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interview - 05.05.2008 08:00

It has been ten years since hide's passing and JaME was able to obtain comments from several industry professionals concerning the famous and ever-inspiring guitarist.

Ten years ago the Japanese music industry tragically lost one of the most influential musicians on the scene. Through time and the continuous evolution of music in Japan, hide's memory, spirit and influence lives on in those who knew him as well as those who admire and respect him for the brilliant personality and extraordinary talent he was.

starchild/Zy.connection president: Seiichi Hoshiko

Even I was often tricked by mischievous hide, teased by him, and at times I was at a loss. However, all of these memories are happy ones.
His first solo photographic collection, Mugongeki, was a project I proposed when we went out drinking together. I remember he said at first, "Even if you'll publish my photos, I don't think they will sell well."
I went to all the Tokyo Dome lives and I was happy, but also felt sad when five members appeared on the screens. I almost cried. I'm sure it's because of hide's great feats that visual kei is becoming more global now.

SHOXX: Pokkun

It was 1996 when I entered the editorial department of SHOXX. hide was already a rock star who was shooting into the sky and beyond, into space. My first job for this magazine was to serve tea, on site, for hide. So there weren't any dramatic or wonderful stories between hide and me. I was just like everyone else. I was drunk with the ecstasy of longing for his next CD or live concert, which was almost like a part of his flesh and blood. But this might be the most dramatic and wonderful story, I think.

Reporter: Noriko Shouji

It was in January 1998 when we were shooting the promotional video for ROCKET DIVE at Kurosawa studio when I said, "hide, I think this song will sell well!!" He answered, "Do you think so? I spent so much money," and said, "Last year was not so good, but this year is awesome!! For MIX LEMONed JELLY in August, I'll make use of the internet and have a dress code. Please look forward to it." It was really strange for me, as I have never done it before, but I gave him a New Year's gift. Then he said, "What~! For me?" and beamed like a kid. That smile he had still remains with me today, in my heart.

Writer: Ooshima Akemi

I'm often asked to speak about my memories of hide, and every time I worry about what I should write as I have too many memories to fit in to the spaces that they provide! From around the debut of X until in the middle of the 90s, I played with hide often. We met in interviews, but went out drinking together often. We went to hot springs, amusement parks, driving, etc. We probably drank together about five out of seven days a week. We would often laugh and say, "Why are we out together all the time? We are not family nor are we lovers!" I remember that clearly. PATA was always with us too.

I think hide was a person who felt lonesome very easily. Even when we started drinking with a few people, he said, "Let’s call xxx!" and he called various people, and so many people would gather without much notice at all. He didn't care if it was midnight or people were working. He wouldn't hang up the phone until we said, "OK, I’ll go," so we named his invitations the 'devil's phone'. Then the people would try to go home saying, "I have to work tomorrow," but he didn't let us go home easily. He tried to stop us from going home using every trick in the book, like hiding our coats or shoes. That hide was really innocent, like a naughty child.

However, once he started his creative activities, he stopped calling us suddenly. He said it was 'national isolation', staying in the studio all the time and concentrating on creating music without seeing anybody. I think he was very good at using on and off work properly. He enjoyed it fully when he played, and he worked with all his might when he created music. I think you can see his attitude in every part of his music. There is warmth even in the lyrics of his most cynical songs, which I think shows how his nature was projected in his music.

J-Music Distribution/J-Music Store/J-Music Live Co-founder: Xavier Norindr

It has been ten years since hide left us and I've been working in the Japanese music world for nearly ten years.
Since two years, we have seen the public changing and growing up with our activities. Even though there is a renewal in the audience, everybody knows of hide, who will always be the J-Music ambassador for the Western World.

Neo Tokyo: Christoph Ortner-Bach

hide was, without a doubt, one of the most influential musicians in the history of Japanese Rock. His unique musical style and visual extravagance inspires musicians all over the world even today. He is missed but will never be forgotten!

JaME would like to thank all those who helped to make this article possible.
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