JaME WORLD Charts on PROMIC.tv #9

file - 04.18.2016 20:01

BABYMETAL tops the charts with ONE OK ROCK following closely behind.

Yet another trio of ladies have made it to the top of the JaME WORLD Charts on PROMIC.tv—yes, they are BABYMETAL! With the recent international release of their album METAL RESISTANCE and a world tour that is currently in full swing, it is no wonder that the "kawaii metal" trio have jetted to first place in the rankings.

Hot on their heels is ONE OK ROCK, who recently played as an opening band for American metalcore band ISSUES's Monster Energy Outbreak Tour, and will be going on their European headlining tour from May till June.

Coming in third is BAND-MAID®, who is also the featured artist in this PROMIC.tv episode. Have a look at some of the band's live performance footage as well as a video comment.

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JaME WORLD Charts on PROMIC.tv

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