Interview with girugamesh in Saint Petersburg, Russia

interview - 05.24.2009 20:01

On the 8th of May the band answered questions from A to Z about girugamesh during their recent European tour.

During their recent Europe tour this May, JaME met up with girugamesh again, right before their very first concert in Russia. Drummer Яyo and bassist ShuU shared their time with us to reveal all the secrets of girugamesh from A to Z.

ALIVE. Please tell us about your new song.

Яyo: It’s a very powerful song with a lot of digital sounds in it. And it’s easy to remember.

Believe. What you believe in?

Яyo: I believe in my own talent.

Crazy tour’09. How do you feel about touring?

ShuU: For us, touring isn't a pain, it’s just like a hobby. That’s why we enjoy it and why it’s not so hard for us to tour without any breaks.
Яyo: During the recording process I even sleep with my drums (shows how he sleeps).

Delicious. What's the most delicious thing that you’ve ever tasted?

Яyo: Ramen in one Japanese noodle shop in my city.
ShuU: Dumplings.

Europe. What are your impressions?

Яyo: There are a lot of brown buildings, buildings with brown roofs. When I saw it from a plane it was all brown.

Future. How do you see the future of girugamesh?

ShuU: Our future is like this… we will keep going and keep creating music together.

girugamesh. Please tell us something interesting about your band.

ShuU: Яyo hits Satoshi all the time because Satoshi is very lazy (laughs).

Happiness. What makes you truly happy?

Яyo: Drinking a lot of alcohol after the show and passing out.
(ShuU laughs)

Idol. Who is your idol?

ShuU: Kamen Rider (character from Japanese TV program). He is a man but really looks like a grasshopper. He rides a bike, just a human being like us.
(All laugh)

Journey. What do you like or dislike about travelling?

Яyo: I don't like long flights.
ShuU: And I like to communicate with many new people from different countries.

Karaoke. Which song do you like to sing in karaoke?

Яyo: I once tried to sing our own song in karaoke but it was too hard for me (laughs) Even though I’ve composed it.

Love. What is love for you?

Яyo: I love my dog.
ShuU: And for me love is “Adam and Eve”. (All laugh)

Music. Which album of which band made a good impression on you lately?

Яyo: Music of girugamesh.
ShuU: System of a Down.

Nii. Please tell us something we don't know about Nii yet.

ShuU: He drinks a lot of alcohol while touring in foreign countries and then passes out.
Яyo: And I always share a room with him because we are brothers. And when we drink together Nii keeps talking and talking and talking and he never stops!

Obsession. What is your latest obsession?

Яyo: Music production and song writing.

Pets. Do you have any?

Яyo: I have a dog.
ShuU: I had a bunny (all laugh). But he died not long ago and I still feel very sad for him.

Question. What was the most unusual question you've ever been asked?

ShuU: About sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. There is one journalist in Cologne and she always asks really unusual questions. And she once asked “are you bringing the sex, drugs and rock’n’roll life style?”
Яyo: And “how much do you cost for one night?”

Яyo. Please tell us something about him.

ShuU: He is constantly writing music, even in the bus.

Satoshi and ShuU, please tell us something about them, too.

Яyo: ShuU is the leader of the band, he is very reliable and like our father. We would have broken up without him. And Satoshi is older than me, but he is actually like a younger brother for all of us.

Talent. Besides music, what talents do you have?

Яyo: I can modify a motorbike.
ShuU: I don’t think I have talents except for music.

USA. What are your thoughts?

ShuU: We were in the USA a month ago and we felt that there were so many fans that have been waiting for us. And some even said: “Please don’t just go to Europe! Come to the USA more!”

Visual kei

ShuU: What’s visual kei for you?

For Russian fans visual kei is crazy make-up, bright costumes and rock music.

Яyo: So, for me it’s Marilyn Manson (all laughs).
ShuU: In Japan there is still some kind of discrimination against visual kei. If you say: “I play in a visual kei band” they would answer: “Oh, it’s ok…”. And we would like to dispell that.

Wish. What wish do you have?

Яyo: Worldwide domination (all laugh). We would like to play everywhere, in every city.

Xmas. How did you celebrate it?

Яyo: We were rehearsing in the studio because every year there is always a big event right after Christmas.

Yesterday. What were you doing?

(all laugh)

ShuU: We were travelling on the train.

Zealous. What things are you particularly passionate about?

(they discuss the answer and laugh)
ShuU: The first and most important thing is music, of course. We want to play in cool gigs and make music and create albums. That's is really the most important thing. And secondly, of course, we sometimes want to have sex (all laugh). Oh, that’s a joke.

Thank you for the interview!

All: Thank you!

JaME would like to thank Twisted Talent, Squall and girugamesh for making this interview possible.
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