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review - 12.28.2018 19:01

Tentenko releases her eponymous album, Tentenko, a vibrant and eccentric music journey that will delight fans and music lovers of noise music and 80's synth.

Released on September 21, 2018, Tentenko is the eponymous debut album for solo artist Tentenko, who up until now has released solely in Japan. With her first international release – available both digitally and on LP record – Tentenko’s latest release creates a distinct atmosphere for her listeners thanks to a unique fusion of synth-pop, robo-funk, and pure, unadulterated noise.

It comes as no surprise that Tentenko, former member of BiS, has created something as unique as this album. Surreal in sound yet catchy in nature, Tentenko encompasses a lot of the singer’s own style and influence which in turn will interest current fans, as well as a handful of new supporters. The only drawback to this musical style is that it may disenchant potential listeners who are not used to such a distinctive blend of sounds. With that said, if you are a fan of high, cute vocals and a mixture of robotic, tinny sounds and 80’s synth that takes you to another world, then Tentenko is a good album to get lost in.

Tentenko is an auditory adventure that should be enjoyed with headphones plugged in and the volume turned up in order to maximise the listening experience. It is undeniable that the album Tentenko feels more like a musical journey than something that can be quickly listened to, and this is all thanks to its unforgettable nature. A mixture of various sounds and styles, Tentenko creates a colourful and atmospheric piece that feels otherworldly and alien to the ears.

The eccentric and unique blend of songs such as Kiken Na Highway, Good bye, Good Girl, Yakanhiko, and Jiro opens the album with strong, recognisable sounds and a space-like nature, throwing the listener into an 80's synth-fueled party. These are three of the stronger tracks within the album, allowing listeners to begin their journey with Tentenko in a particular and exciting way.

Not every track continues with such an expressive or distinctive sound however, with some tracks taking a step back and falling under the cute-pop category. These are the tracks that may generate a commercial appeal, with songs such as Ryuhyo No Kodomo, Kuruma ~Joshu Seki School~, and Hokago Sympathy jumping out as the more generic, idol-fueled creations that feel reminiscent of the early 2000s. These tracks have their own charm and this style of idol-pop fits well with the mix of 80's synth and robo-funk.

Finally, tracks such as Nantonaku Abunai, Ryuhyo No Kodomo, and Robot seem almost dream-like in their approach, producing yet another out-of-this-world experience for the listener. Robot as an ending track is especially fitting, creating a fun and energetic finale to the album with its vibrant sound and catchy tune.

As an album, Tentenko is rather enjoyable if given the opportunity to fully experience it. Though it may not appeal to some people with its unique sound and varied style – especially in the beginning – this album will still accumulate fans whether they enjoy Tentenko's music overall, or simply like the style she uses throughout her eponymous release. When listened to from start to finish with headphones plugged in, this album delivers a colourful and almost eccentric journey for its listeners.

Tentenko is, first and foremost, a trip and therefore should be experienced as such. So, plug in those headphones, crank up the volume, relax, and let the songs take you into another world. This album is worth a listen, but it will only feel worthwhile if you let yourself fall into the world that Tentenko has created for everyone.
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