LUNA SEA “LUNATIC X’MAS 2018 -Introduction to the 30th Anniversary- IMAGE or REAL” at Saitama Super Arena

live report - 02.19.2019 06:00

A magical night.

Years have passed for sure but we cannot argue that LUNA SEA belongs to those groups that deserve to be called timeless. The proof is that after almost 30 years since their debut, tens of thousands of people from ages 20 to 50 filled the beautiful Saitama Super Arena to see their favorite band. Fans gathered to celebrate a very special moment. Why? It is because it is both a LUNATIC X’MAS show and a pre-anniversary live in preparation of the 30th anniversary of the band, of course. Also, if you pay attention to the title of tonight’s show "IMAGE or REAL", you will feel a sense of déjà vu … because it was indeed the title of LUNA SEA’s first tour as a major group in 1992!

So, everybody knew that the live would for sure be a precious memory, and as expected the concert started with one of the flagship songs of the band, Dejavu, the same song that kicked off the original IMAGE or REAL tour in 1992. As a reminder of this era, all the members were dressed with a more intense visual kei style than usual. SHINYA had blue hair, RYUICHI and INORAN had hair extensions, J was wearing a sparkling jacket, and SUGIZO ... Well, he never really diminished his visual kei style anyway.

Right from the beginning all the band members were on fire. It was obvious that they truly enjoyed playing all these old tracks. We even had the chance to listen to some songs that weren’t played for several decades, such as the excellent WALL. Speaking of which, it is precisely during that song that the scenography of the stage changed. A veil covered the stage and several screens appeared on the side. Of course we could also enjoy the traditional drum solo and bass from SHINYA and J. As usual, SHINYA was engaged in the show and the fans were really eager to scream his name during the performance.

The most magical event of the night perhaps came from the audience. During the intermission, everyone suddenly held their phone lights up and sang Silent Night together as one for at least 10 minutes. It was a very unique experience! Even RYUICHI was moved and didn’t hesitate to praise the audience for being so amazing. The magic continued when the band came back on the stage and performed the mesmerizing MOON while a huge full moon lit up the audience.

So far we can agree that performing all these old tracks was a really good idea because it brought back so many memories to everyone. In fact, every time a new track began, we could see the fans clapping, smiling and marveling at the same time. Aside from these older songs, we could also enjoy many hit songs such as I for You, Rosier, Tonight, as well as even one of their most recent songs Hold You Down.

IMAGE or REAL, the only thing we know for sure is that LUNA SEA gave us a magical night. If this show was only a warmup, we are dying of anticipation to see what’s going to happen during their official 30th anniversary live at the Nippon Budokan on May 31st and June 1st!

Set list

01. Dejavu
02. Mechanical Dance
03. Imitation
05. Image
06. Sandy Time
07. WALL
09. Drum Solo
10. Bass Solo
11. Fate
12. White Christmas (Bing Crosby cover)
13. I for You
14. Symptom
15. Precious.
16. Time Is Dead
17. Wish

01. Moon
02. Hold You Down
03. Rosier
04. Tonight
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