BEE-315 - Boost Up Your Fun!!

review - 04.05.2007 08:00

BEE-315's first mini-album, Boost Up Your Fun!!

Boost Up Your Fun! is the latest release and first mini-album from BEE-315. It is a great buy for anyone who is already a fan and an excellent choice as a potential door opener for new fans.

The first track, STRIKE-E.P., is a fun, charismatic song and was also the choice for BEE-315's first PV. It is one of the few songs on the mini-album that features Japanese lyrics as the majority of the songs are in English. The chorus is very catchy; any listener may notice themselves humming it after giving this song a listen. Just on My Way sounds immediately different, due to Masato being the featured vocalist on this song. His voice, while similar in range to Riu's, has a different tone and overall sound. Masato's way of pronouncing the English lyrics is slightly different than Riu's, and is easier to understand at times. The backing vocals in the chorus give the song a sing-a-long feel.

Song three, Ein., is faster paced right from the beginning and has a more punky feel throughout the verse. The chorus comes in with the ever catchy BEE-315 style and couldn‘t fit the song better if it tried. This is arguably one of the most enjoyable tracks on Boost Up Your Fun!!.

The tastily titled Raspberry Pie and Coffee is somewhat of a love song, though the sound doesn’t slow down or mellow out as is the typical love song style. Again Masato is featured on vocals, and sings of romance troubles and coffee, something that just about every listener can relate to. There are also female vocals throughout this song, a first for the band.

A bit of a change, Answer starts off with a more serious sound, both from the intro and from how Riu sings. This is the ‘I want to change something’ song of the mini-album, and takes on the views of someone that is dissatisfied with what’s happening around them while still managing to sound upbeat. The next track, Someday, features Riu's always impressive bass line which fits very well with the higher pitched guitar. The calmer intro gives way to a more upbeat feeling verse and doesn't initially sound much a typical BEE-315 song until it changes direction, becoming easier to jam to. Someday returns to its slower parts a few times, but it flows well and is a nice change.

The last track, Raise the Roof! ,is no doubt the most overall simply fun song on Boost Up Your Fun! and stays true to its title. The vocals take on a rap-feel with a rock edge that pulls everything together. Any listener will feel the urge to jump up an down with BEE-315 in Raise the Roof!; the best possible end to the mini-album.

As a whole, Boost Up Your Fun! is a very fun and energetic release; every song is enjoyable. Unfortunately, all the songs last an average of about three minutes, making the listener want more from each track and from the release as a whole. With that said, all the songs are great while they last.
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