have changed, I think. I wear my usual clothes or costumes at lives and I think that has changed, but this is something that is different from that again.

Your pink dress with the white fur is so cute. How did you feel when you walked into the venue for the rehearsal?

HIZAKI: I had no problem at all! (laugh) This venue is large, but I wanted to do it well.

How do you want to present yourself?

HIZAKI: Uhm... I want you to see a different me than usual.

After the show

How did you feel when you stood on the stage? It was surprising to see a swing on the stage.

HIZAKI: I didn't have a guitar, of course, so I was a little bit nervous.

Did you see the audience from the stage?

HIZAKI: In our usual lives, I can see the audience rampaging and their various facial expressions, but today they were sitting, so it was quite fresh for me.

Do you think you could express yourself thoroughly, HIZAKI?

HIZAKI: From my point of view, I can't give myself a perfect score regarding how cute it all was, but the people around me said I was good, so...

Gou (Megamasso)

Before the show

What kind of fashion do you usually like?

Gou: I wear whatever I like. (laugh)

Do you wear jeans and T-shirts like today?

Gou: I like this and I like large pants too.

As you have finished the rehearsal, how did you feel actually walking on the stage?

Gou: This time, I was told that I could walk as I liked, so it was easy.

So does that mean that usually you have to do things more precisely?

Gou: When I modeled for Tokyo Collection the other day, it had an original world view, so I walked in a way that matched that theme.

This venue has a high ceiling and seems spacious, don't you think so?

Gou: Yes. I feel like I could do a live here.

How do you want to present yourself during the event?

Gou: Well, I want to show me as me. (laugh)

Do you mean as Gou of Megamasso? Or Gou as a model?

Gou: I want to be Gou of Megamasso.

How do you feel when you wear the fashions of Sixh.?

Gou: I don't wear this kind of thing at all, but the white fur attached to it looks cute, I think.

Do you want to incorporate it into your fashion from now on?

Gou: If I have a chance, sure.

After the show

How do you feel after your performance?

Gou: I enjoyed it a lot!

Were you able to see the audience?

Gou: Yes, I could. I don't think it was the audience's reaction, but that I was enjoying myself more than anything else.

This white fur and a rucksack are cute. You seemed relaxed and walked very well.

Gou: Are you sure!? I'm happy to hear that.

Were you able to express yourself fully today? Did you get a perfect score?

Gou: Yeah, I got a perfect score... yes, full marks! (laugh)

Makoto (Doremidan)

Before the show

What kind of fashion do you usually like?

Makoto: I don't care so much, but I wear what I think is good.

You wear Makoto-ish things?

Makoto: Yes.. uhm? What's Makoto-ish?... I don't know well. (laugh) But I can imagine what you mean in some way. Well, I wear rather quiet, plain clothes often these days.

Your image includes vivid colors, I think.

Makoto: I see. But I don't wear vivid colors much these days. I like simple stuff.

How do you feel wearing the fashions of Kuroshitsuji?

Makoto: It fits me quite well and I feel good.

You put on a black eye patch, which is so cool.

Makoto: Yeah. I don't usually wear an eye patch unless I get an infection (laugh), so it feels fresh.

You are wearing many accessories.

Makoto: I had a little bit of trouble putting them on, (laugh) particularly this eye patch and head dress.

You are so slim, to be able to wear a ladies size.

Makoto: Yes. But this material can stretch, so it's not hard, but comfortable to wear.

How did you feel when you walked during the rehearsal?

Makoto: I stood here for the first time and the view from the stage was wonderful because the ceiling is high, all the way up to the 3rd floor. Even though there wasn't an audience, I could imagine how the audience would stay there and I thought it would be so good.

What do you want to show today?

Makoto: I won't be singing, so it's quite hard to express my character just by walking. However, my costume is like this and it shows my character well, so I think I can express my presence even though I will stand normally, just as I am. I don't think I have to go to the front aggressively today. (laugh)

After the show

How did you feel when you actually appeared during the event?

Makoto: I performed as I did in the rehearsal, so it wasn't so different. But it was darker than the rehearsal, so it was a little bit hard to walk. However, I think it was good, as I was able to enjoy it. Except one thing, it was a little bit hard to stay still after I walked, because the heels of my shoes are high.(laugh)

Were you able to see the audience?

Makoto: Honestly speaking, I have an eye patch which covers one eye, so I could hardly see them. (laugh) Well, I could see them vaguely.

So you could express the anime world of "Kuroshitsuji?"

Makoto: Hahahaha. (laugh) I hope I was able to do so!

You could express the world of Makoto, right?

Makoto: I think so. Yes. I did my best!

DAISHI (Amaterasu)

Before the show

What kind of fashion do you usually like?

DAISHI: I am not really one to care, but people around me often say that I am Oniii-kei or Gyaruo-kei. (laugh). I usually just buy what I think is good the moment I see it when I shop.

Do you wear a suit jacket sometimes?

DAISHI: I wear more formal clothes in cold seasons.

So you wear tank tops when it's hot like today?

DAISHI: Yes, and I also wear casual clothes such as crush jeans.

DAISHI, today you will wear two garments, one from Sixh. and one from Kuroshitsuji. How do you feel wearing Sixh. garments for the first time?

DAISHI: I feel like I can stand on stage right now. (laugh)

It is like a stage costume.

DAISHI: I haven't worn such a casual costume as this for my band's activities. I often wear more conceptual, hard costumes, so this is very nice.

Do you want to make good use of it in your daily fashion?

DAISHI: Yes. I like the way you can attach the skirt here. I love chains.(laugh)

I see. This cloth has a lot of chains on the chest. How did you feel when you walked on the stage during rehearsal?

DAISHI: I felt like I could enjoy things naturally and I wasn't nervous. I really wanted to do a live! I almost started saying things like "Hey! The second floor!", "Come on! The third floor!" (laugh)

What do you want to show at this event?

DAISHI: This is a very good opportunity for me, so I will pay particular attention to my movements, especially how my skirt flows. But I won't over do it, I'll just be myself.

After the show

How did you feel when you actually walked on the stage?

DAISHI: It was the first time in my life to be a model in a fashion show. (laugh)

However, you were so calm that it didn't seem like it was your first experience.

DAISHI: No, no, no, no, no! I was quite nervous. (laugh) But I enjoyed it very much. What's more, I really like to challenge what I have never done before.

You are full of fighting spirit.

DAISHI: I love to express not only music, but also art very much, so I wanted to make the most of this experience for my music too.

Your fashion from Kuroshitsuji is also very nice. Were you able to express the mood of the anime "Kuroshitsuji?"

DAISHI: I don't really know. (laugh) Before I appeared on the stage, that anime was broadcast on the screen and I watched it, so I hope I was able to play the part well. (laugh)

I think that you expressed his cool image. Do you think you could show your new charm during this event?

DAISHI: I hope so!
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