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interview - 07.30.2008 08:00

We met the all-girl rock group SCANDAL after their first concert at Japan Expo to discuss the show, their upcoming release, and other overseas experiences.

SCANDAL already took their first steps overseas as they participated in the Japan Nite tour in the US earlier this year. In July, the energetic all-girl group also presented themselves to Europe, with two performances at the legendary Japan Expo event in Paris, France. After their first concert, the four members of the band agreed to meet JaME to answer some of our questions.

Could you introduce yourselves?

TOMOMI: My name is TOMOMI, I play bass, nice to meet you.
RINA: RINA, on the drums.
MAMI: My name is MAMI, I'm the guitarist, nice to meet you.

What are your feelings after your first concert at Japan Expo?

TOMOMI: Our audience's generation was the same as ours and there were a lot of girls. We enjoyed it a lot and their responses were more outright compared to concerts in Japan, we really loved it.
RINA: When I was saying "Are you ok?", people were answering back "Yeah!" Their responses were immediate, it was awesome.

So the audience reacted instantly?

MAMI: When I asked for them to raise their hands. At that time usually, it's done little by little, but there, in France, it was right away. It was really great to see that. Compared to Japan, it's more direct. I loved it a lot, I was very happy.

Are you really all high school students?

RINA: Yes.

Then how do you cope with music and studies?

Everyone : It's very hard.
RINA: Between the concerts and the exams, it's really a hell of a time.

When did you start learning music?

HARUNA: None of us had ever played an instrument before starting the band in August 2006 and it was around that time that we all started to play our instruments.
TOMOMI: Only two years ago.

You've released three singles since you began. Are you planning your debut album soon?

RINA: Yes, yes, of course, on the 8th of August 2008, which will make three eights. We'll release a mini-album, Ya, ya, ya, allo SCANDAL which will contain our three previously released songs and a new one.

Would you like to tour in France, Europe or worldwide?

Everyone: Yes, yes, we'd like to. Even worldwide.

You're going to Hong Kong I believe.

RINA: Yes, in August.

Will it be your first time in Hong Kong?

Everyone: Yes.

So have you already had a world tour?

RINA : The first time we played outside of Japan was a concert in the United States, and now in France and China. In Japan we never did a tour with several dates. Actually, we only do individual concerts.

Are you from Osaka?

Everyone: No

But in the anime that's broadcast before your concert, you speak about Osaka.

RINA: The band is based in Osaka, we play music in Osaka, but only one of us lives there. The other three live quite far away and come to Osaka by train.

What are the themes of your songs?

TOMOMI: Our songs speak of the moment. We are students, less than twenty years old, we write what happens to us and that's how we make our lyrics. With these ideas, it comes naturally, as we feel it. It's very spontaneous.

What is the subject of idol, your last single?

RINA: Ephemerality (idols are usually ephemeral "products").

Have you had the chance to visit Paris yet?

HARUNA: No, but our last day in Paris will be on Sunday so we hope to be able to do a little sightseeing then, even if that's not the best day for shopping.

Thank you for this interview.

Everyone: Merci!

We'd like to thank Japan Expo and M. Naoki Sekine from Epic Records.
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