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Kensuke and Akemi of extreme metal band UNDEAD CORPORATION speak to JaME about their upcoming album, FlashBack.

You debuted in August 2010 at Comiket 78. How was the band formed, and what inspired the name UNDEAD CORPORATION?

Kensuke: When I was with Shiren (Hirano Yukimura) from Unlucky Morpheus, we talked about wanting to do something fun. Then we made this band. Shiren now plays in other bands, though. I chose the name Undead Corporation so I could call it “Ankou” for short. That’s the name of a kind of fish in Japanese. Funny, isn't it?

FlashBack will be your second original album. What can fans expect from the new release?

Kensuke: Catchy melodies, heavy screams, and we hope you'll feel strong grooves that will make your bodies rock.

Most UNDEAD CORPORATION releases have been “Touhou Project” and “Kantai Collection” arrange albums. What made you want to play “Touhou metal”?

Kensuke: My hope is that our listeners will take to heavy music.

Most of your albums fall into the genre of melodic death metal. What do you prefer about this style to other genres?

Kensuke: It's not that we prefer melodic death metal to other genres. I really like SOILWORK and In Flames, so of course we’re influenced by the genre; we already made an album like that, though. Our new album is influenced by groove metal like Metallica, Pantera, Machinehead and Sepultura, and also by melodic rock, like Hoobastank and Sum41. The coolest band for me is DESTRAGE. They are awesome and so crazy!

Guests regularly appear on UNDEAD CORPORATION albums. Will any feature on FlashBack ?

Kensuke: No, only Akemi and Dougen. We’ll have some guests for the chorus, though.

Akemi, you’ve been with the band since the second album. How did your singing career begin, and how did you join UNDEAD CORPORATION?

Akemi: It began with this band, as I joined when I was still a high school student. I have also sung R&B and other music. My friend introduced me to Kensuke, and we made a song called Get Mine before Kensuke started UNDEAD CORPORATION. Then he invited me to join for the second album.

Kensuke, what’s the story behind your stage name “Pine Tree”?

Kensuke: "Matsu" (松) means “pine tree” in Japanese. I switched to using my real name “Kensuke Matsu” for our first original album O.D., but I still use Pine Tree for Touhou doujin music.

You’ve been a doujin band since your debut. Do you hope to someday sign with a record label?

Kensuke: Some labels have given us invitations in the past but we weren't interested in them. If a big label can offer us big promotions, we will be happy and willing to sign.

Akemi, you sing so well in English. What’s your secret?

Akemi: Thank you but I want to improve my skill more. I have no secret; my favorite music, movies, and my friends and family always help me.

In October, UNDEAD CORPORATION will make its international debut in Hannover, Germany. Will you be playing any other lives overseas this year?

Akemi: No, we will only go to Hannover this year.

Kensuke, in 2013, you released TOHO JAZZY I, an album of swing arrangements of Touhou songs. What inspired this move, and are there any other unorthodox genres you want to explore?

Kensuke: I wanted to make it because I like jazz music, not because something inspired me. I'm interested in any genre. I don't know now but I want to make something that will surprise you.

Do you have a message for JaME readers?

Kensuke & Akemi: UNDEAD CORPORATION 's new original album is extreme rock with flavors of metalcore, death metal, screamo, hard rock and so on. FlashBack will be released on July 1st – you also can buy via the iTunes Store. It will blow you away. Don't miss it!

JaME would like to thank UNDEAD CORPORATION for this interview opportunity.
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