Interview with Sanketsu-girl Sayuri

interview - 08.14.2018 20:01

Learn about Sanketsu-girl Sayuri's take on the troubles plaguing the youths of today, why she continues to hold street performances and more.

Sanketsu-girl Sayuri (Suffocating girl Sayuri) expresses herself through the internet in the 2D world and expresses herself mainly though live performances in the 3D world, earning herself the title of “2.5D parallel singer-songwriter”. Learn about this unique artist's take on the troubles plaguing the youths of today, why she continues to hold street performances and more.

As a start, please explain how you go about choosing which themes you want to tackle in your songs.

Sanketsu-girl Sayuri: I have never had confidence in myself, and I felt like everyone else had their cliques, but I never found a place in that circle. I make songs to make me feel the moments where life is beautiful. My debut song Mikazuki (crescent moon) was made to combine the missing pieces of myself. The moon may have been missing its piece, but it still shines and it will become a full moon someday. I created this song because I admire such an existence and so I can reach out to something beautiful.

In order to bring the light of hope to others, one must first find inner strength and be at peace with oneself. What gives you the inner strength and peace needed to write and sing songs that encourage listeners?

Sanketsu-girl Sayuri: I want to make what I’m lacking feel significant, because if weakness is something that is unnecessary, then I feel that’s very sad. I have always been working to give hope to people who are carrying similar pain, so that they can find beauty in their search and in their loneliness. I don’t know if I should idealize strength and peace, but because I experienced weakness and confusion, I feel like I gained the desire to be stronger.

Why do you continue to hold street performances even after going major?

Sanketsu-girl Sayuri: I still feel that to be able to sing for people and that fact that there are people who will listen to my music is not a normal thing. So many unique moments and encounters happen by chance, so I don’t want to forget the feeling I get when I can sing in the busy streets. That’s why I sing in so many different places.

You're usually barefoot and in a poncho when you perform. What's the reason behind your style of dressing?

Sanketsu-girl Sayuri: Because I’m directly in contact with the ground, obviously I get dirty, but I feel like I’m one with the land when I’m standing there. So that’s why I sing barefoot.

How was working with Yojiro Noda of RADWIMPS on Furaregaigirl like? How did it feel to sing a song written by someone other than yourself?

Sanketsu-girl Sayuri: I always liked Yojiro Noda, so I was very happy. By singing Furaregaigirl, I was able to shape the feelings in my heart that were lurking around inside me and bring them to the forefront. I felt like, by collaborating, I was able to enter a new world and introduce a new side of me.

What was the inspiration behind the lyrics of Moon and Bouquet?

Sanketsu-girl Sayuri: Initially I wrote that song because I admired the moon, but I found out the moon does not glow by itself -- it glows because it’s reflecting the light from the sun. So then how does the person shine who’s always admired the moon? That’s when I realized that the reflection of people’s soul’s will make me shine. I put my feelings into the song about the connection with others.

To wrap up the interview, please leave a message for JaME readers.

Sanketsu-girl Sayuri: We live so far away from each other and it’s hard for us to meet directly, but if we can meet each other I will be really happy. I hope to meet you at a concert. I will continue to send you my words and music from Japan so please keep supporting me.

JaME would like to thank Resonance Media and Anisong World Matsuri for this interview opportunity.

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