Interview with VAMPS at JAPAN NIGHT in London

interview - 07.29.2015 20:01

Less than an hour before their performance at JAPAN NIGHT at HYPER JAPAN, the busy vampires kindly agreed to a short interview with JaME.

Having played a total of more than 350 shows in their home country as well as abroad since their formation in 2008, VAMPS are no strangers to J-music lovers around the globe. In the first half of this year alone, the rock duo has toured the USA as the opening band for SIXX:AM's tour, held a headlining concert in New York and played at several rock festivals in America.

On July 10th and 11th, VAMPS were in London as part of the JAPAN NIGHT at HYPER JAPAN line-up. Less than an hour before their performance at JAPAN NIGHT on July 10th, the busy vampires kindly agreed to a short interview with JaME.

First of all, I'd like to thank you on behalf of JaME for agreeing to this interview. I hope that your time in London has been going well. To start us off, can you tell us about your impression of London so far?

HYDE: This is the first time I’ve been here during the summer and someone told me that it's going to be warmer, but it’s actually cooler than I imagined (laughs).
K.A.Z: I think the streets and the city are pretty cute, but there's a lot of traffic here.

How do you feel about this opportunity for VAMPS to perform at JAPAN NIGHT at HYPER JAPAN?

HYDE: As a Japanese band who has challenged the market in Japan, we think it's a great opportunity to support Japanese music in a festival like this.

Your performance is due in just awhile. What's going through your mind right now?

HYDE: Nothing (laughs).
K.A.Z: But we want to perform soon! (laughs)

I'm sure that you look forward to many pleasant things whenever you travel overseas to perform, but what do you dread the most when you travel overseas? Is it jet lag? Getting lost somewhere? Or perhaps getting misunderstood due to language barriers?

HYDE: Language is obviously a problem, and also the jet lag. I’m awake now, but then I'll still be awake at 06:00 in the morning and I’m like, “When am I going to go to bed?” (laughs)
K.A.Z: For me, it's the language problem. It’s difficult.

VAMPS have been travelling a lot and I'm sure that you've encountered some interesting or funny incidents along the way. Please share some of these experiences with us.

HYDE: We travelled around the USA a lot last year, and every time we go to a new place or visit different places and play for a new audience, it's a great experience for us as a band.

VAMPS have always regarded the visual aspect of a band very highly. Do the both of you share a very similar taste when it comes to aesthetics? What do you do if there a disagreement regarding the visuals for a particular song?

HYDE: We never have big disagreements because I really like K.A.Z's style and the way he does things, so I’m very happy when he brings some new ideas.

I know that you love the vampire theme and consider yourselves as vampires. So, what kind of vampire are you?

HYDE: Well … this is the first time someone asked us this question (laughs). I’m the more playful type of vampire because I kind of like playing … in a dirty sense (laughs).
K.A.Z: I’m the gentleman type (laughs).

Any words of advice to aspiring musicians out there?

K.A.Z: I think it's very important to keep on creating your own sound, create a lot of different sounds, seek improvement and do better songs every day.
HYDE: If you listen to this advice, lots of money and ladies will come (laughs).

To wrap up our interview, please say a few words to all JaME readers.

HYDE: We’re sorry for the fans that can't be here and we'll try to visit them soon.

JaME would like to thank the JAPAN NIGHT Executive Committee and VAMPS for making this interview possible.
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