Creature Creature's 'Simone and the Wrath' in Osaka

live report - 07.07.2009 08:10

After two years of silence, Creature Creature returned with an explosive live in Osaka!

We hadn't heard much from the band fronted by MORRIE during the past two years, so expectations were high as the two lives for Osaka and Tokyo were announced. What lay behind their Simone and the Wrath could be finally revealed at their live at Osaka's Big Cat on June 17th. As anticipated, the musicians chosen to accompany MORRIE's magnificent vocals were top-class and featured some of the best-nown musicians within the Japanese rock scene: Hiro (Libraian, ex-La'cryma Christi) on guitar, Hitoki (ROBO+S, ex-Kuroyume) on bass, Shinobu (ex-Guy's Family) on guitar and Sakura (S.O.A.P., ex-L'Arc~en~Ciel) on drums, all of them entering the stage in this order. At last, MORRIE himself got onto the stage and was immediately greeted by the avid cheers of the crowd - the starting signal for what was sure to become a brilliant night.

The venue was immediately filled with the sound of guitars, joined by MORRIE's vocals, which marked the beginning of Shinkuu. This first song was already a prime example of what the audience could expect from the live: a tune heavily influenced by MORRIE's unique voice, but with the centre of attention not on MORRIE alone, as the virtuosity of the other musicians would prove countless times that night. The following Cluster and MABOROSHI underlined this impression even more. As the powerful guitar of MABOROSHI rose, it seemed as if the crowd was under a spell - an effect further emphasized by the stage floodlight, which made only the silhouettes of the band visible. Praising this song with loud cheers, the audience gained even more momentum during the following song, Zone.

Afterwards, MORRIE announced that Black Hole was to follow. A peaceful, but at the same time rather vigorous, song where with a wide-ranging variability, it was sometimes nearly quiet, then again full of energy, just like Sakura who enthusiastically threw one of his drum sticks over the stage. This was shortly followed by Hoshi tsuki, a piece that specially revealed the unique charisma of MORRIE, an irresistible and striking presence. The stage lighting and design were relatively simple, so the focus was clearly set on MORRIE in his central position as vocalist, and on the music itself.

After a short moment of silence, room was made for Hien, a rather quiet song which the audience silently listened to. The last chords had barely faded away as Sexus showed yet another side of Creature Creature, with a song full of immense power that let the crowd move. This was without a doubt one of the big highlights of the evening, since every musician on stage gave everything he had and showed his outstanding skills, whether Hitoki on bass, Hiro and Shinobu on guitars or Sakura on drums. Immediately after Sexus broke off, Es started - once again a track that impressed through its variability, but at the same time showed something very important that can easily go unnoticed, that being the harmony in which the band played together as one. Although everyone seemed to be immersed in their own play, one could easily recognize how well the instrumentals were keyed together.

The cheers of the crowd started to rise, but were hushed as soon as the first tunes of Kaze no tou could be heard. Its pleasant melody and the stunning vocals enchanted the audience immediately and were acknowledged with loud applause at the end of the song. The lights went out and left the venue for a moment in deep darkness. With the stage ablaze with red light, the first few guitar notes signalised unmistakably what was about to follow: COSMOS BLACKNESS. The tension soared and even increased in Automatic Extinction. The emotional vocals of MORRIE conveyed a tension that belied the quiet course of the song with its rather jazzy appeal. The great vigour of Paradise just picked up on this tension, though the song itself was played in an exceedingly nonchalant manner. Moreover, the great harmony of the play could be noticed once again and it was clear that the musicians as well as the crowd were enjoying the live to the full. In the course of RED, both seemed to gain even more momentum, so that the tension didn't just off, but rose again during the following SWAN.

Finally, the preluding guitar tunes of Haru no kikai set in. Although the song itself took shape in a rather quiet, almost balladesque manner, its intensity and expression increased even more throughout the course of the song. At the same time, it revealed not only the extent of MORRIE's vocal range once again, but also his charismatic appeal. His presence was inescapable, and the audience themselves seemed almost hypnotized while listening to the sound of his voice. Tension grew with every chord played, every line sung, and though it seemed as if it would erupt during the great guitar solo in the middle, the song gained even more power, even more vigour from this point on. Truly, a stunning final whereupon the band left the stage, giving their thanks to the crowd, who responded with resounding applause and calls for an encore.

Tirelessly calling for more, their greatest wish was fulfilled as light flooded the stage and the band members, one after the other, returned to the stage. A calm tune defined the first part of Yo, but soon the intensity and power grew. The deeply emotional melody sung by MORRIE, who, after a short while, paired his voice in a grand duet with Hiro's guitar, generated a spherical, enchanting atmosphere that left a lasting impression. Once again, the lights dimmed and the band left the stage, but the applause and the cries for more just wouldn't subside. The noise of rhythmic clapping filled the room and the crowd went wild as the band willingly gave another encore. But before the "last song" could follow, MORRIE introduced the musicians of the evening - Hiro, Shinobu, Hitoki and Sakura, who were each acknowledged with lots of applause. The applause went on as Sakura stood up and got to the microphone, saying only one word: "MORRIE."

Playing Sen no yamiyo ni, the whole band gave their best during their second encore. Both the melody and rhythm were excellent and fired up the audience - especially the refrain, where MORRIE encouraged the fans to join the band, which created a lot of heat. Here again, MORRIE's voice was particularly noticeable, once more "battling" with Hiro's guitar and giving this song a special meaning and a very unique feeling. The band and the fans gave everything, hands lifted to the sky, and the crowd sung together as one, until the song seemed to make an abrupt stop and ended. After giving their very best for a brilliant finish, the band finally left the stage, this time for real. Nevertheless, pleas for yet another encore arose as the stage was cleaned up, as if the fans wouldn't - or couldn't - let the evening come to an end. The tension created by the music was still in the air and after a while, the cries for reluctantly subsided.

After two years of silence, the concert in Osaka really made an impact. Even if MORRIE was definitively the center of attention and left a lasting impression due to his marvelous voice, there was more than enough room left for the accompanying musicians to show their own talent countless times during this live. In the end, the evening's legacy was a suggestion to be prepared for what kind of impacts Creature Creature has planned for the future.

Set list:

01. Shinkuu
02. Cluster
04. Zone
05. Black Hole
06. Hoshi tsuki
07. Hien
08. Sexus
09. Es
10. Kaze no tou
12. Automatic Extinction
13. Paradise
14. RED
15. SWAN
16. Haru no kikai

En-1. Yo
En-2. Sen no yamiyo ni
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Creature Creature 06/17

Creature Creature
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Creature Creature - Simone and the Wrath

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