Interview with HANGRY at Anime Expo

interview - 07.06.2009 20:01

After a surprise appearance at the HANGRY & ANGRY booth at Anime Expo, HANGRY sat down with JaME for a brief interview.

The crowd gathered around the booth was captivated by the TV showing Morning Musume's concert DVD, but their attention soon shifted when HANGRY, part of the pop-punk duo HANGRY & ANGRY, suddenly appeared. A barrage of screams and photo taking followed as HANGRY, along with a life-sized h.NAOTO HANGRY cat mascot, waved and posed for the fans. After a few minutes, HANGRY departed, and the excitement of seeing her fans clearly showed on her face. She was very happy to have been received so warmly, and her joy carried into her interview as JaME sat down to talk with her.

First of all, welcome to Los Angeles. Have you been able to see the city yet?

HANGRY: Everything right now is about Michael Jackson! I went to see the GRAMMY Museum and there was a booth about Michael Jackson showing his promotional videos and all his costumes.

How is Los Angeles compared to Seattle?

HANGRY: Los Angeles is so huge! The scenery is just like what I’ve seen in movies, like the Hollywood sign and Beverly Hills… I've already visited some places and taken a lot of pictures.

Are there any other cities or countries you would like to visit?

HANGRY: There are so many cities I want to visit, and countries too! I think the number one place I’d like to go is New York.

As stated in a previous interview, ANGRY has been to Los Angeles before – did she have any advice for you about your visit?

HANGRY: ANGRY said, “I wish I could be there.” She also wanted me to pay attention for her, like send her more information about where to go, good places to eat, things like that.

Have you discovered a good place to eat yet?

HANGRY: Yes, there was an Italian restaurant called Madeo. It’s very famous, and the food was really good! There were also lots of paparazzi reporters hanging around outside, it was fun to watch them.

Is there a reason ANGRY couldn’t be here today?

HANGRY: (jokingly) ANGRY is angry! (laughs) That’s why she didn’t come! Morning Musume is performing, so we weren’t able to perform, and ANGRY said if she couldn’t sing, she wouldn’t come! (laughs)

Could you describe your role compared to ANGRY’s role?

HANGRY: HANGRY is more rock or punk, she has a cool and tomboyish style. ANGRY is more cute and girlish.

What made you want to come to Anime Expo?

HANGRY: I want everyone to know HANGRY & ANGRY.

The concept of HANGRY & ANGRY – of coming from another world in the future to save Earth – is unique in the music scene. How are you trying to transmit this message to listeners?

HANGRY: The concept of the message is really huge and very important, and music, fashion and the visual scene create a cool image. We hope that this cool image will make an impression and make people want to listen to our message.

What made you want to become a musician?

HANGRY: When I was a young girl, I really liked music. I would always dance whenever I heard music!

What made you think you could achieve your dream of being a musician?

HANGRY: Morning Musume made me think I could do it.

Are you friends with any of the Morning Musume members here today? Will you watch their performance?

HANGRY: Yes, many of them are my friends, and I will definitely watch them!

How did you meet up with h.NAOTO? Did you wear his clothes before working with him?

HANGRY: When we started to do this project, h.NAOTO approached us and said we should collaborate, like: "why don’t we do this together?” Of course his clothes are always cool, and I see them in magazines all the time.

What was it like working with h.NAOTO?

HANGRY: He is a very sweet person. h.NAOTO has a whole design for HANGRY & ANGRY and plans for everything. He usually shares some of the ideas he has come up with, and we work together to pick the ones we like.

How do you think fashion reflects music?

HANGRY: Performances are one of the best ways to express concepts and feelings. Fashion is the same – it’s a key element to express these ideas.

Do you think that if your musical style became more pop-orientated, HANGRY & ANGRY’s fashion style would also change?

HANGRY: We wouldn’t change our fashion for music.

Do you have any plans for future releases or concerts?

HANGRY: Oh, we’ve got plans. We really want to perform at Anime Expo next year! And there will be a full-length album out some time in the fall.

Is there a message you’d like to give your overseas fans?

HANGRY: We want people to get to know HANGRY & ANGRY more! We hope we’ll be able to communicate with everyone better, so please listen to our music!

JaME would like to thank HANGRY and Yaz Noya for translating and making the interview happen.
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