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GANGLION’s last live show before their hiatus.

GANGLION held the last live show before their hiatus on June 18th at Tokyo’s Shibuya CYCLONE. The band’s long journey, started in August 2010, was about to come full circle. Fans, who on April 6th were astonished by the sudden hiatus announcement, filled the venue and the band’s former bassist yui was also there to see the final show.

Drummer vivi, guitarist sagara, bassist ebi, and finally guitarist and vocalist oni entered the stage to fans welcoming them with ovations. They began with Lost Days, the opening song of their first mini album, showing the band was now mature enough to reveal the full potential of the track. sagara’s haunting guitar strains led the song together with oni's husky and transparent vocals, while the powerful drum shots of vivi and warm vibrations of ebi’s bass also well-conveyed the band’s signature heavy and emotional musical style.

“Shibuya!” oni’s shout suddenly changed the atmosphere, and the band stirred fans up with SAVE YOUR HEART. Fans shouted and fist pumped at oni’s lead while sagara and ebi head banged alongside her, and continued enthusiastically responding to the exhilarating song by clapping together with oni.

“This is the last live show before our hiatus. This is the most positive conclusion we all reached, even though it would be shocking to you guys. We came up with the best selection of songs we really wanted to play, so please enjoy!” oni addressed fans. The band lived up with oni’s words by consecutively playing popular songs DISTANCE, NEVER EVER AGAIN, and TWILIGHT. Their catchy melodies, filled with an intense mixture of hope and despair, showed fans what the band’s style was about.

The powerful musical unity the band showed during NEVER EVER AGAIN proved that GANGLION was at top form. A collision of solid and sharp edged instrumental sounds blasted enormous energy from the stage, and the strength and expressiveness each member has gained over the years fully manifested during the driving, emotional hard rock number. Fans sung along with vivi’s backing chorus as she pointed her drum stick upward. When the band played their older song Returns to you, oni’s vocals articulated the magnificence and striking ambience of the song. Her voice now has a richness and depth derived from her experiences, yet still retains its sensitive fragility.

Later, sagara spoke about how she met her band members when she decided to carry out her plan of making an all-girl rock band. “The reason I could carry on with the band this far is because I had great members who I enjoy playing music with. I am thankful that I met my band members and you guys. I could not be here without you guys’ support. I love you all,” sagara expressed her gratitude. She also related her first impression of oni. “I admired oni for having a lot of great ideas about song making.” oni then introduced the next song, Barairo no hibi by THE YELLOW MONKEY. GANGLION entertained fans by covering the song of the band they respected, and fans responded by waving their hands from left to right while also singing along.

The climax of the show started with RISE, and continued as the band rocked the venue by successively playing hard rock songs such as Go Straight On Your Way and a ruthless version of OVER THIS WALL. During loser, sagara wowed fans by using a toy ray gun during her guitar solo.

The emotional night continued as oni took time to speak to fans, “My senpai said to me that music can actually turn the time we share into art. That is something only music can do. The music we created and the time we shared together, including this very night, will remain in all of us. I hope our memory and music will brighten up your futures as you go on with your lives. Music and your support have really put vivid colors into our lives.” The band and fans inscribed moments they shared into their hearts during the next song, tonight as fans waved their hands from left and right while singing along with the band. ebi smiled at fans while watching their waves from the stage and, soon, the band closed the show with Catch your way.

Fans’ chants of “GANGLION!” brought the members back to the stage for an encore. This time, each member took time to speak to fans. sagara was the first to speak. “I am happy to be able to meet all of you through our music. I have been able to experience an unforgettably happy time. I would be grateful if our music became a part of your life. Life is very short, so please live your life with no regret. See you again.”

Then, ebi took over. “GANGLION has been the one thing that has turned my life around completely since I joined two years ago. I hope the band gave you an experience of a lifetime as well. I hope you guys find happiness after you leave this live house, because you guys have made me really happy. Please listen to our music when you feel down.”

vivi then took the microphone. “I am happy to be able to be here as a GANGLION’s drummer. Being the drummer of this band is the most precious honor and foundation of my life,” she said tearfully.

Finally, oni shared her heart with fans. “GANGLION is my very first band. I started out with basically zero knowledge, but I could make it through thanks to my band members and you guys. We can see each other again, and this is not the end. Please support each member’s future activities. Let’s keep growing and meet each other again one day.”

GANGLION rocked the house for the last time by playing 4STEPS TO BE. The four members were no longer tearful, but full of smiles. Finally, with you brought the show to a hopeful close, and the band’s four members gathered at the center of the stage to take both their last bows and a group photo with their fans to turn the day they shared into an everlasting memory.

Set List

01. Lost days
03. Tsuioku
07. Koufuku no theory
09. Beyond the screen
10. Orange
11. Returns to you
12. Barairo no hibi
13. RISE
14. Go Straight On Your Way
15. loser
17. Aoku yurete
18. tonight
20. Catch your way


22. with you
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