hide Memorial Part Two

interview - 05.03.2008 08:00

It has been ten years since hide's passing and JaME was able to obtain comments from many different artists concerning the famous and ever-inspiring guitarist.

Ten years ago the Japanese music industry tragically lost one of the most influential musicians on the scene. Through time and the continuous evolution of music in Japan, hide's memory, spirit and influence lives on in those who knew him as well as those who admire and respect him for the brilliant personality and extraordinary talent he was.


Ten years ago, I heard the news of his death during a tour when I played with Laputa. For me, now a solo artist, hide is my eternal goal as a vocalist, as a guitarist and as a performer, and he is something that I don’t think I will ever exceed.

GaGaalinG: Jun

hide was...
always challenging something new and kept in contact with many people.
He loved music with his friends.
I was shocked so much by the song FROZEN BUG '93 on HIDE YOUR FACE.
Thank you very much for shocking me.


The amount of influence hide and X had on me is too big to explain in words.
The reason why I'm playing metal guitar like this is because of hide.
He was really the coolest in the world!
When he did solo activities, he made many songs that you could tell were his, as they were totally different from the songs of X.
I especially love the songs from around the time of ROCKET DIVE even now.
I was really influenced by how he held true to his visuals, and I was attracted to him by his charisma.
I want to be a musician like him, a musician who is respected a lot but is still familiar to everyone.
The existence of hide and his music will live forever!
I’ll always love his music!

Hagakure: Kaya

It has been ten years since hide left this world. It has gone so quickly!
I have never known a person who we can use the word 'perfect' for except him.
Even now, his presence is like a dream for me.
Even though hide is not here, I'll always feel the greatness of hide, as long as I'm in music, such as his sound and images, but also his humanness.
The legend of hide will never decline; it will last forever!!


Yoshihiko (Vo): When I stood on the stage, I realized how great hide was!
This time we are so lucky to be able to take part in the Memorial Summit
and I want to make this event the best MEMORIAL DAY,
for hide and for everyone!

Nao (G): I learned the freedom of music from hide.
I think he is the best artist and is someone who I will respect forever.

Kousuke (B): I remember the impact when I saw hide for the first time! He is so cool! And he is my eternal charisma.

Kiri (Dr): We'll appear at the Memorial Summit so I'll do my best to make hide, my ideal, smile down on us.


I never knew a man who is loved as much as he is.
I never knew a man filled with as much talent as he was.
I never knew a man who was as passionate as he was.
hide is so great that we will never be able to go further than him.
I'm making music just to be able to get closer to him.

lynch.: Reo

How many musicians started their bands by longing to be like hide and were influenced by him? I'm one of them, and it's not too much to say that the whole Japanese music scene is too. hide always kept stimulating us. Ten years have passed since his death, but his existence will never fade and will keep living in our minds. hide is always our origin, and that origin is universal.

JaME would like to thank all those who helped to make this article possible.
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