Merry - Blind Romance/Saihate no PARADE

review - 04.30.2007 08:00

Merry's newest single: a parade of sounds.

Merry's newest single brings a taste of what listeners have come to expect from the band, blended together with some newer sounds that all come together in a way only fitting to Merry. From killer guitars to hard-hitting drums to multi-faceted vocals, it's a single that should not be missed.

Breezy guitar riffs kick off Blind Romance, a smooth, slightly sad sounding song in which Gara's unique voice takes center stage. Tetsu's bass line is stellar, mingled with superb guitar work throughout, and an underlying jazz feel making an appearance in some spots.

Saihate no PARADE, a song dominated by Nero's pounding drum beats and some heavenly guitar work from Yu and Kenichi, is a little different from most of Merry's previous work, but fits in well with their newer sounds and is perhaps the stand-out track of this single. Gara takes on many different moods in this one song, a break in the music letting his voice shine alone. From beautiful and haunting to mournful and enraged, the varying vocals take the listener on an emotional ride through the music.

The ominous sounding yellow-fussy-corruption closes out the single. Riddled with slamming drum beats and killer guitar riffs, this song is a plethora of differing sounds. Gara's voice bounces from sounding pleased to pained in verses that bleed into choruses in this odd, but definitely cool feast for the ears.

Taking the listener through the many moods of Merry, this single is not only a superb way for the band to start off their release schedule for 2007, but a delicious variety of sounds coalesced into what could be said is the epitome of what Merry represents. The songs contained on this release are emotionally charged and full of energy. They’re sure to stick with you, so why not just put it on repeat?

This is type 2 of the single and also includes a DVD containing videos for both Blind Romance and Saihate no PARADE.
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