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interview - 02.28.2007 07:00

The vocalists of Hagakure and ANTI FEMINISM open up their minds to JaME on January 29th in Helsinki, after their European coupling tour.

We met Hagakure's Kaya & ANTI FEMINISM's Kenzi the day after the Finnish concert, on Monday 29th January 2007. After we shook their hands and introduced ourselves, we started the interview. During it, Kaya and Kenzi whispered to each other, laughed and both seemed very satisfied with their first, now ended coupling tour in Europe.

You performed in Finland yesterday, would you tell a little bit of your sentiments?
Kenzi: The gig was very good and fun. This time we toured throughout Europe, met new people and created some kinds of bonds. When we came back on the stage together it was really nice that the audience were so excited.
Kaya: Because Finland was the last place and the tour was about to end, it was a little sad. However, when the concert began, it was really nice from the start until the end and a fitting conclusion to all these great concerts we had in Europe.

And how did your tour go before arriving in Finland? Did you have something specific on your mind?
Kenzi: The tour has been awfully fun and made me get to know new people and try things that I couldn't have experienced in Japan. This has been a very warm experience, it has been awesome.
Kaya: I think the same. Everywhere has been really enjoyable, we have had plenty of new, nice memories and it's been good that all the members of the bands have been able to experience this all together.

Kenzi, your stage performance is pretty vivid and drastic. Where do you get the ideas?
Kenzi: I don't actually like singing, but performing and taking action. I may go to some big department store in Tokyo and think, "What could I get from here to use on stage?" I want to relay feelings, joy, sadness and pain.

Kaya, Hagakure is a new band. What kind of an experience has this touring with Kenzi been?
Kaya: I respect him hugely and this has been a good opportunity to develop myself. We are not enemies, it's more like I can learn a lot from him. During this tour we have spent a lot of time together, shared hotel rooms, and we have a very good time together.

Kenzi, what does the pig-headed leader character and pigs in overall mean to you?
Kenzi: Pigs are the symbol of ANTI FEMINISM and with that character we depict ourselves.

Kaya, Hagakure means the road of a samurai warrior and also literally "to be hiding under the leaves". Why was the band named this?
Kaya: Actually there's no "hiding in the leaves" meaning, but Hagakure is a samurais' book of philosophy and is about being Japanese. That is the thing we want to communicate; 'being Japanese' is the thing we would like to bring forward.

Kenzi, you have done music for over twenty years. How does the way you create music now differ from the past, how has it changed?
Kenzi: Actually it hasn't changed awfully much, the principle of ANTI FEMINISM, the thing I consider it to be, is that someone who picks up the guitar for the first time can play our music and anyone can yell. Only the drum parts are complicated, everything else is simple. That is the idea, it hasn't changed and I don't want it to change.

Kaya, the band's historical costuming is gorgeous. Does it also connect to the samurai theme?
Kaya: We want to show the Japanese theme externally too. I want it to be easy to understand.

Kenzi, over your over ten years career you have experienced all kinds of things. What do you consider to be the landmark of your career until now?
Kenzi: This tour has been special, I have had a completely new kind of experience. At the New Year, I broke my hand while drumming, but I didn't notice it. I just kept on playing and diving into the audience, but after the gig I went to see a doctor, where they noticed I had broken my hand.

Kaya, does you music include some certain message?
Kaya: I want as many people as possible to listen to our music and that everyone would have fun. "Be happy!" (in English)

Kenzi, your DVD Kenzi 'Densetsu - There is no Successor' was great news to everyone following your career. Would you tell something about it?
Kenzi: I've mainly just thought, that when looking at all these old things, people really don't change that much at all.

Kaya, what can we expect from Hagakure in the future?
Kaya: Our aim is to make more people happy and conquer some more ground. You can expect whatever you want.

Thank you for the interview.
Kenzi and Kaya: Thank you.

Photos by JrockSuomi's Maria Vähänikkilä.
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∀NTI FEMINISM x Hagakure - Europe Coupling Tour 2007

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