An Cafe "Ikiru tame ni atsukunare" 〜TOUR FINAL ZONE〜 miku B.D at Shinjuku ReNY

live report - 01.27.2017 19:01

An Cafe started 2017 with the tour final at Shinjuku ReNY, celebrating at the same time the singer's birthday.

Oshare kei band An Cafe kicked off the year with a sold-out concert at Shinjuku ReNY. This performance celebrated the birthday of miku the singer and successfully concluded the tour entitled Ikiru tame ni atsukunare.

An Cafe fans, known as the “Cafekko”, were waiting impatiently for the concert to begin in a packed medium sized hall. The venue was elegantly decorated with chandeliers and a disco ball hanging from the ceiling while a large red curtain covered the stage. The band did not want to keep its fans waiting a minute longer. On the scheduled time, the audience started to shout cheers when hearing the first rock sounds of the evening. The curtain rose and the five musicians arrived on stage to the shouts of the crowd.

An Cafe began their concert with Ikiru tame no 3 byou Rule, a pop-rock title from the latest single on sale. Then came Sennen Dive!!!!!, the song of the band's major debut. Burning-hot spectators spun their towels together while jumping. miku waved his microphone towards the audience to make his fans sing the chorus.

Electronic beeps resonated while the room lit up with green beams. The crowd easily recognized the introduction of Mousou mo mou soro soro. This atypical song mixes electronic sounds, pop and screams, demonstrating the wide breadth of the band's capabilities. The music stopped for a short time but the calls of the Cafekko never stopped. An Cafe took advantage of this break to wish their fans a happy new year. The musicians promised to use all the experience gained during the tour to make this concert an unforgettable finale.

An Cafe took fans back in time by playing its repertoire composed a long time ago, starting with Snow Scene. During Tekesuta kousen, the singer imposed the rhythm with a tambourine while the audience danced according to the usual furitsuke. After the tambourine, the vocalist grabbed a guitar. The spotlights highlighted miku and takuya on guitars for Maple Gunman and Namida yori omoi War, one of the band's latest songs.

The second MC put the audience in an emotional ambience with a calm piano tune by Yuuki. The atmosphere is maintained with YOU: the audience listened carefully to the words sung by miku. While the latter went away from the stage, the concert kept going with a solo performance of each of the other four members. Then followed an interactive game between the group and the audience, pitting the Kanon team against the takuya team. miku returned for more heavy sounds, including the famous Atsukunare. The musicians chose to end the main set with the joyful and bright Smile ichiban ii onna. As soon as the musicians exited the stage, the fans wanted them to come back.

An Cafe returned for an encore and performed Spring Snow for the first time. The keyboardist Yuuki taught the choreography of this new sparkling song from the upcoming album Rafu Song. The crowded hall was suddenly plunged into darkness. The screens all around the hall lit up to reveal the message "Happy Birthday miku!". The excited singer heard all the Cafekko sing "happy birthday" when the mascot Nyappy brought out a cake. The surprise was not over for miku—everyone sang a love song accompanied by Teruki's cajon.

This touching scene proved the strong bond between the fans and the group. Therefore, it was the perfect opportunity to play BondS ~kizuna~ and MY ♡ LEAPS FOR "C". Before leaving, the artists joined hands and the audience did the same. Fans and performers exclaimed together "Three, two, one tiramisu, tiramisu!". With the magic words spoken, An Cafe thanked the fans and left the stage as the curtain closed.

An Cafe got the new year off to a good start with a successful live, giving as much fun to newcomers as long-time fans. All of them are now looking forward to discovering the first major album Rafu Song and its unreleased tracks on February 22nd. International fans are not left out because the first limited edition of the album will include the English version of Atsukunare and Smile ichiban ii onna.

Set list

01. Ikiru tame no 3 byou Rule
02. Sennen Dive!!!!!
03. Mousou mo mou soro soro
04. Snow Scene
05. Tekesuta kousen
06. Maple Gunman
07. Namida yori omoi War
08. YOU
09. Atsukunare
11. Touhi kairo-2016ver.-
13. Smile ichiban ii onna-2015ver.-


01. Spring Snow
02. BondS ~kizuna~ 2015ver.
03. MY LEAPS FOR ♡ "C"
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