14th Tokyo International Music Market Live - Artist Introductions

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Introducing the 19 artists who will be showcasing their talents at the 14th Tokyo International Music Market Live!

Organised by the Foundation for Promotion of Music Industry and Culture (PROMIC), the 14th Tokyo International Music Market Live will take place on October 23rd, 24th and 25th at TSUTAYA O-EAST in Tokyo, Japan. Tickets can be purchased at http://t.livepocket.jp/t/14thtimm.

Get acquainted with the 19 up-and-coming artists who are set to prove their worth on stage! (Source: PROMIC Press Release)

Day 1 - October 23rd

Anly: Born on Ie Island, Okinawa on January 1997, Anly started her music career as a street performer while attending high school. Her major debut single Taiyo ni warae was released on November 2015 and her national live tour tickets sold out immediately. Now, she is a singer-songwriter, having the power to change the atmosphere with an acoustic guitar and her voice. Her fourth single Kara no kokoro is the opening theme song of the TV animation “NARUTO”.

Lynn Honoka: In 2013, Lynn Honoka, originally a fashion model/actress, joined girls’ band Comme ci Comme ca as a guitarist. After their performance at Coming Next 2016, a showcase event for upcoming artists, she left the band with a strong desire to become a solo artist. This year, she restarted her career as a performer by applying for Miss ID Audition by Kodansha and made her debut as a solo singer in September.

The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBABY: The Idol Formerly Known As LADYBADY is a new entertainment unit which aims to destroy and create all cultures beyond all borders. They made their major debut with a single CD Sanpai! Gosyuin girl☆ on November 2016. After their major debut, their one-man live shows in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka turned out to be great successes. They released their third single Pinky! Pinky! in September 2017. Their massive sounds and sensational concept attract listeners.

NEGOTO: NEGOTO is recognized by their fantastical electronic pop-rock sounds ingrained with a grungy, aggressive alternative rock sound, setting them apart from other bands and earning them the reputation as the “leaders of a new generation of all-girl rock bands”. In 2016, NEGOTO tapped producer Masayuki Nakano (BOOM BOOM SATELLITES) to create a brand new electronic dance sound for their tracks. In 2017, the band successfully released their new album ETERNALBEAT that marks a definite turning point in their sound.

Asaka: Asaka is a teenage anisong singer. Last year, she made her debut with Open your eyes, the ending theme song of TV animation “Occultic; Nine”. The number of views of the song's music video on YouTube exceeded 910,000 and it became a hot topic. Asaka can speak English naturally as she spent five years in Michigan as a child.

SILENT SIREN: SILENT SIREN is a girls' band with four members who all used to be reader models. Following their major label debut with the single Sweet Pop! (2012), they quickly gained popularity especially among teen girls around Harajuku. The fan base grew steadily overseas too over their two Asia tours in 2014 and 2015 including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Indonesia. SILENT SIREN is currently enjoying their fifth anniversary year to the fullest.

Day 2 - October 24th

CHAI: CHAI scored their first US performance at SXSW 2017, followed by an eight-city American tour titled Japan Nite. After coming across CHAI’s music video for Boys・Seco・Men, US indie label Burger Records reached out and immediately included the group in their 2017 Burger World: Japan Compilation cassette, marking CHAI’s first official US release. CHAI's first album will be released by Sony Music Entertainment (Japan), Inc. on October 25th.

PinocchioP: PinocchioP began his career in 2009 when he first uploaded his original Vocaloid productions onto a UGC site. His musical style has an extremely wide range of sounds from techno music, energetic dance party music to nostalgic folk-songs styles. He keeps bringing his music all over the world with an electro-punk spirit. His live shows makes the audience sing, dance and laugh every time.

Bentham: Bentham is a “hybrid” rock band formed in 2010. Their major debut single HARD RAIN / FANFARE was released in April this year, and their first full album Re: Wonder was released in July. They are a “next breaker” poised to give a finishing blow to J-rock.

kradness: kradness, with his high-tone voice and outstanding style of singing while DJ-ing in various genres such as EDM, pop and rock, attracts many fans at home and abroad. His multiple talents are also evident in his work as a producer/model of the fashion brand RAMERA. Also, he formed musical unit Quarks with Camellia, polishing his unique style.

DearDream: “Dream Festival” is a 5-dimensional idol project including smartphone games, TV animation series, etc. The idol unit DearDream consists of five actors playing the main characters of the project, linked with the unit of the same name living inside the 2-dimensional animation world. With the new animation series “Dream Festival! R” starting this month, both the story and actors are gaining more and more popularity constantly.

Hayabusa: Hayabusa is a new generation vocal trio. Unique as an enka group, they have contributed theme songs to the anime “Duel Masters” and “NHK Minna no uta”. Also, they are expanding their activities performing at home and abroad. Their activities and music crosses over genres and borders. In July 2017, their eighth single Miraiha Joe! Joe! was released.

Over The Top: Rika Kishino formed a fully-fledged band Over The Top after she left the biggest girls' idol group in Osaka NMB48. On May 31st this year, they released their major debut single. As the band name indicates, they are now working to exceed the limit.

Day 3 - October 25th

She, in the haze: She, in the haze create sweet, melancholic, yet fantastic views of the world using electronic band sounds to back hauntingly translucent vocals, which immerse listeners in waves of drifting sounds. They are complete artists who handle all aspects—music composition and production, recordings, Web design, video production, fashion, lighting, etc.—by themselves for complete control of their branding.

ASH DA HERO: ASH DA HERO is a young Japanese rockstar who calls himself a hero and has a dream to take over the world with his music. His alternative rock sound, catchy melodies, unique vocals and breathtaking live performances continue to draw in and take over the senses of anyone who listens. Starting out at the same company as VAMPS vocalist HYDE, with his major debut in 2015, his talent continues to gain recognition from many of Japan's greatest artists.

FAKY: Fake or not fake? The alternative girl group from Tokyo. With four different personalities and styles, the girls are ready to come together as one to share their passion and joy for music to the world.

I Don’t Like Mondays.: I Don’t Like Mondays. (IDLMs.) is a cutting-edge rock band formed in Omotesando, Tokyo. IDLMs.' stylish sounds by their cosmopolitan sense, and their unique expression of love with lyrics written in English and Japanese in a fine balance make their music remarkably attractive and unforgettable. IDLMs. produces not only music but also directs live shows and music videos by themselves. The band is active in the fashion industry, such as co-producing with RESTIR, a Japanese fashion brand/boutique.

BANANALEMON: BANANALEMON, composed of four members, is a girls' band produced by STY, who has produced Sandaime J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE, Girls' Generation, etc in past years. BANANALEMON's first digital single #SorryNotSorry has been in the top 10 on the viral chart of Spotify Japan.

Nulbarich: Nulbarich, led by singer-songwriter JQ, is a pop-rock band whose music encompasses elements of soul, funk and acid jazz, with a unique sense of groove and pop sensibilities, and a mixture of English and Japanese lyrics. The band’s name is a made-up word, a combination of “null” and “rich”, roughly meaning, “We may have nothing, but we can feel rich and content.” Their 2016 debut album Guess Who? features the highly infectious New Era, now featured in a Honda commercial.

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TSUTAYA O-EAST (former Shibuya O-EAST)

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