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A brief biography commemorating the life of hide.

May 2nd 2008 may appear to be another ordinary day in our minds, but to many it will signify the death of a charismatic musician, friend, brother and companion. Most famously known for his achievements in the legendary rock band, X JAPAN, hide sadly passed away on May 2nd 1998.

Born in Yokosuka in 1964, hide faced the same difficulties that many children face at a young age with school and peer pressure. However, these experiences shaped the character of the man that many grew to love through his music and character. It was at the age of 15 that hide first paid full attention to music, a close friend introducing him to the Glam Metal band Kiss and their song, Alive. Well known for their elaborate costumes and dizzying stage antics, it was no wonder (judging by hide's later performances) that their influences remained a part of him.

Armed with a guitar, hide formed the independent rock group, Saver Tiger in 1981. Thanks to their unusual performances and hide's need for perfection in his compositions, the group gained the attention of Hayashi Yoshiki, front man of X.

hide formerly joined the group in 1987 as lead guitarist and their rise to fame escalated from that moment on. With their wild appearance and trademark sound, X JAPAN created their own genre of music as there was simply nothing else around that could compare to them. Their greatest achievement occurred when the band sold out on three consecutive nights at the Tokyo Arena.

Unfortunately, all good things must undoubtedly come to an end and in 1997, vocalist Toshi announced that he would be leaving the group. While some artists would gladly call it quits, hide went on to establish himself as a solo artist. He also established the group, Zilch, which was comprised of Japanese and American musicians.

Tragically, during the production of Ja Zoo which he was making with his band Spread Beaver, hide was found in a state of unconsciousness in his bathroom. Although emergency services were contacted, hide passed away en route to the hospital. His death shocked Japan to its core, three fans died of copycat suicides, and of the 50,000 who attended his funeral, around 60 were hospitalized and an estimated 200 received medical attention. His subsequent single, Pink Spider, would reach the #1 position on the Oricon charts and would later go on to receive MTV’s Video Music Award in the category Japan's Viewer Choice.

Despite his passing, hide has remained an influential part of the Japanese music industry, maintaining active coverage in the media and the public eye. May 2nd, 2008 will signify a decade since his passing, and in commemoration of his life, the music industry will offer their condolences and hold an event that will see a gathering of artists hide has inspired over the years.
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