Galneryus Live at Shibuya O-EAST

live report - 01.12.2008 07:00

Live report of the power metal band's tour final at the Shibuya O-EAST in November.

On November 24th, five piece metal band Galneryus finished their ALL FOR ONE! tour (named after their latest album, which was released in August) and celebrated the final in Shibuya O-East, a well known venue in the side-streets of one of Tokyo’s most lively areas.

The majority of the audience at the concert was guys in their early twenties, and all of them were ready for some serious headbanging action. There were various cameras and people filming with portable cams hanging around, so there is a high possibility that this concert will also be released on DVD in the future.

During the opening sequence Red Horizon, the band members appeared on stage, all dressed quite casually instead of in the visual, extravagant outfits they had been wearing in the previous years. The concert started off with the fast paced song New Legend from the latest release One for all - all for one. Yu-to, the new bassist of the band who had joined in February 2007, was looking really impressive. The young man played the bass like there was nothing else in his life he'd rather do. From the way he acted on stage, one can easily tell that he is also is a guitarist. Next to Galneryus, he is also a part of the young band Grave Seed.

After song number five, Sign of Revolution, it was time to go back in Galneryus' history with the song Beyond of the ground, which is off their first album The Flag of Punishment. Though the new material seemed to be accepted and liked by the fans, the concert's atmosphere finally started to heat up with this song. The following song Serenade was never released on a Galneryus album, but it was on a compilation for the anime "Death Note." It slowed down the crowd a bit, seeing as for the band’s standards, it is rather a mid-tempo song. The trip back to the past was a short one, as after another MC and cooling the atmosphere down a bit, guitarist Syu stood on stage alone and performed the new instrumental Chasing the wind.

This solo gave the fans ten minutes to simply relax and once again be astonished by Syus amazing guitar skills and his high quality as an entertainer. After that, it was Yu-to’s turn to show off his techniques on bass with Technical Stress, a fast paced neck-breaking new instrumental which is not available on CD yet.

Then it was time for another trip back to the past, this time to 2006, the year Galneryus released their break-through album Beyond the end of despair. The band played Shiver and followed up with Everlasting, which was also released on a single. Two more songs - Cry for the Dark and Shriek of the Vengeance - later, the official part of the show was over.

After about ten minutes, the quintet returned back to the stage in fresh clothes. During the following MC, Yu-to and Syu talked about a lot of things like their next single, which is supposed to be a theme song for an anime, and out of the blue Syu sang and parodied songs of various artists like Ryuichi Kawamura, SMAP and others, which was really amusing.

The first, second and third encores brought the best songs of Galneryus, namely Whisper in the Red Sky, My last Farewell, Struggle for the freedom flag and Silent Revelation. The concert finally ended in stereotypical metal-rock fashion with the destroying of the microphone stand, rolling on the floor, shredding on the guitar and holding it into the audience.

All in all it was a good show, though without any significant highlights or big surprises. Nonetheless, Galneryus gave a wonderful, high quality performance on that night.


01 New Legend
02 Last New Song
03 Aim At The Top
04 The Nightcraver
05 Sign Of Revolution
06 Beyond Of The Ground
07 Serenade
08 Chasing The Wind ~ Guitar Solo
09 Technical Stress
10 Shiver
11 Everlasting
12 Cry For The Dark
13 Shriek Of Vengeance

14 Quiet Wish
15 Whisper In The Red Sky

16 My Last Farewell
17 Struggle For The Freedom Flag

18 Silent Revelation
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