OLIVIA's Birthday Interview

interview - 12.08.2009 19:01

OLIVIA gave us some of her time to answer few questions before her 30th birthday.

Before her 30th birthday, which falls on December 9th, JaME held an interview with singer-songwriter OLIVIA to ask her about her latest single, previous projects and future plans.

To start, for the people who don’t know you, can you introduce yourself?

OLIVIA: I'm a half-Japanese half-American singer-songwriter. I live in Tokyo, Japan. I also consider myself a collage artist, because I love being creative in many departments.

Your last single, Sailing free, was the theme for video game "Sengoku Basara." How did you get the chance to be part of this project?

OLIVIA: The producer of this game is a fan of my music. He's come to many of my shows. We're really great friends now!

The PV for the song felt like a small theatre show. Why did you decide to use that sort of atmosphere for the video? Who came up with the idea?

OLIVIA: The atmosphere was created by the incredibly talented Taku Inoue. I had a story, and so we had many meetings discussing the possibilities....and made it happen! The stylist for this video is one of my best friends, Misha Janette, and the hair and make-up artist is Hiroshi Niwa. They were keys to this video as well.

How was the OLIVIA version CD jacket cover created?

OLIVIA: I thought it would be fun to express the theme with the styling.

Regarding Sailing free, do you think you are a very "free" person? Do you take off whenever you feel like it, or are you attached to something?

OLIVIA: There are moments that I feel free and then moments when I'm totally tangled. At the present moment, not free.

The title song of this single is the result of a collaboration with INORAN. How did you come to work with him?

OLIVIA: I've known INORAN as a friend for a long time and have always wanted to work with him. I knew we would eventually!

It's not the first time that you've worked with a member of LUNA SEA. Do you have specific relationship with this band?

OLIVIA: I've worked with Shinya before. And I'm friends with INORAN. (laughs)

The CD+DVD version includes the bonus video making of THE ZAPPER. Can you talk about it a little?

OLIVIA: I had an idea for inventing a machine that could zap you and would make you feel fearless or free or achieve enlightenment!

How did the shooting go?

OLIVIA: It was fast! I did it all by myself!

What feeds your imagination and your rich universe?

OLIVIA: Art, nature and everything.

After a rock period with The Lost Lolli and your work with "NANA," you seem to have adopted a more pop style, like in your debut album Synchronicity. What is the reason for this change?

OLIVIA: Well I've been in a much happier state, so maybe that's what influenced the pop. Also, I've become older, more open and less judgmental. I love myself more. So the edges are smoothed out, I think, but there will always be a strong heretic side to me.

You said before that it was more difficult to create a good pop song with a catchy refrain which will stay in the listener's memory. Is it easier for you to do this now?

OLIVIA: Sometimes it's hard, sometimes it's easy. I enjoy doing it when I am not told what to do.

When we look back at what you've accomplished in the music scene, we discover that you've changed the style of your music many times. Which period of your career do you think fits you best?

OLIVIA: The present. While working on my recent releases, Trinka Trinka and Sailing free, I was feeling incredibly happy with life and myself and I felt a lot more space to move my arms. Naturally, I wanted to make brighter music, I guess. It did turn out a notch more pop sounding then I wanted it to though.

What is a dream you've always had but haven't realized yet?

OLIVIA: Being a doctor.

What's would be the next step you want to reach?

OLIVIA: Music programming.

On September 11th, you took part in a concert with the band Fade. How did the meeting with this band go?

OLIVIA: They are great friends! I always laugh so much with them!

Do you think that you will return to Europe and perform a tour?

OLIVIA: I will!

Do you have any future projects you can discuss with us, such as any new albums or singles being prepared? Or a new tour?

OLIVIA: I've been making music with my brother, some for my solo career and some that is for me and my brother's group. We shall see what happens. I am working on a single, but you never know, it could end up becoming a mini-album or an album. All I know for sure is that new music is in the making!

Nature and the environment are very important subjects to you. If you could give some advice to our readers on these topics, what would you say?

OLIVIA: In nature there is mystery, patience, and love. Whenever I feel unbalanced or confused, I go there. I go there because I love being there too! I write, ride my bike, listen to music there, have a picnic. I feel at ease when it's around me. I feel much inspiration from it.

On your mini-album Trinka Trinka, as well as in the video of THE ZAPPER, love seems to be an important topic. Is "love" your answer to being able to deal with life?

OLIVIA: I think it's important to have space from one another; nobody is correct. You don't have to love them, at least let them be. Witnessing the egos within, and trying to better myself are a few ways I deal with life.

Finally, do you have a message for your fans all over the world?

OLIVIA: Thanks for listening! I'm making amazing music at the moment, so check out my website for some updates! Love to all! Kisses!
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