Creature Creature's 'Simone and the Wrath, Continued' in LIQUIDROOM EBISU

live report - 10.24.2009 20:01

On September 16, Creature Creature gave the first performance of their additional tour.

Following the enthusiastic lives in Osaka and Tokyo in June, Creature Creature's long-awaited additional performances were announced. This time, fans had the chance to see them on stage in four places throughout the Kanto and Kansai areas.

September 16th was the first day of their additional tour, and the members consisted of the same fabulous line-up as in June: vocalist MORRIE, HIRO (Libraian, ex-La'cryma Christi) on lead guitar, Shinobu (ex-Guy's Family) on rhythm guitar, bassist Hitoki (ROBO+S, ex-Kuryoyume), and Sakura (S.O.A.P, ex-L'arc~en~Ciel) on drums.

As soon as the lights turned off, enormous applause arose in the packed hall. The members, wearing black based clothes, showed up one by one, and MORRIE appeared at the end, and even louder applause and joyful shouts could be heard from the audience. The act started with MABOROSHI, which began with an impressive guitar sounding like a horn. The powerful performances of Hitoki and Sakura invented a whirlpool of the sound, and Shinobu immediately ran out to the front of the stage. The audience was rejoicing from the opening.

They then proceeded to ZONE with its airy tune. The audience reached their hands toward the members during the main melody, thoroughly enjoying the live. As the light changed red, Es was played. A mid-tempo song, it included an impressive heavy bass line played by Hitoki, and ended with MORRIE's shouts.

After a while, the clean tone of the guitar resounded in the venue, and Hien began. MORRIE sang as though talking to the audience, and sometimes as if singing a lullaby, putting the audience under a magical spell. When Hoshi tsuki started with the harmonious twin guitars of HIRO and Shinobu, the audience surrendered themselves to the rhythms Sakura drew out. In the main melody, MORRIE sang while gesturing as though reaching out his hand to grip a star in the sky and HIRO's chorus blended well with MORRIE's voice.

The calm atmosphere changed radically as Black Hole started with a chorus of strings. An intense beat and slow tempo alternated throughout. Continuing to Sexus, a song with a strong metallic element, they had the audience raising their fists and enjoying the music from the start of the song. HIRO and Shinobu dashed forward on stage, playing the guitar, and when Sakura's drums joined Hitoki's bass, the increased power and speed from the band was felt by all.

When a small tone began to ring, Tensyuu ranman started. MORRIE whispered out the song, gradually singing with a comforting voice. Hitoki's heart pounding bass resounded in the venue, and mid-tempo drums by Sakura produced a comfortable atmosphere in this song of mysterious charm. The heavy number Cluster followed, overturning the previous reverberations. MORRIE sang aggressively, while HIRO and Shinobu played out their guitars. More joyful shouts were heard from the audience when in the midst of the song, a bright spotlight fell on Hitoki the moment he started to play a heavy solo.

Following was COSMOS BLACKNESS, a song with a jazzy taste. The crowd extended their hands toward the stage during the main melody. Until this point, MORRIE had not given an MC at all, but now he spoke for the first time saying, "Enjoy it to the last minute."

Shinkuu, paired with Cluster in the last tour, was also delivered to the audience here and showed the crowd a subtle and profound world. On the other hand, in Paradise, the fans jumped to the music, reached their hands toward the stage and enjoyed the cheerful music. Moreover, MORRIE sang the main melody together with the audience, putting his microphone towards them. HIRO played a very fluent and colorful guitar.

As red lights lit the stage, the band continued with RED. The song started out with a heavy introduction phrase. MORRIE moved about from left to right, and sang out this bright main melody by using falsetto and vibrato. The first part of SWAN was very fast; Sakura's bass drum rumbled the floor, while HIRO and Hitoki went down stage toward the audience. This song had a dramatic composition between the expansive tempo and heavy tune.

Next, Lights was performed, which featured the noise-effected voice of MORRIE. Halfway through, applause arose from the audience, and then the band along with the audience accelerated all the way to the peak of the concert. When the song ended, the venue dimmed. Only the voices calling MORRIE and the members echoed the venue.

Lastly, Haru no kikai was played with arpeggio of the guitar and soothing voice of MORRIE. The tune progressed indifferently, putting together with marching drum by Sakura. However, the powerful performance had magnificence, especially as the song came to the end with HIRO playing his guitar solo emotionally. As the main set ended, the audience felt the reverberation as if they were thrown out to the crucible of the sound, and then kicked out.

Answering to never-ending applause of encore, Creature Creature came back on stage once again. After MORRIE introduced his fellow members, Yo was played. The guitar phrases by HIRO and Shinobu were very exquisite and impressive. Soon a ballad, Automatic Extinction, started with Shinobu's synthesizer. From this song, the audience's feelings were quietly stirred up.

Following with Sen no yamiyo ni, the audience extended their hands toward the stage while listening to the light tune. In the main melody, MORRIE moved down stage as well as HIRO and Shinobu. They enjoyed the chorus of their fans by casting the microphone towards the audience.

At last, Sakura left the stage. He waved and said, "For those coming tomorrow, see you tomorrow. If not, see you next time." It was the third encore of the night that MORRIE gave the audience a short MC saying, "Hope you all feel good after this live." The last encore began with Kaze no tou, which had a powerful and clear melody. Wrapped in MORRIE's song, the live came to an end with flooded reverberations.

Done by the same members as last time with front man MORRIE, the band showed the audience a performance with good chemistry and a stronger bond of the members. The member not only showed the outlook on the world of MORRIE, but also put out each person's individuality forward and played a brilliant performance. Moreover the audience's response to the new song was more noticeable, and a brilliant live that exceeded the previous tour.

Creature Creature's show at LIQUIDROOM EBISU, along with the rest of the tour's performances in Tokyo, Osaka and Kobe, was more than convincing, and proved they will be showing more promising activities in the future!

Set list:

02. Zone
03. Es
04. Hien
05. Hoshi tsuki
06. Black Hole
07. Sexus
08. Tensyuu Ranman
09. Cluster
11. Shinkuu
12. Paradise
13. RED
14. Swan
15. Lights
16. Haru no kikai


EN-2.Automatic Extinction
EN-3.Sen no yamiyo ni

EN-4.Kaze no tou
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Creature Creature 09/16

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