Interview with MUCC at Tuska Open Air in Finland

interview - 11.02.2009 19:01

JaME had an interview with MUCC at Tuska Open Air Metal Festival in Finland. We asked questions about their festival experiences and new releases.

Returning to Finland once again for the metal music festival Tuska Open Air, MUCC performed with a variety of bands. After their performance, the band sat with us to talk about the festival and their upcoming releases.

Hello, nice to meet you. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to interview you.

MUCC: Nice to meet you.

Today you played at Tuska Open Air Metal Festival. What do you think about your own performance?

Tatsuro: We had fun!

Did you have a chance to check out other bands performances?

Miya: I went to see a few of them for a short while, but unfortunately I didn’t have much time for it.

Before Tuska, you performed at Metaltown festival in Sweden. How was it?

Tatsuro: Well, it’s been a while since we visited Europe. Therefore, in Sweden, it took a while to get used to the foreign atmosphere. But today we got to enjoy performing fully.

Two festival performances in a row must be tough. Are you tired?

MUCC: Not really.

Would you like to change something about this weekend?

Miya: In Finland, we had a longer concert and more time for preparing. That would have been nice in Sweden, too.

This is your third time in Finland. What’s it like to be here? Are you going to visit Finland again in the future?

Tatsuro: It feels as if we would have been here more than three times.
Miya: We are going to visit Finland again in October!

At least Miya and Tatsuro have known girugamesh for quite a long time. What was it like to perform at the same festival with them in Finland? In general, do you spend lots of time with girugamesh?

Miya: We feel more confident when good friends are here with us. Everything is a lot more fun. In Japan we tend to visit each others homes.

Your career has been long and your music keeps changing and developing. Is there something left of original MUCC? What makes MUCC?

Miya: Today’s MUCC is very different from the original one. We’ve gone far and developed so much that one could say that original MUCC is completely gone, however, the original atmosphere has not vanished. We don’t even think what could be the essence of our band for we do things in such a natural and honest way. Maybe that’s what makes us MUCC.

At the end of the summer, you will release two collection albums, COUPLING BEST and COUPLING WORST. Could you tell us something about them?

Miya: We’ve wanted to release these kind of collection albums for a long time.
COUPLING WORST includes old songs that can be embarrassing in a way. That’s why it is called “worst”.

There are Ave Maria quotes in your song "Sanbika". Where did this idea come from?

Miya: The idea was mine.

As for the Kyuutai album, did you have some goals? Did you face any obstacles while recording it?

Miya: Songs on this album were created on a tour. So travel is the idea and theme of the album. That’s why it is called Kyuutai (globe). (laugh) Naturally, there were no problems on the recording process but during the tour we had problems with saving new songs.

Let’s get back to today’s performance. How did you wrap up today’s set list?

Miya: There was only a little time so we wanted it to be diverse. Also, we tried to choose songs that Finnish people might like.

You told the audience to sit down at the concert. You do that in Japan too?

Tatsuro: This is something new to us but we do know that it has been done by other bands long before us.

What confuses you the most in Europe?

Tatsuro: Changing currency has been strange. There’s a different currency in England and Sweden, but then again, in some countries it’s the same; Euro. In Finland, long daylight time amazes us.

Tuska is a metal music festival. What are your favorite heavy metal bands?

Miya: Suicidal Tendencies. I would have wanted to see their performance but it wasn’t on the same day as ours. I’ve noticed that some Finnish metal bands use make-up so we blend in very well!
Tatsuro: I don’t listen to heavy metal that much.
Yukke: If I happen to see a heavy metal band playing, I might listen to their performance and like it but I don’t listen to such music in my free time.
SATOchi: We once had a common tour with Avenged Sevenfold. I like them.

What would you like to say to today’s audience?

Miya: When we come back in October, I’m hoping to see you all again at our concert. We don’t get to visit Finland that often but I hope that you are patient and wait for us.
Tatsuro: We’ve never been to Finland during the mid-winter. I’ve heard that at that time there is nothing but darkness here. I am curious to see what’s it like!
Yukke: We had a great autograph session in Finland. I would like to see a similar one next time too.
SATOchi: I was glad to see so many people at the autograph session. Thanks to all those people, the rest of my day was more cheerful.

Thank you for the interview!

MUCC: Thank you!

Photos by: Marianna Laitinen
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