LUNATIC FEST. at Makuhari Messe: Part #3

live report - 08.02.2015 20:01

X JAPAN and LUNA SEA bring the night to an emotionally-charged close in Part #3 of JaME's live report on LUNATIC FEST.

Continued from LUNATIC FEST. at Makuhari Messe: Part #2.


The audience got fired up as they saw the silhouette of YOSHIKI standing at his drums with his arms crossed in the sign of the “X”. As the opening song JADE started to play, his drum beat immediately created a strong sense of unity between the band and fans. The happiness of some in the crowd may have been mixed with concern, knowing that the drummer’s wrists were not in perfect condition due to ligament cord injuries. Regardless, YOSHIKI continued to play at his reckless full-throttle pace through Rusty Nail. During the song, fans were dazzled by PATA and SUGIZO’s synchronized guitar riffs and ToshI’s crystal clear high-pitched vocals. The crowd sang along at the top of their lungs, as if trying to transmit energy to the drummer.

Later, YOSHIKI moved to his piano stool for the intro of Kurenai, and the venue erupted in a huge ovation. At ToshI’s shout, this precisely-orchestrated melodic rock number started to play. Throughout, HEATH’s focused bass work sustained the relentless harmonized guitar strokes of PATA and SUGIZO. The band and fans showed the strength of their connection as they sang along with the chorus.

Later, YOSHIKI took time to greet fans, “Thank you for coming to celebrate our best friend LUNA SEA’s anniversary. Actually, we had to stop the recording for this show, so why not restart it in here, ToshI?” The vocalist agreed and spoke to fans, “Let us record your voices in here! Our producer YOSHIKI is really tough, so the recording might take a while.” ToshI and YOSHIKI then led fans in singing the chorus of a song from their coming album. “Perfect,” said the tough producer.

“I still remember when HIDE introduced LUNA SEA to us 25 years ago. I'm happy to be able to be with them and our old friends at this festival after everything we’ve been through,” YOSHIKI spoke in a tearful voice while SUGIZO stood by him. “We dedicate this song to our 25 years and future.” The beautiful ballad ENDLESS RAIN gracefully embraced the past, present, and future of everyone in the venue.

X JAPAN closed the show with their signature anthem X in which the band had their fans jump up with their arms crossed over their heads, making the sign of “X”. The band and fans dedicated this last song to the band’s deceased members, HIDE and TAIJI. Finally, YOSHIKI led the fans in the famous call-and-response of “We are X”.


At last, LUNA SEA’s time had come. Five members stepped out onstage one by one under blue lights to the sound of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. The opening song LOVELESS replaced the solemn atmosphere with a mystical ambience. The haunting melody of RYUICHI’s vocals, together with the sounds of INORAN’s acoustic and SUGIZO’s triple-necked guitars, spiritualized fans. Meanwhile, J stirred up the crowd further with a pulsating bass line.

Later, fireworks exploded out of the stage at the beginning of Dejavu. Four members moved freely around the stage, having fans headbang and sing along with one of their classic songs. “This is the final project of our 25th anniversary year. It’s been very moving to see our friends and seniors gathered in one place because of us,” said RYUICHI. LUNA SEA continued to thrill fans with songs both old and new, such as JESUS and ROUGE. Later, LUNA SEA embraced every artist and fan gathered at the festival with the selfless love song, I for You.

“There's a person we wish we could be able to perform with, but we believe he's right here amongst us,” said RYUICHI. An ovation then rose when the image of HIDE appeared on the stage screen. Out of the blue, the band started to play one of his popular songs: PINK SPIDER. Three guitarists pointed their fingers skyward as a sign of respects to HIDE. Fans became so emotional, they couldn’t help but sing along with RYUICHI. “Our dream to sing with HIDE finally came true. Thank you all,” RYUICHI said after the song.

RYUICHI’s voice was noticeably hoarse. Seeing the vocalist struggling to project his voice during the last song ROSIER, fans sang out with all their energy to support his efforts. His bandmates also helped out by singing along, albeit without using their microphones. This closing song removed the limits between the band and fans in an unexpected way, enabling them to commune as one.

Lastly, all artists came back onstage for the encore, playing PRECIOUS… together with LUNA SEA. YOSHIKI actually played HIDE’s guitar alongside Toshiya, INORAN, J and SUGIZO. Fans exploded with excitement at this once-in-a-lifetime occasion in which they could witness HIDEKI TOSHI, MORRIE and RYUICHI singing together on the same stage. After, LUNA SEA gave the night a grand finale with the closing number, WISH.

Set list

02. Dejavu
03. Rouge
06. gravity
07. Sweetest Coma Again
08. I for You

14. WISH
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