hide Memorial Summit Day 1 - Part B

live report - 05.10.2008 08:00

The tribute continued with MarBell, Maximum the Hormone, Phantasmagoria, T.M. Revolution, hurdy gurdy, and hide with Spread Beaver.


After Versailles, the rather unknown but nonetheless interesting gothic, shoegaze rock band MarBell appeared on the second sub-stage, led by female singer MAR. But after the previous act it was difficult for the young band to really fire the audience up again. Unfortunately, many people chose that moment to leave the arena, so they missed an entertaining but brief show of four nice songs, including the jazzy Teno naru kata he and the slightly hide-influenced Tokyo Spider.


1. Narcolepsy
2. Teno naru kata he
3. Miss All Birthday
4. Tokyo Spider

Maximum the Hormone

Next it was time for Maximum the Hormone to rock the main stage. Apparently, the majority of the approximately 30,000 people were especially excited to see MTH, so they returned to their seats and waited for the quartet to begin. Just a few minutes after MarBell left the sub-stage, female drummer Nao led the guys to the stage and started off hitting the drums hard to the first riff of What's up, people?!, challenging the audience to bang their heads synchronously. After this warm up, Nao gave the fans some time to rest and talked a bit, giving her self-introduction alternating between a cute, quiet voice and loud screaming. With the second song, Zetsubou Billy, the end theme for the anime Death Note, the audience finally completely belonged to Maximum the Hormone.

Another song (Buiikikaesu) and one MC later, MTH continued with their next upbeat neck breaker Tsumi, and although there were chairs all around them, a number of people got riled up and started to mosh around a bit. For their last song, Koi no megalover, everyone made choreographed dance movements along with the music, and for some minutes it seemed every person there was a huge fan of the band. But even the best live of the day so far had to end at one point, and Maximum the Hormone made their exit after a dynamic but short twenty minutes.


1. What’s up, people?!
2. Zetsubou Billy
3. Buiikikaesu
4. Tsumi
5. Koi no megalover


Phantasmagoria was a pleasant surprise on the program since they disbanded last year. They came on stage screaming to the audience, encouraging them to get stirred up. With their brightly colored hair and clothing they showed off their trademark visual look, and started their short set off with Kami uta. Opening with rhythmic drumming, the song evolved into a melodic hard rock number. The audience, full of energy and happy to see the band perform again, did specific movements along with the song while the band ran around the stage.

They finished off with the ballad Gensoukyoku ~Eternal Silence~, a softer, poignant song with a piano intro, which created a completely different but inspiring and emotional atmosphere.


1. Kami uta
2. Gensoukyoku ~Eternal Silence~


When the T.M.Revolution sign appeared on the big screen, the screams of fans filled the whole stadium. The show began a little after 5:40 p.m. with Nishikawa Takanori's appearance on the main stage all dressed in black with a leather coat and chains. He began singing as fire explosions lit up the stage. The excited crowd sang and danced along with Nishikawa who, also very excited, ran continuously from one side (first sub-stage) to the other (second sub-stage).

After Zips, Nishikawa said he was very happy and thankful to be a part of such a great event. He continued, saying sometimes he thought about why he was in the event, and realized the important thing was to be in that place thinking only about the same person with everyone.

After singing resonance, Nishikawa shed the leather coat and began singing mugen no Ark. In the middle of the song, he also took off his vest, showing his bare back. The crowd's excitement escalated as they jumped to the electronic beat with him.

After LOVE SAVER, Nishikawa announced the end of his show, asking everyone to clap and jump together for his final song. The whole stadium obliged and HIGH PRESSURE began. Strips of silver paper floated all over the arena, and his performance ended to the sounds of enthusiastic applause and screams.


1. ignited
2. Zips
3. vestige
4. resonance
5. mugen no Ark

hurdy gurdy

SEIZI KIMURA of hurdy gurdy made his appearance on stage to a calm ballad-like intro before he began talking to the audience. He then had them clap along as he started an acoustic cover of hide's LEMONed I Scream. As the audience was always thrilled to hear hide covers, it was a promising start for hurdy gurdy's performance.

He talked a bit more and again had the audience clap along before his next song, FLAKE. The music was generally calm and acoustic, and since he was alone on the stage with his guitar, his act stood out from the rest of the bands that played. His last song, FLAME, continued in the same style with the audience clapping along.


1. LEMONed I Scream (hide cover)

hide with Spread Beaver

Next came the most highly anticipated presentation of the day, and as expected, the stadium filled up with even more people.

To the sound of HURRY GO ROUND, several images and clips of hide were shown on the big screen, leaving many fans teary-eyed. Suddenly, the sound became digitized and the member introductions began, first Joe, and then Ina, Die, Kaz, Chirolyn and Kiyoshi. At the back of the main stage, in the heart where "memorial summit" was written, an image of hide appeared. Fireworks shot out over the stage and ROCKET DIVE began with the song's PV playing on the big screens.

When POSE started, synchronized fire blasts shot up with the beat, and several images of hide singing POSE appeared on the big screen. When DOUBT ended, Ina spoke for a bit, saying it would be a night to remember and that they were showing the same power as 10 years ago, and then he called PATA to participate. PATA appeared on stage and began a solo, and then started CELEBRATION. On the big screen a video showed hide with long hair dressed in red, singing with a megaphone. The audience all jumped together and sang "hey celebration" in the chorus.

When the music ended, PATA left the stage, at which point hide appeared on the big screen, saying, "Everyone, tomorrow this is not going to continue. I know that you are not satisfied yet, I know it very well, that we still have much to play. Let me play, lets play!" and then ever free started with the song's music video. When they played DICE the screen showed several scenes of hide with long hair and short hair playing DICE at his various concerts.

After DICE, Chirolyn addressed the audience: "Are you having fun? I am having so much fun! It has been 10 years, fast huh? Well, even after 10, 20, 100 years, hide will live in me forever. Ah, this is super fun. Ajinomotooo, I am always at your service!" He then struck a pose like he was eating rice. At the audience's silence, he said, "You were supposed to laugh. "Well then, everybody ok?? hide, everything ok??" On the screen, hide said "Thank you very much," at which point TELL ME began. An explosion of silver strips of paper flew over the audience. Kiyoshi introduced the members and said, "Let's everyone scream together for hide, on guitar and vocal, Matsumoto Hideto!" and the whole stadium erupted in screams for hide. They then greeted the audience, leaving an open space between them for hide. The fireworks continued and the video for MISERY played on the screen. The final SE was GOOD BYE.


3. Pink Spider
6. ever free

And with this ballad of GOOD BYE, the first day of the event ended perfectly. The song carried the same feeling that everyone in the audience had: a mix of sadness and joy. Sadness for remembering the loss of a person so important for the modern pop culture in Japan, but joy that his unstoppable and genuine happiness is still being shared even ten years after he left us.

Fortunately, there was a second day for this unique experience to be shared. Everything went well, making this festival one of the biggest moments in the Japanese rock scene!
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