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JaME and Jrock Revolution present an exclusive opportunity for international X JAPAN fans to purchase tickets to the Tokyo Dome concert on March 28th.

JaME and Jrock Revolution have opened a free lottery. Fans may enter this lottery for the chance to purchase tickets for the X JAPAN concert on March 28th. The lottery is currently in progress and will run through Monday, February 18th, 12:00 A.M. PST / 3 A.M. EST / 9 A.M. CET. Selectees will receive a unique code via email which may be used once for the purchase of up to four tickets within 24 hours of selection via the lottery.

For ticket purchase, please be ready to provide your name, email, passport number, country, and number of tickets desired. The passport number and country will be used to confirm your identity at the JaME and JRR ticket pickup location at the Tokyo Dome. Tickets will be $135 US Dollars each.

JaME and Jrock Revolution are excited to be able to provide this chance and look forward to seeing you at the Tokyo Dome!

Please read the FAQ below before proceeding to buy the tickets. There is VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION regarding the tickets included in this FAQ.

To purchase your tickets, please click here.




What is the JRR and JaME X JAPAN International Ticket Sale?

Jrock Revolution (JRR) and Japan Music Entertainment (JaME) have joined forces to present to you an unprecedented opportunity for overseas fans.
Our organizations have secured a limited pool of tickets to the otherwise sold out reunion concerts of legendary Japanese rock band X JAPAN and are offering them for sale to international fans. We will be launching a ticket lottery. Successful entrants will receive a unique code that will allow them to purchase tickets through a special ticket site.

When and where are the X JAPAN concerts and what are they titled?

X JAPAN ATTACKS AGAIN 2008 I.V. ~ Towards destruction ~

Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan.

Friday, March 28 2008 ~Night of Destruction~
Saturday, March 29 2008 ~Night of Madness~
Sunday, March 30 2008 ~Night of Creation~

This lottery only concerns tickets for the concert of Friday, March 28.

How did tickets to this concert other than JRR and JaME's pool sell out?

The reunion of X JAPAN has been anticipated by hopeful fans ever since their disbandment over a decade ago. The first opportunity to purchase tickets was a presale via YOSHIKI Mobile, a subscription cell phone services offering exclusives to fans of YOSHIKI and X JAPAN. This service only functions over Japanese cellular networks. The huge demand for tickets via this presale resulted in the ticketing system being drowned with over 100,000 reservations for the two concerts within the opening hours of the sale. Tokyo Dome's normal capacity is approximately 50,000 seats. Since this presale, plans then went under consideration to increase seating capacity to respond to this dramatic turn of events.

How did JRR and JaME obtain tickets?

X JAPAN wanted fans around the world to have a chance to attend these concerts. JRR and JaME were able to successfully provide an opportunity to do so.

How much do tickets cost?

$135 per ticket in U.S. dollars, which is about 90 euro.

How many tickets are allowed per person?

Maximum of four per successful lottery entrant.

Can I get tickets to both shows?

We have now confirmed that our ticket allocation is for:
March 28 ~Night of Destruction~
Each ticket is for a single seat at the March 28 X JAPAN show. You may request up to 4.

Our tickets will NOT include the 30th. For any updates on the 29th, please check back.

What about the newly announced third night of X JAPAN's reunion concert series on the 29th?

The JRR and JaME limited ticket pool does NOT apply to the new show on the 29th. We do NOT have tickets to this show. If there is any change in access to this show for international fans, we will update here.

What is Jrock Revolution?

Jrock Revolution is the premier destination for Japanese rock fans all over the world. JrockRevolution.com serves to promote artists, music, and events in the U.S. and beyond, and provides a community space for once scattered fan groups to unite and organize. Inspired in 2007 by YOSHIKI of the legendary band X JAPAN, Jrock Revolution brought the first major festival of Jrock artists to the U.S., and remains at the cutting edge of the international Jrock scene.

What is JaME?

In 2004, several European websites merged to create JmusicEuropa.com, which became JaME. Since that time, the website has grown with the development of the Japanese music scene overseas. In a few years, it became the first and biggest multilingual database and informational website about Japanese music around the world, covering a wide range of music styles coming from Japan, and promoting them globally.


How can I purchase tickets?

To purchase tickets, you must first enter a lottery. Winners will be chosen by random drawing and will be provided with a unique code to enter into a special tickets site, which will allow you to make the purchase.

What is a lottery system?

A lottery system is often used in Japan for special ticketing to concerts. You put in a name for a ticket or a set of tickets, and the winners will be drawn at random for equal fairness.

Why are the ticket sales being done by lottery?

In order to give a fair opportunity to all fans, JRR and JaME chose the lottery system over a first-come-first-served system that would benefit only the people who could be on at that time and were already certain they could go.

Does it cost anything to enter the lottery just to try to get tickets?

No, the lottery is free.

When and how can I enter the lottery?

The lottery will begin on Monday, February 11th, 10:00AM PST (1:00PM EST/19:00 CET) on JRR's and JaME's respective websites: jrockrevolution.com and jame-world.com. Banners will be in place to point readers to the lottery site. The lottery site will include a form to submit asking for your name, email, passport number, country, and the number of tickets desired.

Will the server crash due to interest?

We have anticipated this and increased our server capacity. Our staff will be standing by throughout the launch of the lottery to immediately address any unforeseen technical issues.

Why do I need to enter my passport number and country?

Should you win the opportunity to buy tickets, this information will be used to confirm who you are when you purchase tickets and when you ultimately pick them up.

What email should I give you?

Give us your MOST DIRECT email. Do not give us an email that forwards somewhere else. Give us an email that will receive mail directly as we will be making some if not all of our contact via email for ticket sale access codes and we want to reduce your wait time.

The form asks me to enter how many tickets I want. What if I don't know how many?

Do not submit your entry until you have decided how many tickets you want.

How will the winners be drawn?

Random selection by a purely technological method.

When will the lottery close?

The lottery will close on Monday, February 18th, 12:00 A.M. PST / 3 A.M. EST / 9 A.M. CET. In other words, Sunday night will be the last time to purchase for the Americas, Sunday afternoon for Asian time zones, and Monday morning for European time zones.

How do I find out if I was selected?

We will have full details on that coming ASAP. We will offer the best system we can considering the time constraints and try to reduce your stress as much as possible.

I was not selected. Is there any other way to get tickets?

There is no other legal and approved way to get tickets at this time. Scalpers are very likely to attempt to put standard Tokyo Dome tickets on sale. JRR and JaME strongly reject this system of ripping off fans, artists, and everyone involved that it takes to put on a concert.

I'm a scalper and I want to make thousands of dollars off desperate fans who will pay anything to go. Can I buy tickets through your system and scalp them?

NO. It is 100% impossible due to the will call system at Tokyo Dome. Resale of these tickets is completely impossible without going directly through us. Do not even try. We will be watching auction sites like a hawk to protect our fans and take action to the fullest extent against scalpers.

I made it through! What do I do next?

You will have 24 hours to purchase your tickets through our ticket site.


I want to enter the lottery to try to help a friend get tickets, but I don't want to go.

There is no way to transfer your unique code. If you win, YOU must purchase the tickets.

Let's say I have three friends and we all want to go. What should we do?
What if I want to go to both shows?
What if my friend wins and I don't, and s/he only asked for one ticket originally?

We will have thorough answers for all of the above on this as soon as possible.

What if I win four tickets, but I don't know who's going to be able to go?

You must determine by the time you purchase tickets who is able to go.

What if the number of friends I have who want to go exceeds four people?

More than one person in your party will have to win the lottery. There are only four tickets allotted per person.

No member of our group can afford to buy tickets for everyone right now, but we can each afford our tickets individually.

Whoever buys the tickets for the group MUST be able to afford all the tickets. Ticket costs are only the beginning of the expense of a trip to Japan. Start preparing NOW to have the initial funds available so that any member of your group will be able to purchase tickets for the whole group should that person be selected in the lottery.


How will the ticket sale site work?

Lottery winners will receive a unique code via email and the web address to our tickets page. The unique code will allow winners to complete a ticket purchase. Without this code, tickets cannot be purchased.

Can the code be used more than once?

No. The code can only be used once to complete a transaction of purchase of up to 4 tickets. Once the transaction is complete, the code will expire.

Can I give the code to a friend?

No. The purchaser MUST be the same as the lotto entrant who received the code.

I want to pay for my (family member/friend) to go.

Deposit money into their account in advance. You cannot pay through your own account.

Do I have to pay when I order? Can I reserve my tickets and then come back to pay?

No, you must pay when you order.

What currency will be accepted? What are the methods of payment?

Payment will be done via Paypal, which accepts all forms of currency and includes credit/debit cards.

What will the ticket site ask for?

Your name and contact information, billing address, and the number of tickets you are ordering.

I placed my order. Now what?

Once you have placed your order, you will receive further instructions about how to supply us with the names and passport numbers of any additional members of your party, to guarantee ticket pickup.

How will I receive tickets?

You will not receive physical tickets. Tickets will be available at a special JRR and JaME will call location AT Tokyo Dome. You will be able to pick them up by showing your passport. Once again, please remember, your passport number MUST MATCH the confirmation code of the ticket. If it does not match, you will NOT be able to pick up your ticket!

How will I find out if I won?

Successful entrants will be contacted by email. We will post very clearly in advance the window during which we will release emails to those selected in the lottery. Please MAKE SURE jrockrevolution.com and any of the JaME websites are not on any spam filters. Also, be sure to check your spam boxes every day.

Will I find out if I won before the lottery closes?

NO. We will NOT begin the drawing process until the lottery is closed.

So does this mean I'll be waiting in front of my computer forever wondering if an email has been sent, or if my email server is being slow?

We will have a set window of time during which we will send out emails. After this window of time has closed, if we will have another window for sending out emails, we will announce it specifically. We want you to spend the MINIMUM amount of time in front of your computer. There is no other way to do this securely in the time frame that we have. If in the future we are able to present a faster system, we will.

Sometimes it takes me a long time to receive emails. What should I do?

Choose an email that you typically receive email to very quickly. If you can check email on your cell phone, choose the best email for that, so that you are not tied to a computer.

What will the email I receive tell me?

You will receive an email telling you whether or not you were selected.

What do I do after I find out I’m selected?

If you were selected, you must use the SAME PASSPORT NUMBER that you entered the lottery with to order the tickets. Please note that your passport number MUST MATCH your order number when you pick up your tickets or you will NOT be able to receive your tickets!

Will I have to take immediate action if I receive an email that I'm selected?

NO. You will have 24 hours to take action and purchase tickets.

Will you announce the end of lottery results after the window of emailing is closed?

We will either announce the end of lottery results, or we will announce an extension. If we do so, the window will be during a shorter time frame. We will do our absolute best to reduce your time checking your email.

When I order my tickets, can I purchase more than I originally asked for?

NO. We will have clear legal language regarding this. Do NOT attempt to purchase more. You will NOT be able to pick up more tickets at the venue than you ORIGINALLY requested, regardless of your purchase. If you purchase more tickets than you requested in the lottery, you will NOT receive the additional tickets and you will NOT receive a refund.


Should I get tickets, I still won't know how to plan my trip. What should I do?

First, Jrock Revolution is currently working on a tour package to help fans easily plan their trip.

Second, JRR will soon provide fans with a guide to help you figure out where to go and what to do if you're planning the trip yourself. Hang tight and we will provide you with a great deal of information.

Ultimately, we are not responsible for obtaining your flights and lodging. Though we will try to help all fans as best we can with information, we cannot make arrangements for you outside of the JRR tour package.

When will we find out more about the tour package and how it will work / what it will provide overseas fans?

We will make an announcement regarding the tour package very early into the lottery window period.

Should I try to make flight arrangements now?

Do NOT make flight arrangements unless you are using a travel agent with a reservation system that allows you time to decide whether or not to confirm and pay for your tickets. If you buy your flight but do not obtain tickets, we CANNOT help you and will not refund anything.

Should I try to make hotel arrangements now?

JRR will have limited hotel availability via our tour package. Otherwise, we recommend you also investigate hotels now as the concerts are occurring at an EXTREMELY busy time of year for travel. Do NOT make any arrangements that require you to put down money before you are certain that you have tickets!

I have no Japanese language ability. Can I go?

Yes. Our will call team will speak English and possibly other languages, and specific instructions on will call location will be sent out in advance.
As well, we expect fans will be coming from all over the world, so there should be plenty of staff AND attendees around to help you.

I got tickets, but now I've realized I can't go to Japan. Can I transfer my tickets to someone else?

If you are the original purchaser of the tickets, you may make ONE transference of your tickets through a form upcoming on our site. Information about that will come at a later point, after the lottery is concluded.


Which out of the three concerts is this lottery about?

This lottery only concerns tickets for the concert Friday, March 28 named ~Destruction Night~.

What venue is this being held, at what location?

Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan.

Where will we be seated/what rows?

The tickets are prime seats in the S section. No nosebleed seats or seats from odd angles. Sets of tickets will be located randomly throughout the section.

Is there going to be a pit, or pit tickets?

No and no. All seats are reserved, assigned seating.

My friends got tickets in a separate order. Can I sit with them?

Seats are assigned randomly per ticket order. 100% group seating is not guaranteed under any circumstance.

Is there an age limit on attendance?

No one under 3 years of age can attend.

I: am visually impaired, hearing impaired, require guide animal assistance, pregnant, in a wheelchair, have a heart condition, have a phobia, have an anxiety disorder, or have any other medical condition that causes me concern about concert attendance. Can I attend?

Please enter the lottery and submit your specific questions to an upcoming form accessible on our main lottery site. We WILL reply to questions about such circumstances to the best of our ability.


Are both JRR and JaME getting separate tickets, or are they coming from one pool?

JRR and JaME are on an allied front regarding tickets. Our lottery and ticket sales systems are shared between our organization. It is one unified system from one pool of tickets.

I'm of legal age in my country, but I live with my parents/guardian, and they don't feel comfortable with me going. Should I still buy a ticket?

JRR and JaME cannot act as legal guardians for anyone during this trip. We recommend talking it out with your parents or guardian to discuss why they do not feel you should go, and how you perhaps could compromise. If you are of legal age in your country, you are of legal age to make the ultimate decision about this trip.

No matter how low the price is, there is just no way I can afford to go to Japan, and there is no possibility of loans or gifts to help me. Should I enter the lottery?

Do not enter the lottery unless you feel that you'll be able to afford to go.

Can I send a message to X JAPAN/YOSHIKI/JRR/JaME thanking them for this opportunity or any other comment?

Yes. We have a form accessible from the main lottery site to allow you to send in thanks and/or comments. We cannot reply to individual comments through this form, but it will be here for you to just express your feelings so that we can let X JAPAN know what it means to international fans to have a chance at these concerts.

This is amazing! I want to spread the word to as many fans as possible! How can I help?

We have a large set of banners available for you through our main lottery page to start spreading around the globe so that we reach every fan possible. Please come check out the main site for the ticket lottery and help us tell the world!

Please note that this FAQ is presently JUST for the ticket sales and directly related issues. Further concert information, information on Japan, meet-ups, gifts for the band, and other questions will be answered in the coming days.

To purchase your tickets, please click here.
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