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The newest release from BUCK-TICK will leave listeners yearning for a rendezvous of their own.

RENDEZVOUS, the latest single from the legendary BUCK-TICK, was released in two versions; a limited edition and a regular edition. The following review is for the limited version, which comes beautifully packaged in a metallic pink slipcover, with a soft cover photo book of the band, and a set of 3 stickers. The packaging and stickers all feature a stylized pirate theme, which is oddly unrelated to the song. Luckily for fans, this single's beauty is more than skin deep.

The title track, RENDEZVOUS, immediately brings to mind the happy bubblegum pop of the 50's, with the opening lyrics (and chorus) of "Be my baby /Be bop a baby /She's my baby love." Despite being quite a change of pace from the band's typical style, this fun, happy, upbeat song still knows how to rock, with the grinding guitars of Imai and Hoshino taking the spotlight mid track. Yagami's fierce drum work is as always the back-bone of the song, and listeners will find it impossible to sit still once it begins. Catchy and immediately memorable, RENDEZVOUS is bound to grab the audience's attention.

In contrast to Sakurai's often dark and despairing lyrics, RENDEZVOUS speaks of the joy of love, and gratitude for having met this precious person. Whether this reflects the personal happiness and growth of the song writer, or is just a whim, the upbeat lyrics are a welcome addition to the band's repertoire.

The second track on this single is a self cover of MY EYES & YOUR EYES, originally featured on 1987's SEXUAL XXXXX!. This updated version of the song is melodic and beautiful, with soft, high guitar leading the way for Sakurai's amazing vocals. Softer and slower than the original, the tune is made better yet by the band's maturity. Sakurai's now deeper vocals lend the song a rich quality it lacked before, and the more relaxed music makes for a more beautiful, if less danceable, song.

MY EYES & YOUR EYES lyrically speaks of the comfort found in an evening of physical love, with the chorus "I love oh crush in the night." Even though this version is new and quite different, it still feels old school Buck-Tick and comfortable, like a favorite sweater. Long time fans will enjoy the differences, and new fans are sure to love it as well.

This newest Rendevous with BUCK-TICK does not disappoint, and will leave fans eager for their next release.
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