Koda Kumi - COME WITH ME

review - 03.05.2008 07:00

Koda Kumi's summer release of 2003.

COME WITH ME is a single from Koda Kumi, which was released in the summer of 2003.

The intro of the title track starts in a very upbeat fashion and immediately sets the tone for the rest of the song. Koda Kumi's voice seems to be just right for this kind of music and follows the melody flawlessly. The chorus is nice and definitely makes you want to move or sing along. She also reaches for some high notes during a few slower parts, and though she hits them, the sound is a little bit strained. Halfway through the song there is a trumpet solo. Unfortunately, it's a bit short, but it's a nice addition to this dance track.

real Emotion (English Version) starts with Koda Kumi singing in English. This song is a dance track with some digital sound effects, and just likes the first song it will keep you moving. Like the song title suggests, the lyrics are completely in English and her pronunciation is perfect.

The third song on this CD, 1000 no kotoba (English Version), is a ballad, and here the talented singer really gets to show off her voice. She goes from a soft sound to a powerful high note in a few seconds. A ballad tends to be a nice addition to a single, and though they often lack originality, Koda Kumi creates something positively unique.

The next two tracks are remixes of the second and third song. The pulsating beat, keyboard and whistles gives the remix of real Emotion a Brazilian carnival feeling. This is a nice track for the summer. In the remix version of the ballad, the lyrics are in Japanese and the beat is much faster; the original version is much better than the remix, in this case.

Completing this release is the instrumental version of COME WITH ME, giving the CD a total of six tracks. With the first two dance tracks and the samba-like remix of real Emotion, this single is definitely a must have for a good summer party.
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