HANGRY&ANGRY Live at Sakura-con

live report - 04.24.2009 20:01

HANGRY&ANGRY rock the night away during their first US performance at Sakura-con.

The atmosphere at Sakura-con before Saturday's HANGRY&ANGRY concert was buzzing with excitement as the lines steadily grew and the time ticked closer for doors to open. The h.NAOTO HANGRY&ANGRY cat mascots appeared about an hour before doors, exciting fans who ran up to take photos and hug the mascots, dizzy with the idea that inside the giant costumes could be HANGRY and ANGRY themselves.

When the doors opened, fans ran for the bar situated before the stage, staring up at the star studded screen with HANGRY&ANGRY's gothic logo looking back down at them. Before long, the lights dimmed and an eerie voice began to tell a story about the HANGRY&ANGRY characters, accompanied by frightening gothic music.

When the girls burst onto the stage, fans screamed as the electronic rock opening tore into Sadistic Dance and Angelina as HANGRY and ANGRY posed for the fans before beginning a synchronized dance. The girls took turns singing before the chorus as they jumped around, holding hands and singing to each other. Before long, they were darting to opposite sides of the stage to greet fans. The song ended and HANGRY and ANGRY returned to the center of the stage.

"Hello Seattle! I am HANGRY!" HANGRY shouted. "I am glad to be here!"

ANGRY smiled and walked forward. "Hello! My name is ANGRY! I love Seattle!" she said cutely, drawing gasps and "awws" from the audience. The girls promoted their Myspace and then announced they had a new song - NO FUTURE.

The stars on the background changed to green as electronica and a spray of sparkling pop began filtering through the speakers. ANGRY opened with the first stanza before HANGRY took over, and the two girls raced around the stage before running to the center and rocking back and forth. Orange lights flashed around them, leaving the support bassist and guitarist in shadows as the girls sang. The new lights illuminated the front of the audience, showing the large amount of Japanese fans that had flown to Seattle to support the band. As the chorus of the song came, fans hung over the front bar with lit up paper lanterns, cheering the girls along.

No sooner had New Future ended that HANGRY and ANGRY exploded into GIZA GIZA, clapping and headbanging as they walked to the front, singing to the crowd. The girls danced and swayed, stomping their feet as the fans clapped and threw their arms into the air. Green lights focused on the drums as the girls ran back and forth on the stage before returning to the center, finishing the song. The girls walked off the stage, returning with armfuls of fluorescent pink and blue glowsticks, pacing the stage as they threw them out to the audience. When ANGRY flung out the last few she held, HANGRY walked forward. “Are you ready to dance?” she shouted.

"Are you ready to dance!?" ANGRY echoed to the fans, grinning as they screamed back excitedly. “

"Are you ready to dance?!" both girls shouted to their eager fans. "OKAY!!"

As Lady Madonna began, the girls waved feathered fans of pink and blue, encouraging the fans to wave their glowsticks. The crowd became a sea of neon colors, moving in unison as HANGRY and ANGRY danced in synch with their fans before rocking back and forth to the music as they sang. During the interlude, the girls stood in the center and thrashed beneath the purple and yellow lights before the song burst back to life. Fans screamed as HANGRY threw her fan into the crowd, and the girls raced about the stage before the song ended. They thanked their fans, asking them again if they were having fun, and after the fans shrieked their jubilant replies, ANGRY announced that the music for the next song should start.

HANGRY looked up startled when the screen suddenly changed to a big “Happy Birthday HANGRY!” banner. Fans pulled out birthday signs and waved banners and began to sing happy birthday. HANGRY, looking as if she would cry, walked over to ANGRY, who began to explain that they had many meetings and this had been a top secret mission. HANGRY said how happy she was and finally turned to the fans, thanking them and asked them if they were ready to continue.

The next song was Kiss Me Kill Me, delighting fan as the girls danced on stage and sang. ANGRY crouched down and slid her hands up HANGRY’s leg, eliciting screams from the fans in the crowd. She jumped back up, swaying with HANGRY before the two ran to opposite sides of the stage, reaching the chorus of the song where they shared a call back with the fans and began to clap over their heads, encouraging the audience to mimic them. Fans began to clap and throw their firsts in the air as the girls ran back to the center and posed. They soon wrapped the song up and moved quickly into Romantic ni Violence. If the fans had been excited before, the adrenaline dial was turned to maximum when the instrumentals for Romantic ni violence burst through the speakers. Green lights flew across the stage as the girls began to swing, switching stanzas before singing the chorus together. ANGRY danced around swinging her dress and smiling cutely as fans screamed, throwing their arms around. The support bass and guitarist came to the front to dance with HANGRY and ANGRY, with the crowd going wild.

The girls thanked the audience and ran offstage before returning soon to the sound of the Star Spangled Banner; both HANGRY and ANGRY were wearing American flags. "We love America!" the girls shouted and grinned. Soon the flags were tossed away, and they stomped around as a familiar song began to filter through the speakers: it was the Morning Musume song, The ☆ PEACE!, in a rock remix. Upon the realization of this nostalgic gem, fans screamed and jumped enthusiastically, pumping their fists and shouting the lyrics. HANGRY and ANGRY looked delighted to see the crowd so enthused, and continued to encourage them to get even wilder. Towards the end of the song, as the song stopped and restarted three times, fans responded in a variety of ways - some froze, playing along while waiting for the song to restart, others clapped and shouted. When The Peace finally finished, HANGRY walked forward, announcing, "Okay! We are HANGRY&ANGRY! On bass! Taiko! On Guitar! Koji! On drums! Take!”

Finally, the last song came, and it was another Morning Musume cover, LOVE&PEACE. The fans were at their wildest, jumping around and shouting the lyrics with the girls and headbanging wildly. HANGRY and ANGRY ran about the stage, blowing kisses and waving their arms as they sang beneath the flashing strobe lights. The drums resounded as the song ended, and the girls waved wildly as they thanked the audience and ran off stage

Fans clapped and shouted for an encore, and within a few minutes the girls returned. “One more song?” HANGRY shouted. “One more?” ANGRY mimicked. “KISS ME, KILL ME!” HANGRY shouted into the microphone, and the song burst to life as fans began to dance around, waving their glow sticks and eagerly participating in the call and response with HANGRY and ANGRY during the song’s chorus. The girls shouted to the fans during the song and ran side to side as strobe lights and flashing neon lights enveloped the stage. Finally the song came to an end and HANGRY and ANGRY waved, thanking their fans once again before running off stage.

Set list:

Sadistic Dance
Lady Madonna
Kill Me Kiss Me
Romantic ni Violence
The ☆ PEACE!

Kill Me Kiss Me (reprise)
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Seattle, WA - United States of America
Washington State Convention & Trade Center
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HANGRY&ANGRY at Sakura-Con

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