BAND-MAID - start over

review - 09.19.2018 20:01

Cute on the outside, wild inside.

After WORLD DOMINATION, their explosive second full album, we might expect something similar from BAND-MAID’s new single. However, the girls decided to add some fondness to their music, though at the same time they didn’t ditch the huge amount of the energy from their previous releases. start over works thanks to the contrast between its two tracks, but there’s a chance not everyone will like the whole release.

First of all, the title song is too — how to put it right — light and nice? Sweet and cute? After the unstoppable madness of their two full albums, start over feels a little unusual and reminds one of the band’s early years. In addition, it isn’t a touching ballad like Daydreaming; you clearly hear pop vibes. The track is definitely not a bad experiment and introduces a new sound, but if you like these metal maids for the loud music, the second track has everything you ever wanted.

Screaming opens Hell’s gate! The track is like an adrenaline injection right in the heart and fills you with energy in seconds. Once again AKANE is responsible for the outburst, her fast pace drumming giving the song its drive and power. Luckily, BAND-MAID has an excellent drummer, who can create a rampant rhythm base which is used as solid ground for speedy guitars and bold vocals. The B-side sounds a lot like a lost track from WORLD DOMINATION — perhaps, the album was too long to include one more song.

Both sides of BAND-MAID are presented on the new single. One is more calm and delicate, while the other is wild and crazy. But in order to fully understand start over you’ll need to look at the title track from different angles.
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