Live report of miyavi in Las Vegas

live report - 03.11.2007 08:00

miyavi's impromptu and unexpected appearance at the Tabu Ultra Lounge in the MGM Grand, Las Vegas

Less than two weeks after miyavi announced his surprise performance at the Tabu Ultra Lounge inside the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, a small crowd was gathered outside the venue with mounting excitement as we waited for the doors to open at 10pm. The club opened a little later than usual but when it eventually opened its doors we eagerly took in the sensual, warm atmosphere of the Ultra Lounge with its trendy decor, soft colors and neon lights and patiently waited for the Guest of Honor to arrive.

miyavi and his entourage appeared at about 11:45. His arrival was quite sudden and without fanfare, they wove through the crowds cool, calm, and collected as if they were normal club-goers. Speaking in accented but very understandable and well practiced English, miyavi greeted everyone eager to meet him with the genuine warmth and enthusiasm that he is famous for. At first he just watched the crowds, keeping the pace slow and calm and waving or smiling at his fans gathered around the couches only a few feet away. His clothes were dark and stylish, perfectly suited for such a classy club, his long hair partially swept up in a high, cascading ponytail of black and fuschia pink. He seemed a little nervous at first, unsure what exactly to expect but he appeared extremely excited to be there. The beautiful hostesses danced for him on the stone table set for his performance, and he eventually joined in, showing everyone he could move just as well as he could play.

By the time half-passed midnight rolled around, miyavi disapeared, only to come back a few minutes minutes later, ready to blow us away. He took up his black and white accoustic, starting off with an accoustic version of the introduction he sometimes uses for 'Are you Ready to Rock?' It was long and beautiful, fast paced and energetic, pulling everyone's attention right away, whether they were fans or just normal patrons that happened to be inside the club. As soon as people walked through the door, all eyes were upon the young man on the table, strumming his beloved guitar with the ease and grace of someone three times his age.

He soon abandoned his accoustic for an electric guitar, and the real fun began. For just over 15 minutes, though it seemed far longer than that, miyavi played against his drummer on kango drums and the House DJ in an amazing and exciting three sided battle. It was a great show, each musician pushing the other further and further, faster and faster as each tested their skills against one another. Pink painted fingers flying expertly over the strings and a permenant smile that reached all the way across his made-up face; miyavi moved as if there was no pressure, no lights and no camera, just him and the fans cheering him on. Sometimes making the tunes up as he went, sometimes sampling bits and pieces of his own songs the music swirled through the club, pulling us all under his spell. Everything whirled together, building an incredible atmosphere of rhythm and excitement that all in the packed club of 350 people could feel. Both fans and regular club-goers were captivated and drawn to this unique style of music and battle of talents on the make-shift stage.

Running barefoot across the stone tables set up as a stage, miyavi ran the short distance to his drummer, urging the other man on. Such a relaxed and fun atmosphere made our collective hearts pound with excitement. They played off each other well, making the crowd cheer and dance along to the beat. He smiled and pointed to the crowd, any nervousness now gone, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves; even further back in the small club, you could see people dancing and laughing, hands in the air, bodies swaying and just enjoying the show for everything it was worth.

But the set ended all too soon, and eventually they concluded their Guitar/Drums/Turntable battle. As miyavi waved and left the stage area, fans both new and old cheered and screamed his name, clapping as hard as they could for the performer they had come so far to see. You could see the love and appreciation in his eyes as he walked backstage. Though it may yet be awhile, miyavi will surely be back some day, to show the crowds just how amazing of a musician he really is.
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Miyavi - Las Vegas

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