ariel makes gloomy - carbonium

review - 01.28.2018 19:01

A step into space.

When dealing with music, you never know which band will suddenly grab your attention. Something simply clicks inside your head and you start replaying songs over and over again for a day, a week, a month. It strikes you even more when you find out these are songs by a band which was formed only a year ago, in January 2017. Yes, ariel makes gloomy is a new born band and so far they’ve released only one EP, titled carbonium, but our recommendation is simple - keep an eye on this band!

With their very first release ariel makes gloomy manage to send you to music heaven. A lot of more experienced musicians can’t achieve this kind of immersion, but this young band achieved it with only four tracks. They blend together so well and stick in your head so deeply that you don’t want to get back to real life.

This kind of magic is possible thanks to the mixture of genres the musicians use freely. You’ll hear both pop-rock tunes and catchy guitar riffs, as well as atmospheric instrumental and ambient pieces. It’s especially interesting to find the bass guitar in the leading position as all of the carbonium tracks rely heavily on the bass. Because of that they’re not only catchy, but richer and deeper in sound. Last, but not least - Ishitami’s mesmerizing melancholic vocals. During the most intense moments she raises her voice to add tension and bring even more emotions to the track.

It’s always a good sign for an EP when you keep listening to it more and more. This is exactly the case with carbonium: after the final chords you want to experience this journey again. And again. And then again. While listening to ariel makes gloomy’s music all other things can be put aside. It’s a little bit melancholic and cold, but definitely breathtaking.
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