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HINOI teams's final single of 2006.

After releasing a single and full-length album in March of 2006, HINOI team gives music listeners another upbeat and 'get on your feet and dance' single with NOW AND FOREVER.

The single quickly gets to the point right off the bat with the title track NOW AND FOREVER. The vocals mixed with the upbeat music not only makes the audience the listener, but also the dancer. With such constant beats playing, it will be difficult for anyone who is listening to this song to simply sit back and stay still.

The following track, SUMMERTIME, follows in the same mold as its predecessor, continuing with a eurobeat sound. Only half of HINOI team's talent is recognized with just the CD; the listener must also watch them perform in order to see everything that this group has to offer, which only makes them a making a powerful 'team'!

Although I'M GONNA CARRY ON has a similar sound to the two previous tracks, this time the vocalists show off a different side to their voices, giving this track a more dark, determined, and empowering feel. In order to help get this feeling across, it is mixed with synthetic and an emotionally upbeat style. They successfully accomplish what they set out to do.

The final three tracks are instrumental versions of the first three, which only adds an extra bonus to the single! Now the listener can not only dance to the music, but also sing along to a karaoke style of these tracks. Anyone who is interested in a different style from the usual rock and hip-hop should definitely gives the group a try and those who are already fans will appreciate what this single has to offer.

For more information about HINOI team, check out their Official site.
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