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interview - 10.26.2014 20:01

Metal band HEXVOID speaks to JaME for the first time before their upcoming US tour.

After a short tour of NYC last year, metal band HEXVOID will once again set foot in the US on November 4th, this time touring the east coast regionally. What have the band members got to say about their music and upcoming tour? JaME finds out in our very first interview with the band.

Hello HEXVOID! Since this is your first interview with JaME, could you give us a short introduction about your music and yourselves?

HEXVOID: Hello JaME USA and its fans! We are HEXVOID! Neo Tokyo Metal Crew since 2007. We've played in NYC last year and here we are again!

What drives your passion for music?

HEXVOID: Emotional and non-emotional events in our daily life. We take those as our input and then put them through our own filters to create music. We believe that our music is the proof of our life and identity. When people connect with us through our music live or online, we know that our music has become part of their life. That drives us. That moves us forward.

If you could have one music-related wish of yours granted right now, what would it be?

HEXVOID: Playing in gigantic festivals. People People People. Endless waves of the audience. Like Monsters of Rock 1991 in Moscow. You know? We want to share our music with 1,600,000 people. It will be such a pleasure to do so!

Which song of yours would you recommend to people who haven't heard your music yet? Why that song?

HEXVOID: For Myself. It has all the elements of HEXVOID. We play this song live a lot and our fans love it. In fact, kids in NYC went nuts with this one last year.

You'll begin your second US tour on November 4th. How does it feel like being on American soil again?

HEXVOID: First of all, we would like to thank you for all who support us to make this tour happen. Previously, we played five shows only in NYC. This time we'll be touring the east coast regionally. Thanks to our US manager for this upgrade (laughs). Including him, we believe that touring outside of Japan has to feel more like touring a town next to Tokyo. As you and fellow JaME readers know, there are no border lines when it comes to music. Through this tour, we want to prove that we are an international band that can compete with American bands in the soil of their own land.

What can fans expect from your performances for your upcoming US tour?

HEXVOID: Our live shows are very energetic and extreme. Come and scream with us. Mosh and beer. Frustrations in your life are gone!

What do you hope to achieve with your upcoming US tour?

HEXVOID: We believe that this tour will get us stronger as a group and better as humans. Also, we want to establish ourselves as an international touring band.

What next?

HEXVOID: After the US tour, we'll continue touring in Japan in order to support our latest album Raven. We'd love to keep on touring with more material in the future too. Also, we are down to tour anywhere overseas, not just the US.

Please leave our readers a message!

HEXVOID: Thank you for reading this article! If we don't come to your town this time, enjoy our music and videos online. Make sure you spread the word so we can come to your town next time. We'll promise you that we'll all grow bigger and better. Music from your country helped us get through our life in Japan. We wish to be the one for you from Japan. See you on the road.

JaME would like to thank HEXVOID US manager Masa Sasaki for the Japanese to English translation.
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