∀NTI FEMINISM x Hagakure in the US

live report - 03.26.2008 08:00

A live report from the first stop of the ∀NTI FEMINISM x Hagakure coupling tour in the US.

As 7:00PM approached, it was dark and raining hard outside of Club Studio B in Brooklyn, New York. Some fans had been waiting in line since early afternoon and lacked umbrellas; they got soaked in the down pour. Since some of the bands were still sound checking, doors opened late, but the fans were just relieved to finally be in out of the rain. A DJ set by Tainted Reality played as the crowd waited, but it wasn’t long until the show was ready to start.

A song blared through the speakers as the first opening band, Le-akt'z ISORA, picked up their instruments and their vocalist ran out on stage, suddenly singing with the song that had been playing until the band joined in. Though they had some minor problems when a guitar string broke and the bass strap snapped, the band remained composed and the crowd loved them.

After their strong set was over, echostream came out next. Delighted by the unique sound of two drum sets - one electric and one standard - the crowd moved enthusiastically to the music. When the band played their rendition of Radiohead’s Creep, the audience sang along, encouraged by the band. After a couple more songs, their set was over and setup began for Hagakure.

Gajiro (drums) was the first to take the stage, followed by Shogun (bass) and Koro (guitar). Shogun instantly caught everyone's attention as setup began. He was wearing armor from head to foot; all you could see were his hands, bright yellow contacts, neon pink eyelashes and bits of his pink hair that stuck out under the helmet. When setup was done, the three began to play their introduction song. Shogun and Koro energetically shouted "Hagakure!" while rocking side to side onstage until the whole venue was shouting "Hagakure!" and waiting for Kaya to come onstage. When he finally came out in a long, pink, floral kimono and crowned in hair extensions, the crowd screamed happily. Picking up his microphone, he talked to the crowd. "We are Hagakure!" As the opening continued, Kaya shouted out "Hagakure!" too, until everyone in the audience was smiling from ear to ear.

After their first song ended, Kaya walked to the back of the stage and picked up a large drawing pad while Koro and Shogun stood in the front, finishing out the song. Walking back to the front, Kaya picked up the mic again and flipped to the first page, showing Gajiro written in bold black letters. "His name is Gajiro," Kaya said, pointing to the drummer. "I want you to call his name!" The crowd called for Gajiro until everyone was chanting in unison. As Kaya flipped the pages, each with a name written on it, the audience continued shouting out their names.

Hagakure’s set was filled with energy. As Kaya sang Taiyou ni tsuki ni tsuite, he walked to the edge of the stage and touched some hands as he encouraged the crowd to imitate his hand motions, waving his arms side to side and back and forth in front of him. Halfway through their set, Gajiro, Shogun and Koro played a blues medley and after several MCs, Kaya left the stage. When he reemerged, he looked refreshed in a different kimono; this one was mostly blue.

Playing their last song, Spring, Hagakure gave everything they had, encouraged by their fans. Shaking the venue floor with their jumping until the last note was played, the cheering for Hagakure continued until the equipment had been completely switched for ∀NTI FEMINISM’s.

∀NTI FEMINISM exploded onstage with their faces covered for the first song. KENZI resembled a scarecrow with a burlap bag over his head, torn jeans and rising sun shirt. Guitarist TAKO and bassist Ruiji wore red cloaks to conceal themselves until the second song, where they all tossed their disguises off.

Throughout their set, KENZI would jump so hard off of the chair set onstage that it seemed as though it might fly into the crowd. Throwing his body in every direction, Ruiji, TAKO and Yuji played their instruments rocking back and forth just as energetically.

During Sperm, KENZI came to center stage and unzipped his pants. Sticking the microphone through the crotch of his jeans, he made suggestive gestures and stood with his arms out to his sides, basking in the cries from the audience. After taking the mic out of his pants, the song finished up and it was time for the next one.

∀NTI FEMINISM had a very strong fast paced set. After each song, they immediately dove into the next one, never taking time for an MC. Though KENZI did say a few words, it was almost impossible to hear him over the cheering crowd.

Towards the end of their set, KENZI reached into one of the pouches on his tool belt and took a handful of something out and placed it in a small woven plate. The band members looked on as KENZI suddenly jumped off the stage into the crowd and walked through it towards the back. Confusion spread throughout the crowd when suddenly KENZI’s head disappeared amongst them. Suddenly there were silver thumbtacks everywhere and the crowd had semi-parted, letting everyone get a view of KENZI leaving the floor with what had been a plate full of thumbtacks.

Getting back onstage, it wasn’t long until their energetic set was done. Before the last song, KENZI said "last song, New York." After it was finished, the band promptly walked off stage. Not wanting the show to be over yet, cries for an encore rose until ∀NTI FEMINISM finally emerged again. Picking up their instruments, the band played one single opening chord, dropped their instruments and left again, leaving the fans bewildered and waiting for the encore they wouldn't get. The show was over.


1. Link
2. Ichiaku no ishi
-member introduction-
3. Taiyou to Tsuki ni Tsuite
4. The Peacemaker
5. Hikanka Made
-member mc-
6. Spring

2. Kyoshi
3. Ochikobore
4. BAD BOY ∀
5. Kitanai yatsu
7. Sperm
8. Korosou yo!
9. Bakuretsu Toshi
10. Maketa
12. Aka
13. Kyoukou
15. 655321 gou
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