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interview - 04.05.2016 20:01

Dio - distraught overlord speaks about making a comeback for B7Klan's 10th anniversary European tour.

After disbanding in 2010, Dio - distraught overlord will make a comeback this month for B7Klan's 10th anniversary European tour. Find out what vocalist Mikaru and guitarist kei have to say before they embark on the tour.

Dio disbanded nearly six years ago, and erina left before that. How easy or difficult was it for you to meet up and start feeling like a band again?

Mikaru: I received this offer from B7, thought about it for a few minutes or a few seconds, and I made my decision. Then I emailed my members. After three minutes, the tour was decided. Dio is like a family; there is nothing difficult.

kei, while others went on to form and join new bands, you haven't been in the spotlight after Dio disbanded. What were you first thoughts about Dio's revival?

kei: As I left once, a lot of time and a good timing to return was necessary for me. I don't know if this kind of miracle will occur again in the future. Goodbye boring world. I'm glad that I can tour together with the members.

How have each of you evolved since Dio’s disbandment?

Mikaru: I'll say it in a simple way. Did you watch the "Lord of the Rings"? Do you know a wizard named Gandalf? He was first called Gandalf the Grey. Months passed and he came back. He became a more powerful wizard known as Gandalf the White. Something like that.

Dio is known to be very over the top with all of the showy outfits and dramatic themes. Some fans feel that this sort of wild exaggeration is missing from today's visual kei. What do you think about it?

Mikaru: We are Dio. No one can imitate us. Visual kei has become boring and it's more fun to watch TV programmes. So Dio is special.

Your first European tour was in 2006. What have you learned about touring since then? Do you have some special memories from these early visits to Europe?

Mikaru: I sustained a fracture during a live. kei ate a lot of Coca and Haribo. erina's crotch was touched. Ivy's wallet was stolen on the train. denka is a chihuahua.

You’ll be touring in Europe again soon. How do you feel about it?

Mikaru: I saw the birth of a miracle for the first time and it's a wonderful thing. Kebabs are waiting for us.

Is there some specific Dio song you've been wanting to play on stage once again?

Mikaru: As long as time permits, we'll play a lot of songs. I want you to listen to all of the songs with everyone again.

This time you're touring with DIRTRUCKS, a band with a different style of rock. What's your opinion on them and their music?

Mikaru: This tour will be our first time meeting with DIRTRUCKS. The world we live in is different; we have never been companions in the world of music. Great chemical changes will occur. I'm looking forward to it.

Finally, could you please leave a message for JaME readers?

Mikaru: We came back from the deep darkness. Do you see? My wings are now spread to the maximum. Follow me. I will invite you to the world of Dio. Who wants to bite me?

JaME would like to thank Dio and B7Klan for this interview opportunity.
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