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interview - 08.08.2008 08:00

JaME had the opportunity to interview VAMPS, the brand new band created by HYDE and K.A.Z.

Shortly after the release of their first single, LOVE ADDICT, and prior to starting their VAMPS LIVE 2008 tour, VAMPS took some time to answer some of our questions.

First of all, thank you very much for having this interview with us. Let's start off by asking you to please introduce your band, VAMPS. The word 'VAMPS' has a variety of meanings; which meaning does the word have for you and how did you come up with this name?

HYDE: VAMPS means "vampire," which I like. And I thought VAMPS is simple and easy to remember.

You previously worked together on HYDE's solo project; why did you two decide to start this new project?

HYDE: I respect K.A.Z., so I felt it was weird to let him play under my name, "HYDE."
K.A.Z.: HYDE gave me the idea.

Going back in time a little: when and how did the two of you first meet? Can you still remember the first impressions you had of each other?

HYDE: K.A.Z. came to watch my band's gig. Though we just had a little conversation because I'm so shy, I felt he was very artistic.
K.A.Z.: I went to L'Arc~en~Ciel's gig and greeted him at the after party. It was the first time I'd met him. I remember that he cared about me a lot and was a quiet person.

What differences in your music are you planning to make in order to make VAMPS different from your other projects?

HYDE: We're a very active team and we'd like to move as freely and do what we want to do.
K.A.Z.: I want to do what we want, freely and without any limits!

K.A.Z., the past times you worked with HYDE on his solo recordings and lives you usually stayed in the background, but with VAMPS you too have been placed in the spotlight. How does it feel to be working as a unit with HYDE instead of just accompanying him?

K.A.Z.: Though I didn't consider myself as part of his support band when I was playing for HYDE's solo project, I feel I can brace myself with the name VAMPS.

You've currently only released one single with two songs, yet you have a forty-six show tour scheduled. When can we expect a new release?

HYDE: Though I want to release one more CD within this year, I'll make songs when I get nice ideas.
K.A.Z.: We're going to start recording after the tour.

It seems that you are going to introduce VAMPS with live shows. Why did you decide to start on such an extensive tour so soon?

HYDE: The shows had been scheduled earlier than the band name was decided. I think the main thing for us is the show and the show is the best place for us to turn on the charms.
K.A.Z.: I like playing gigs and want a lot of people to see us on this long tour.

Can you tell us a little about your upcoming shows; what can fans expect?

HYDE: We're going to stay longer at each venue than we would on a normal tour, so the set and direction of each show can be more elaborate. Well, our performance is showy enough without any special direction.
K.A.Z.: We can develop the sound and the stage every time by staying longer at each venue. But that doesn't mean the early shows are not good!

Considering both of your popularity, VAMPS is already a hit with your overseas fans. Seeing as you started an official MySpace account in a very early stage of your career as VAMPS, it seems you are aware of this too. Do you have any plans to cater to your overseas fans, for example with releases, possibly overseas performances and so on?

HYDE: Yes, we're planning. We're going to do something showy when VAMPS' album is released.
K.A.Z.: I want to do an international tour. And I want people all over the world to listen to our music.

Your first single, LOVE ADDICT, came out recently. What was your main source of inspiration for these two tracks and how did the song writing and recording process go?

HYDE: Imagining how the lives would be, I made songs that could heat up the show. I arranged songs as I wanted and finally ended up with simple, powerful songs.

The song LOVE ADDICT is sung in English and half of TIME GOES BY is in English too, which is a really welcome surprise to your overseas fans. HYDE, what made you decide to write the lyrics in English? Was it hard for you to write in this foreign language?

HYDE: Because our target is the world! (laughs) Though songs with all English lyrics aren't welcomed in Japan, I tried to make the lyrics simple and easy to sing.

For your future releases, can we expect something in the same style as LOVE ADDICT, or do you intend to surprise us with a different style?

HYDE: Nobody knows. We're going to make the kind of music we want to make, as we want to make it. I think we will make music while thinking mainly about the live shows.
K.A.Z.: Without fixing the style of VAMPS, we want to be able to do anything flexibly.

Right now, you are very busy with preparing for the shows and, of course, with promotion activities. Do you have any spare time left and how do you try to relax and stay fit?

HYDE: I don't have any days off, but mostly I go shopping to buy clothes in my spare time. If I don't buy now, I will miss the summer lines and the autumn lines will come out soon.
K.A.Z.: Maybe the tour is my off time?! It's a LONG SUMMER VACATION. I'll feel like I'm on a trip.

Your fans are really creative; they've done a great job showing their love and support by sending pictures and movies to K.A.Z. during his recovery after he injured his foot. K.A.Z., how did you feel about this? Were you expecting such a reaction from your fans?

K.A.Z.: I am really glad about that. I want to get well as soon as possible and want all of the fans to see how fine I am! Thank you very much.

Please leave a final message for your overseas fans.

HYDE: I hope VAMPS will be accepted worldwide. And I'm looking forward to seeing you.
K.A.Z.: I want to see you; I'm really looking forward to seeing you at VAMPS' shows.

Thank you for taking the time for this interview! Good luck with your future activities!

JaME would like to thank VAMPROSE and VAMPS for this interview. Many thanks to Yuki for the translation.
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