LUNATIC FEST. at Makuhari Messe: Part #2

live report - 07.25.2015 20:01

LUNA SEA unites J-rock bands and fans from all generations. LADIES ROOM, SIAM SHADE, Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas, DIR EN GREY and DEAD END take to the stage in Part #2 of JaME's live report on LUNATIC FEST.

Continued from LUNATIC FEST. at Makuhari Messe: Part #1.


LADIES ROOM, another great senior band to LUNA SEA, appeared on stage. The band played Sex Pistols’ classic Anarchy in the UK first, which was the song LADIES ROOM played together with LUNA SEA and X JAPAN back in 1992. The band’s signature style of very groovy rock ’n' roll was at its best during the third song, SEX, SEX & Rock'n Roll. Vocalist Hyaku sang the dirty lyrics with his powerful, high-pitched voice while fans rocked out to NAO’s profound guitar technique and GEORGE’s rumbling bass line. During the song, the band and fans enjoyed shouting the song title together.

Later on, Hyaku invited RYUICHI to join him on stage as a guest singer. RYUICHI politely greeted his seniors and said, “I remember that HIDE used to sing this song, and that memory stayed with me for a very long time.”

Out of the blue, 1970’s classic J-pop song Sake to namida to otoko to onna started to play. It was a very unlikely song to be played at the rock festival, but two great singers melted fans' hearts with their sweet voices.

LADIES ROOM rocks!" RYUICHI shouted at the end. GEORGE greeted fans in his own way by showing his butt to them.


SIAM SHADE was on fire from the opening song, RAIN. Fans pumped their fists to the aggressive hard rock song while vocalist HIDEKI passionately sung his heart out. In the next song D.Z.I., he stirred up fans to shout. Driving guitar riffs and powerful backing choruses together with JUNJI’s crystal clear drum sounds heated up the crowd further.

“How cool is that!” LUNA SEA’s drummer Shinya said, suddenly appearing on stage after the song. A mentor to drummer JUNJI, Shinya asked if he could sing SIAM SHADE’s popular song 1/3 no Junjou na kanjou with them. Then, DAITA started to play the introduction and Shinya started to sing with the band while HIDEKI seemed to wonder how he could politely remove his senior from the stage.

“Excuse me, Shinya-san. Please leave it to us and save energy,” HIDEKI interrupted Shinya and nicely escorted him away. Following that, the band started again with 1/3 no Junjou na kanjou. The catchy melody and HIDEKI’s high-pitched voice had fans swaying and singing along.

“Our good senior LUNA SEA told us to liven up you guys. Are you ready?!” HIDEKI yelled. Living up to his words, he sang the band’s killer numbers one after another. During Black, DAITA's guitar tapping and vocal interlude of guitarist KAZUMA thrilled fans. Finally, the band closed their show with bursting rock number Don't Tell Lies.

Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas — FATE STAGE

Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas, who will head towards their first ever one-man show at the prestigious Nippon Budokan next January, brought their cutting edge style of music to the stage. The mixture of different musical styles, such as metal, screamo and dance unleashed chaos on the floor from the onset with opening song Rave-up Tonight.

Up next was Thunderclap. The twin vocalists continued to show what they do best, So’s clear, auto-tuned voice and Minami’s intense scream bursting forth from the stage. Minami actually played a shoulder keyboard in the midst of heavy guitar riffs, a slap bass line and thunderous drum beats, giving a progressive taste to the song.

Later, Minami organized fans together in such a way that he could stand on them. He then urged the fans to dance and shout with the band in the middle of crowd. Finally, Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas caused their fans to rave for one last time with the closing song, Love at First Sight. The well-calculated song structure that was actualized by the member’s profound musical skills made a strong impression on those who saw the band for the first time.


The haunting melody of and Zero made a theatrical start of DIR EN GREY’s show. Fans saw the band members through the scrim between the stage and the floor while gazing at apocalyptic images projected on it. Heavy guitar sounds and vocalist KYO’s ominous voice led fans into SUSTAIN THE UNTRUTH. KYO frequently switched his voice between high pitch, falsetto and deep whispers.

The stage scrim was lifted during the next song Hageshisa to, kono mune no naka de karamitsuita shakunetsu no yami, but KYO’s scream and the relentless drum beat of Shinya deepened the sinister atmosphere on the stage. Fans responded by headbanging to the guitar strokes of Kaoru and Die. The band next played saku as if the song was a musical portrait of the mind of a serial killer. The uncensored version of the music video of the song was actually rolled out on the stage screen during the performance.

Loud screams from fans literally filled the floor when SUGIZO suddenly appeared on stage with his violin. DIR EN GREY and SUGIZO started to play Kuukoku no kyouon, which is about an unexpected visitor who delivers joy to a lonely person in an isolated place. The title said it all. SUGIZO played a graceful melody as if he was giving comfort and deliverance to KYO’s lost soul. KYO sung out his inner journey of finding hope with all his heart. SUGIZO responded to fans' ovations after the song ended and left the stage. While Kuukoku no kyouon had been slow and graceful, the band turned the atmosphere around by closing their show with violent number Rasetsukoku, in which KYO’s growl and shout robbed fans of their sanity.


DEAD END, recognized as the band from which J-rock had originated, gave fans a pleasant surprise by starting the show with catchy song I Want Your Love. However, DEAD END very quickly introduced those who watched the band for the first time to its dark side with the following song, Psychomania. Iconic vocalist MORRIE sung in his signature deep, glamorous voice whilst his transcendental stage presence allured fans.

Later, MORRIE took the time to speak. “We have special guests tonight. SUGIZO and RYUICHI!” he announced, causing fans to erupt with excitement.

Then, SUGIZO and RYUICHI appeared on the stage, and shook their hands with their icons. “It is my honor,” RYUICHI said whilst SUGIZO took up his acoustic guitar. One of DEAD END's classics, Serafine, was selected for the dream session of the legends. SUGIZO played alongside YOU, whose guitar produced a haunting melody, while on the other side, two of the most glamorous vocalists sung together at the center. During the song, RYUICHI’s vocals and MORRIE’s falsetto created an ecstatic harmony. After the song, SUGIZO and RYUICHI hugged MORRIE and left the stage.

“We have two songs left. Are you ready?!” MORRIE shouted.

Then, yet another classic, Dress Burning, started to play. During the song, YOU’s captivating guitar riffs, CRAZY “COOL” JOE’s firm and edgy bass line and MORRIE’s vocals stirred up enthusiastic responses from fans. Finally, DEAD END closed the show with violent number, Devil Sleep.

Part #3 of JaME's LUNATIC FEST. report will be coming soon, so stay tuned.
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