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Signed to D’s GOD CHILD RECORDS, GOTCHAROCKA has arguably have become a staple in a new era of visual kei artists.

Before the group’s official debut, guitarist JUN played a significant role in GOTCHAROCKA’s formation. Since Iori and Seiya left the band spiv states, JUN remained as the only member but continued to sing and play guitar under the spiv states name as a solo project. Jui (ex-Vidoll) who briefly went solo soon after Vidoll’s disbandment, met with JUN, and the two casually played guitar together for some time before deciding to start a new project band.

Towards the end of April 2012, during one of JUN’s weekly “Wagamama〜ttari” online broadcasts, JUN detailed his decision to take a break from being both a guitarist and vocalist in spiv states, as well as his plans to seek a new path musically while asking for fans support in his new venture with Jui. On May 1st, JUN then announced on his blog the name of the new group and linked it to the official homepage. Until May 11, a mysterious countdown on the official homepage ticked down. Even in its early days, GOTCHAROCKA was sure to keep the fans in mind: fans were updated (teased) almost fortnightly with 15- to 20-second song samples as the background music.

On June 16th, four profile images and a full band image were uploaded to the homepage, revealing GOTCHAROCKA ‘s concept and, more importantly, showing the other two members: second guitarist Touya (ex-Charlotte) and bassist Shingo (ex-Sugar, Moran support). Up until this time, only Jui and JUN were the confirmed members. Also, the group did not yet have a confirmed drummer at the time.

Still pre-debut, GOTCHAROCKA held secret lives throughout June and July. At this time, GOTCHAROCKA still lacked a drummer. On July 7, the four released Gotcha6ka in two ways: mail order and live distribution. The art work for both types featured GOTCHAROCKA’s logo: two hands cupped together to form a heart with the wrists handcuffed. Also at this time, JUN revealed that he is the main composer for GOTCHAROCKA’s work.

GOTCHAROCKA held its first official live on August 18, 2012 at Shibuya O-EAST. Later that month on August 29, GOTCHAROCKA released its first single, Hydrag, marking the group’s official debut. The title track was used as the ending theme for TV show, “HOT WAVE” throughout September. Tero (ex-Vidoll, †яi¢к) joined GOTCHAROCKA as a support drummer.

From then until the end of the year, GOTCHAROCKA performed several lives every couple of days, while appearing at larger scale events such as Bands Shock REVOLUTION ~Viju Aru Matsuri 2012~ in October . At a Halloween-themed live, GOTCHAROCKA joined ν[Neu] and Crack6 (PENICILLIN’s Chisato ‘s band) for a specially themed sold-out event a few days before Halloween. Members of all groups dressed up in costumes while performing. The live was simultaneously broadcasted on Nico Nico Douga for online users. Specially made for this event and also for sale, JUN had also designed Halloween-themed pins with illustrations of the members on them.

On December 12, 2012, GOTCHAROCKA played at V-BAND Matsuri with a mixture of visual kei acts: HERO, MEJIBRAY , DuelJewel , ν[NEU] and Kameleo. As little as a week later, the group released a mini album, Virginity, that contained six tracks covering a wide range of musical styles. The members changed their image, moving towards a punk-esque visual look in tones of red and black.

The year 2013 for GOTCHAROCKA started off busy. The group held its first one man, FIRST ENDEMIC, on January 1st at Shibuya O-West, which attracted a large crowd and completely sold out. Pleased with the immediate success, GOTCHAROCKA announced its first one-man tour, 2ND EPIDEMIC,that started on March 10 and runs until a tour final on April 19th at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM. A second single, Poisonous berry, due for release on March 6th was also announced in early February. Also, throughout February, the title track Poisonous berry was used as the ending theme to the TV show "HOT WAVE".

Given Jui and JUN’s extensive involvement in various bands over the years, GOTCHAROCKA has already gained a solid reputation and are prominent in the current visual kei scene.
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